Best Thigh Workouts To Lose Weight At Home

Almost every woman has very negative and bitter feelings towards their upper legs which is the reason why they are not willing to put some efforts into trying to firm them. This is a huge mistake since most of your major thighs muscles, including the quadriceps, hamstrings and your butt, are very easy to tone. Therefore, there are many beneficial activities that can help you work your thighs to get those toned and long legs, such as walking, biking and swimming. However, it is necessary to do some extra workouts beside these activities to boost the effects and get the results faster. You will be given many effective and exciting thighs workouts in order to lose thigh fat and look more confident in this article.

Best Thigh Workouts To Burn Fat At Home

1. Squat With Stability Ball

squat with stability ball

In a conversation about trimming the inner thighs, there is no exercise better than a squat. This is probably one of the best thigh workouts routines that target your thighs.

How to perform this exercise:

– Put a stability ball between your lower back’s curvature and the wall.

– Stand straight and tall, keeping your feet about shoulder width apart. This will be your starting position.

– Start bending your knees then bringing your body lower about 6 to 10 inches. Remember to maintain the shoulders level as well as keep the hips square. Keep your body stationary for about 3 seconds then stand up to get back to the starting position.

– Keep performing this exercise until you finish all the recommended reps.

– Always take a break for about 30 seconds between sets.

2. The Flamingo Balance

the flamingo balance

This is not only the best thigh workout but also one of the best body exercises since it targets many parts of your body. While performing this exercise, you will have a lot going on, including torso tightening, arms curling and legs kicking back. Therefore, you will have a chance to get in shape with this workout. However, always remember to perform slowly and do not stop unless you are tired.

How to perform this exercise:

– Stand straight and tall with the right hand holding a dumbbell. Place the other hand on your hips.

– Slightly lean your body forwards then bring the left foot behind you up to hips height. While doing so, lift your right arm up in front of you.

– Begin to perform a biceps curl by turning the palm of your right hand to face the ceiling.

– After that, briefly touch your toes. Remember to make sure that you are keeping the left leg extended and straight while keeping the right knee bent.

– Keep doing so until you finish all the recommended reps then switch to the other side.

3. Plyometric Squat

plyometric squat

The best thing about this move is that you can perform it anywhere and anytime you want yet it still makes you feel strong and energetic. That is why it is one of the best thigh workouts ever.

How to perform this exercise:

– Stand straight and tall with your feet about shoulder width apart.

– Start bringing your body down to form a squat. You can do this by keeping your knees bent to a 90 degree angle.

– After that, begin to jump up then land softly on the ground in a squat position. In order to jump explosively, it is necessary to take advantage of the strength of your butt and legs.

– Always try to land as gently as possible while keeping the knees bent. Place your body weight on your heels.

– Keep doing this until you finish all the recommended reps.

4. The Single Leg Circle

the single leg circle

This seemingly easy thigh workout can turn out to be very difficult yet effective if you perform it in the proper way.

How to perform this exercise:

– Find a flat surface then lie on your back. Keep your arms close by your sides and the palms of your hands facing the floor.

– Get started by keeping the left foot pointed upwards as if you are trying to reach the ceiling using your toes. Slightly rotate your leg outwards.

– After that, breathe in while tracing a circle in the air using the left leg. Try to move with your entire leg. However, remember to keep your hips stationary. Do not lift it off the ground.

– Make 5 circles in a clockwise direction then change into a counterclockwise direction. After that, switch legs then repeat the same steps.

– Keep doing so until you finish all the recommended reps of this best thigh workouts.

5. Lunges Using Dumbbells

lunges using dumbbells

This incredible exercise will not only make your thigh muscles blaze but also give you a wonderful stretch down the kneecaps as well as through your shins.

How to perform this exercise:

– Stand straight and tall with your feet hip width apart. Hold a dumbbell in each hand (about 5 to 8 pounds).

– Bring the left leg in front of you and bend it at the knee to create a front lunge. While doing this, remember to make sure that the right knee do not touch the ground but come to about 1 inch above the floor.

– Make sure that your torso is perpendicular to the ground. Evenly distribute your weight between both of your legs. Always keep the front knee directly above your front ankle. Maintain your body weight on the heels instead of your toes.

– Continue performing these lunges for about 30 seconds then you can switch to the other side.

– Keep doing so until you finish all the recommended reps of this best thigh workouts.

6. Toe Squat While Reaching Over The Head

toe squat while reaching over the head

This workout is similar to a yoga exercise called utkatasana. While you are pressing both of your knees firmly together, to make it easier, you can imagine that you are holding a precious thing between them.

How to perform this exercise:

– Move your body to form a chair pose. Hold two dumbbells on both hands. Engage your abdominal muscles, contract your inner thighs and touch your ankles together. Bring your hips down to create the half squat position. Lift the dumbbells overhead.

– After that, start to come up onto the balls of your feet. Always remember to hold control of your lower legs while you are lowering and lifting your butt for about 3 inches.

– Take the time you have and always keep your body steady while you are lifting and lowering your butt.

– Keep performing this exercise until you finish all the recommended reps of this best thigh workouts.

7. Sun Salutation

sun salutation

Like the previous exercise, this workout is also similar to yoga’s. Each movement in this workout, from the first bend to the downward dog move, works on the large muscle groups in your thighs. Try this original version first then you can feel free to try performing more challenging workouts.

How to perform this exercise:

– Stand straight and tall on a mat, keeping both of your feet close together and place your arms close to your sides. Make sure that your weight is evenly distributed on the soles of your feet.

– In order to get started, take a deep breath then slightly bring your chin up while you are lifting the arms higher than your head.

– After that, with the arms fully extended and the palms facing each other, try to reach the sky using your fingertips, forming a mountain pose.

– From the previous pose, start to bring both of your arms back down to your sides as you are breathing out. In the same time, dive forward to create a forward bend. At this point, keep your hips bent until you can touch the ground on both sides of your feet with the palms or your fingertips.

– Place your fingers in a straight line with your toes. However, if you are feeling a tension in your hamstring or your back, you can feel free to bend your knees.

sun salutation

– After that, move into a different pose where you are creating a straight back. Remember to breathe in while lifting the torso to waist height, maintaining a flat back. Bring the gaze forward then try to reach with the tailbone away from the top of your head. Always keep your head in a straight line with your spine. Engage your abs.

– At this point, start to keep your knees bent then put the palms flat on the ground, shoulder width apart.

– Bring your hips up as you are walking your feet to the back, forming a downward facing dog. After that, spread all of your fingers. Keep both of your feet parallel to each other as well as hip width apart. Start to reach the ceiling with the tailbone. Try to hold still for a second. Remember to breathe while moving deeper into this pose.

– Walk both of your feet forward to reverse the motion, forming a flat back pose.

– Drop your head, extend your legs then move all of your fingers outside your feet, creating a forward bend.

– Finally, lift your arms over your head while getting back to the mountain pose.

That is the end of this article. Hopefully after reading this Best thigh workouts to lose weight at home article, you have discovered interesting and effective workouts that target your thighs, giving you toned and lean thighs that can attract many men. If you find these best thigh workouts to lose weight at home helpful, please let us know what you think by leaving a comment down the section below. If you have any questions related to this article, please feel free to contact us any time you want. Moreover, there are also other fitness & exercise related articles from the site vkool, please make sure that you pay them a visit. We are sure that you will find something meaningful and useful to apply to your daily physical routine.

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