6 Common types of sleep disorders

Good sleeping is the key to being healthy. If you have any sleep problems through the night, if you get up too early or have a hard period of time waking up, or if you are completely tired during the day, you may get one of the main types of sleep disorders. Sleep disorder is a condition that prevents a person from having a restful sleep. There are nearly 100 types of sleep disorders from difficult sleep at night to excessive sleep during the daytime.

6 Common Types Of Sleep Disorders – The Major Types:

Trouble sleeping is normal and temporary. However, sometimes, if sleep problems are a regular presence and affect your daily life, you may suffer from a sleep disorder. Sleep disorders may be able to have negative impacts on the emotional balance, the health and the energy. Ignoring sleep disorders can cause weight gain, accidents, poor health, low work performance, and even relationship strain.

In the article today, I would like to introduce some of the main types of sleep disorders in details so you should pay your attention to the following mind &body facts and the types of sleep disorders you may experience. The list is:

1. Night Terrors

types of sleep disorders - night terrors

This is the very first out of the common types of sleep disorders that I would like to introduce in this entire article and want all my readers to learn. Night terrors in children have much more difference from common nightmares in adults. Night terror symptoms are regular leading to cry and fear during the children’s sleep, with difficulty waking up them. Children are awakened from sleep in a scared state. It may be related to emotional tension, conflict or stress. However, patients do not often know the reason why they have experienced the terror like this.

Night terrors are one of the main types of sleep disorders, so take care of it!

2. Insomnia

types of sleep disorders - insomnia

It is the most common type of sleep disorders that is defined by falling sleep and staying asleep difficultly. Besides, regular waking up during the night and difficult going back to sleep again, getting up too early every morning. It is a very common type of sleep disorder that most people experience it at least once in the life. About 50% adults experience insomnia and 1 in 10 lives with chronic insomnia.When it happens, people feel very tired all the time and also often worry about having enough sleep. In fact, insomnia has negative effects on people’s daily life. Insomnia can be the result of intake much alcohol or caffeine, stress, underlying disease, emotional difficulties and other factors. While using sleeping pills can be an effective way for short-term insomnia, it can also worsen the patient’s condition for long-term insomnia. In fact, sleep deprivation is not a sleep disorder; it just shows that a person does not have enough sleep. Inadequate sleep may be able to affect reaction-time, memory, hand-eye coordination, and judgment. Researches also show the sleep deprivation cause damage to immune system. Easy falling asleep in very short time, feeling drowsy all the day, or after lying down, feeling asleep immediately can be signs of sleep deprivation. In order to get a better sleep, you can learn to relax and change your sleep habits without the help of sleep specialists or using sleeping pills.

This is, in fact, another type of sleep disorders that people should learn and seek the right treatment for themselves.

3. Narcolepsy

types of sleep disorders - narcolepsy

Another out of the common types of sleep disorders that I would like to introduce in this entire article is narcolepsy. It relates to uncontrollable and excessive daytime sleep. It is the result of brain mechanism’s dysfunction that controls waking and sleeping. If you experience narcolepsy, you can feel asleep when working, talking or even driving. Some symptoms of narcolepsy are: still hearing or seeing things when you are drowsy, sudden losing control of the muscles when you are in the condition of strong emotions, and having intense dreams.Narcolepsy can be treated successfully with the help of medication and behavioral therapy. However, in some cases, narcolepsy is difficult to be diagnosed.

In fact, this is also among the main types of sleep disorders so that people should pay the attention.

4. Sleep Apnea

types of sleep disorders - sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is linked with breathing during the sleep. The reason for this is because of problems in the windpipe, but it also can show a disorder relating to nerve cells. This condition causes blocked air flow hard through the windpipe and loud snoring. In case it happens, the brain reacts quickly to the sudden shortage of oxygen, the windpipe opens and the muscles tighten. Most people with sleep apnea are not aware of their state. Their body is too tired of breathing efforts, and just their bed partner notices the issue. Sleep apnea can result from enlarged tonsils, obesity, narrow nasal passages, the excessive use of alcohol, and smoking. Patients with sleep apnea do not get a bad sleep because they have to wake up even up to 100 times a night to resume breathing and contract muscles when the windpipe closes. Additionally, when the windpipe closes, the brain lacks oxygen, which causes morning headache problem and decreased mental function. More importantly, patients with sleep apnea have the higher risk for stroke and heart disease. The treatments for this type of sleep disorder range from habit changes to surgery, depending on the cause and severity of this condition.

This is, in brief, one of the common types of sleep disorders that people can experience

5. Restless Legs Syndrome

types of sleep disorders - restless legs syndrome

It is a common type of chronic sleep disorder; especially, it often occurs in the elderly. It is a disorder leading to uncomfortable sensations in the leg or arm, especially at night, and patients want to move or massage the legs to relieve the uncomfortable sensation. Restless legs syndrome also wakes the patients during sleeping and prevents them from falling asleep and even results in insomnia. Patients describe it as electric shock op pain. One-third of patients with this type of sleep disorder have experienced symptoms since childhood and it tends to become more serious with aging.

This is actually also one out of the main types of sleep disorders that a lot of people in the world are suffering and trying to find out the best treatment

6. Excessive Sleep

types of sleep disorders - excessive sleep

This is the last but very common out of the main types of sleep disorders that I want to introduce in this entire writing. Excessive sleepiness is a condition when patients feel asleep uncontrollably at any time for periods lasting from a minute to more than 30 minutes. Narcolepsy is an inherited disorder and associates with neurological disease or brain damage. This condition occurs from the age 15 to 30. Some people experience more sleep attacks during illness, fever, stressful periods and pregnancy.

If you do not know whether you have a sleep disorder or not, discuss symptoms that you get with a sleep specialist. He or she can make a physical test and help you find out which type of sleep disorders you are getting with sleep. Even if you have suffered from sleep disorders for a long time so it seems normal, you still need to learn how to sleep better. You can need to track your symptoms, and make some healthy changes to your bedtime routine and daytime habits. If these self-helps do not work, you need to see sleep specialists. Additional, identify the causes of your sleep disorders and find ways to improve your quality of sleep.

Another thing that I want you to do after reading this complete article is to read another article that reveals remedies to treat sleep disorders that you can follow easily at home- the 14 Natural Home Remedies For Sleep Disorders article. This is actually an interesting topic that people can make use with ease and without worrying about harmful effects. These remedies for sleep disorders have supported many people in the world effectively in dealing with sleep disorder issues so that readers of Vkool.com should read this suggested writing and treat symptoms of sleep disorders effectively at home.

This is the list of 6 most common types of sleep disorders that everyone who wants to know whether or not you get sleeping troubles should read. In fact, sleeping is very important to the human health, so if you are suffering any types of sleep disorders, you should need the proper treatment as soon as possible to get a healthy life.

After reading the list of sleep disorders, if you feel this article is good for your current health condition and can also help other people you know who are suffering from one or more kinds of sleep disorders I mentioned above, you should share this list with them, together encourage them to seek the suitable treatment quickly. Besides, as an author of Vkool, I hope that you will leave any of your feedbacks in the comment section below, I will reply you as soon as possible.

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