Types And Health Benefits Of Anaerobic Exercise Are Exposed

The early stage of any exercise is anaerobic. In fact, any short burst of exertion and high-intensity movement is considered as an anaerobic exercise. There is a reason why it is called anaerobic (without air). During intense, short exercise, the human body needs more oxygen than it is available, so it is up to the energy that is stored in the human muscles. That is the key for its role in any fitness system. Anaerobic exercise is not meant to burn off fat; its main role is to build strong muscles.

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I. Types Of Anaerobic Exercises 

Below are some variants of anaerobic exercises with a brief description of the activity involved.

1. Weight Lifting

benefits of anaerobic exercise

Lifting weights is considered as the most basic anaerobic activity which people should do 2-3 times each week yet it is not the most effective anaerobic exercise when it comes to enhancing cardiovascular system. Nonetheless, weight lifting can increase anabolic hormones that have anti-aging effect on the body. As a result, it can decrease the risk of heart disease. In order to get optimal cardiovascular benefits, you should work in moderate to high repetition range.

2. Rowing 

benefits of anaerobic exercise

It is not necessary for you to join in any rowing club to contain this activity into your schedule. Nowadays, most gyms have some sorts of rowing machine. This exercise is good as it leads to positive anabolic response, enhances cardiovascular endurance as well as muscular strength. Actually, it is a mix of explosive and aerobic training.

3. Sprinting 

benefits of anaerobic exercise

Sprinting is the best of all anaerobic exercises for the human cardiovascular system. It is shown that just 30 seconds of sprinting could bring similar results as 1 hour of aerobic training.

Sprinting can work your lower body parts and burn your body fat better than jogging. Hence, if you want to build great physique while still getting strong heart muscle, you should include sprinting into your aerobic training. In case that you want to make it as difficult as it gets, you can go for hill sprints.

4. Jumping 

benefits of anaerobic exercise

Another type of anaerobic exercises is jumping. This exercise is demanding, causing your heart rate to increase to its max within just a short amount of time, as sprinting does. Jumps are high intensity exercises which are so effective in conditioning cardiovascular system. In addition, jumping is really easy to incorporate into your daily workout regime whether it is outside or in a gym. To get additional intensity, you should do weighted plyometric jumps.

II. Health Benefits Of Anaerobic Exercise 

1. Create Energy

benefits of anaerobic exercise

When performing an anaerobic exercise, the human body will create energy in 2 different manners. The first is an ATP/CP system in which the body will be forced to create energy if you practice the exercise for a short period of time. This exercise could either be lifting heavy weights or sprinting 100 meters. The second is glyxolysis in which the body will create energy resorting blood sugar. The burning sensation you feel during intense exercise is a consequence of energy creation via the process of glycolysis where the human muscles are repeatedly used for practicing exercises like lifting weights a few times.

2. Prevent Health Issues

benefits of anaerobic exercise

Anaerobic exercise can prevent you from some health issues like type 2 diabetes, low back pain, cardiovascular as well as arthritis. In contrast, if you suffer from any of those illnesses, practicing this exercise could lessen the symptoms of the condition. Also, strength training also makes your own immunity system strong.

3. Increase Bone Strength And Density 

benefits of anaerobic exercise

Osteoporosis is really a serious disease related to bone, caused by weak and fragile bones. If you just take calcium supplements and increase the dairy consumption, it might be not enough to promote your bone health. Thus, it is essentially to challenge the bones by carrying out a weigh bearing exercise, helping them not become soft or brittle.

To put in simple words, you should practice anaerobic exercise to increase your bone strength and density, and also protect yourself from harmful bones problems.

4. Build Lean Massive Muscles

benefits of anaerobic exercise

People begin losing their lean muscle mass from their mid or late twenties. As a result, this will cause reduced functional fitness, slower metabolism and strength loss. In addition, you will lean muscle mass not just due to aging, yet more due to a sedentary lifestyle. Strength training will give your muscles a workout, helping you retain as well as build lean muscle mass and remain functionally strong and fit.

5. Induce Quick Metabolism 

benefits of anaerobic exercise

It is pointed out that one of the main causes of weight gain is due to slower metabolism. That case, anaerobic exercise can boost metabolism because it contributes to the forming of lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle mass you have, the quicker is your metabolism.

6. Promote Body Shape

benefits of anaerobic exercise

Another one among many benefits of anaerobic exercise is improving body appearance. Strength training, in reality, is the best kind of exercise if people really want to get in shape and improve their bodies fast. If you exercise consistently, you will get strong, toned, and athletic body soon.

7. Enhance Your Joint Strength

benefits of anaerobic exercise

Fitness experts claim that, in order to protect the function and strength of joints, people need to build their muscles. For instance, when performing squats, you are hardening your knee joints. This occurs as bigger muscles and ligaments begin building up as people practice this exercise. You could also protect your joints from potential joint injuries thanks to anaerobic exercise.

8. Improve Your Sport Performance 

benefits of anaerobic exercise

It you are a fan of sports, then you need to improve your strength as well as stamina. For instance, if you are a badminton player, you will want to improve your service of ground strokes, then you should work on muscles and boost their strength. By regular training of anaerobic exercise, you could improve your muscle strength. See your improvement in the manner you hit or serve the backhand.

9. Feel Younger 

benefits of anaerobic exercise

When it comes to benefits of anaerobic exercise, this is one of the effects appreciated the most. When reaching the age of 40, the human body will begin to lose around 6 pounds of muscles every 10 years. Fortunately, you can reverse this process through maintaining your lean muscle mass in the early twenties. Strength training will help you build your muscles back and also enhance your energy so that you will naturally feel vibrant and young even in your own forties.

10. Take Control Of Blood Sugar

benefits of anaerobic exercise

The sugar you take will affect negatively your muscles. Nevertheless, in those who practice anaerobic exercise and follow an active lifestyle, this sugar amount might not reach your muscles because it is burned instantly or stored as the fuel through the exercising process. Yet, if you follow a sedentary life, that sugar will be converted into fat. Furthermore, the performance of blood sugar regulating insulin drops in those inactive people, whereas for those people who regularly perform anaerobic exercises, that index gradually rises. Thereby, this help in keeping your blood sugar levels under control.

11. Improve Your Posture

benefits of anaerobic exercise

Slouch-shouldered or bent-over look appears unimpressive and aged. Anaerobic exercise can help you look young and retain muscle mass by promoting your poise and posture. It enhances the way you carry yourself, improving your confidence levels.

12. Feel Happy

benefits of anaerobic exercise

Anaerobic exercise can make you feel happy and strong, along with high energy level. You could do all your daily tasks effortlessly and get throughout the day without feeling lethargic and tired. As a result, this improves your working performance, thereby making you more disciplined and dedicated and improving your own success ratio.

13. Relieve Your Post-Exercise Soreness

benefits of anaerobic exercise

Usually, after performing anaerobic exercise, you will feel soreness and numbness in muscles. Yet, because it becomes your regular routine, the feeling of numbness and soreness will reduce to a minimum; also you will begin to enjoy your exercise regime. This occurs because when you perform anaerobic exercise regularly, the tolerance level towards the by-products such as lactic acid of yourself will increase. In addition, the ability to eradicate toxic by-products from your body increases, thereby decreasing the presence of soreness.

14. Increase VO2 Max

benefits of anaerobic exercise

In fact, VO2 Max is the highest oxygen amount that the human body consumes during most forms of exercise. If anaerobic exercise is performed regularly, the number of VO2 Max will be automatically increased. This occurs because during this exercising process, the body makes available more amount of the oxygen which improves your stamina as you perform fast burst activities without depriving you or letting you down.

15. Improve Aerobic Performance

benefits of anaerobic exercise

The last one in this list of benefits of anaerobic exercise is improve the performance of aerobic exercise. Fact is, regular practice of anaerobic exercise will improve your stamina, so you will perform aerobic exercises more effectively. You could easily jog or walk for such long distances while not feeling tired. The healing as well as  repairing process can help your own muscles larger, more toned and stronger, increasing your overall performance level.

What are your most appreciated benefits of anaerobic exercise? Share your ideas with us by dropping words below this post. We will feedbacks soon.

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