Pencil Drawing For Beginners Tutorials Top 15 Tips To Act Now!

pencil drawing for beginners

All of us can draw but not everyone can make a good drawing. And pencil drawing for beginners is a skill that requires a good foundation on theories. But you can practice more and more to make your drawings perfect. Here are 15 effective pencil drawing tips for beginners that work:

I. Before you starting

1. Control Light

control light download

A beginner needs pencil drawing for beginner, of course! If you are drawing and you are right handed person, make sure that light is from your left site. Your hand shadow may be falling on your paper, so make light in your left. This preparation is quite important for having an effective drawing as well as making you more comfortable.

2. Choose Pencil

choose pencil download

Some pencil artists today prefer to use mechanical draughtsman’s style pencils. These kinds of pencils have many advantages than regular ones. They are length and balance, so they are more regular and they don’t need to sharpen. Anyway, this creates many arguments for using mechanical pens. Another important thing is that you must remember to keep your pencil sharp. Some kinds of pencils are useful for some techniques such as Chilse-point or blunt pencils, but whatever kind you choose remember that keep your pencil sharp. You may worry about wasting graphite in the sharpener, please don’t! It’s better than wasting your drawing efforts! The side of the pencil on scrap paper between sharpening can be rubbed to brighten the point. Use a softer pencil in the case you need a darker line, and you should aware that a softer pencil goes blunt quickly. You can sharpen your pencils with a scalpel as opposed to a pencil sharpener. It may takes a longer time, but by this way, you can get exactly the profile of lead that you want which is impossible with a pencil sharpener. This may not the best way to work but it’s really wonderful and you should try to do the same. Enjoy your best pencils!

3. Hold Pencil Properly

After choosing your pencil, the next step is holding it properly. There are some ways to hold a pencil but 4 ways below are common:

– Tripod Grip 

tripod-grip download

The most common way but not everyone knows how to properly use it. The correct way is griping the pencil with the pressure of your middle finger, the tip of your index finger and your thumb. You need to use pressure equally but don’t grip too firmly the pencil.

– Extended Grip 

extended grip download

This kind of grip is a variation of grip above (tripod grip). In this grip, the action that you need is holding the pencil. That means holding the pencil at the end/ near the other tip that has the eraser; it’s different from tripod Grip. Just only your hand’s small movements can put larger effects on the other end because your control is at the other end of the pencil.

– Underhand Grip 

underhand grip download

This is another way of holding a pencil which makes you relaxed. Underhand Grip is the most suitable for broad sketching. In your palm, having a cradled pencil in the shape of “V” letter with the control of movements by the middle & index finger. When using underhand grip, it will help you better when making fine strong lines and linear details.

– Overhand Grip 

overhand grip download

Most of artists use the overhand grip for sketching as shading is easier when using overhand grip. To use properly the overhand grip you must let grip loose on the pencil but don’t make it too loose because it would not be secured enough to control properly the pencil.

II. Some Notes In Your Drawing

1. Pencil Drawing And Mark-Making

pencil drawing and mark-making download

Mark-making in pencil drawing for beginner’s lesson is very important. The process of applying pencil to paper is called mark-marking. You can improve your pencil drawing skills by considering your pencil carefully and the way it hits the page. Controlling as well as exploiting the roles of the mark can be in developing your drawing as an artist.

2. Control The Direction Of Marks

control the direction of marks download

Normally, when you move the curve of your arm across the page, your shading follow it. Let’s change! Describe your object by using direction. Just create an edge or follow the form with contrasting direction in two planes. It can be casual in your look but when you carry out all the shading carefully in one direction can also be effective. Even randomness should be available for your consideration and you should do this carefully. Of course, you want your drawing look ‘artfully dishevilled’ than ‘scruffy’.

3. The Art In The Mark

the art in the mark download

The marks that you make on your paper are like the notes that a musician plays. How good the written music is, no matter! If the ‘notes’ are played carelessly, the effect will be horrible. Equally, let think about the kind of mark you make on your paper, you can carry out your thought as wonderful or magnificent as you want. Let your pencil strokes reflect your selection. The subject (a dried flower, or a broken vase) or model (an old person, or an innocent -face child) that you choose will show a certain kind of handling. Take a serious look at all of your marks you make, as well as all of your elements. Those marks are like notes of a musician, and it’s your note. Make them sing with useful techniques on pencil drawing for beginners that you are about to learn.

4. Control Line

control line download

If you are on the first of drawing, you need techniques of pencil drawing for beginners and you should practice drawing simple things such as straight line, curved line, scribbled lines. At this time, your hands will obey the command of your thoughts and visions. You can bring out what you want by controlling your hand properly! Lines not only allow you to create space but also image.

There are many different types of lines and all things that you need is making intimacy with each of them in order to improve your pencil drawing skills.

–   Flat lines, some people call it straight lines, are usually used in drawing horizon, vertical, and diagonal.

–   Accent lines help you have certain emphasis or accent in your drawing; especially accents which give special emphasis through variations and changes in your lines.

–   Contour lines display shape and beauty of the image clearly.

5. Strong Foundation

strong foundation download

Any pencil drawing for beginner’s lesson requires a strong foundation. These lines and curves are very important, they are like pillars to a building, if don’t have them, don’t have building! To have a good building, the foundation must be strong enough to support the whole building. Like that, these initial small lines and curves will travel with you during the process of drawing. And then, you can also control the stress on your pencil and you are able to bring the correct darkness as well as thickness in the lines of what you draw.

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6. Basic Pencil Shading

basic pencil shading download

Shading is something that makes your drawings look more realistic. After the line drawing, you can use shading and types of pencils to customize the shading. Using an overhand grip for the shading process is the good way that you should choose.

You can use scrap paper, and practice doing your shading with the pencil side to hold at a low angle of your drawing. Remember to control the applied pressure to many effects the shading. A good way to create a darker is going over the area some times until it darkens effect instead of using pressing harder. This action will help you avoid using too much pressure that can damage your paper.

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7. Grid Drawing Lessons

grid drawing lessons download

Using a grid in your drawing is the effective way to render what we see. Drawing a rectangle and divides it into half inch squares is the basic way to start. Using it will help you on making a balanced drawing.

8.  Perspective Drawing Lessons

perspective drawing lessons download

Perspective shows us another dimension of drawing; thus, it gives the illusion like something is farther away. Some of the most frequent used perspectives:

–  Zero point perspective is

–  One point perspective

–  Isometric perspective

–  Atmospheric or aerial perspective

9. Practice, Practice, Practice

practice, practice, practice download

At the beginning of pencil drawing for beginners, you even cannot draw a circle or oval shapes correctly, nevertheless don’t disappointed! You should practice properly until you get your drawing perfect. Carefully keeping all of your drawings from the start is a good way to your improvements. You could also write date on your drawings and preserve them for a very long period of time, it’s really funny!

10. Concentrate On Your Weakness

concentrate on your weakness download

You should focus on the area where you feel to be weak in your drawing. For example, if you aren’t able to shade well then you should learn more to do that and try again. Or you can make some styles off your own for shading, sometimes it’s really magnificent! Try to set your own individuality but not copy from another artist.

11. Use Good Quality Materials

use good quality materials download

Using good quality materials. The quality materials are 2 kinds of pencils; they are 4B and 6B pencils. Moreover, good chart paper or good quality note book should be the best choice to start with. Quality is the most important thing in making your drawing perfect. Therefore, never compromise on quality by using cheap material to save your money! It’s not worth!

12. Step By Step

step by step download

You should further develop by drawing many shapes such as circles, oval shapes, crossed lines, bold and thick lines. Everything musts take time to change and you art too. Don’t hurry! Your art should also develop step by step to get perfect. Pencil drawing for beginners is not difficult!

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I have just shared you some tips on pencil drawing for beginners. If you have any comments about it, share with us! We are willing to response your comments to have better posts.

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