10 Amazing Uses For Aspirin You May Not Know

amazing uses for aspirin

Aspirin is known as the most widely used drug in the world because it allows us to use without doctors’ recommendations, which does not mean that you can use aspirin freely. If you have some certain knowledge about medicines, you can use aspirin for your own purposes but do not take it for granted. We often use this drug for reducing a headache, a fever as well as inflammation. People tend to read the instruction and take aspirin by themselves. However, some do fear to take this medicine because of their side effects. By the way, we cannot ignore the amazing uses for aspirin that can help us to deal with a lot of both health conditions and not health-related problems. In general, aspirin brings us many beneficial uses that you may not know.

Since many people may feel vague about this medicine, VKool.com would like to show you some usual and unusual uses for aspirin in this article. Although this topic is written to guide you how to take aspirin, you still need to consider your doctor’s advice and instructions and do not abuse this type of drug. Now, let’s discover how many uses for aspirin that you have known and haven’t known yet. You might be surprised a lot.

10 Amazing Uses For Aspirin That You May Not Know

1. Heart Attack First Aid

Aspirin can act as the first aid for heart attack. This means when a sudden heart attack comes, if you do not have the best preparation for it, you can think of aspirin. It is like you call for an emergency, cannot be delayed.

As you know, a heart attack is absolutely a dynamic event that needs immediate interventions to limit the possible damage. Specifically, most heart attacks happen if a cholesterol-laden plaque ruptures in a coronary artery. Relatively small plaques producing partial blockages are most likely to rupture. If they actually rupture, platelets, small blood cells, will be attracted to their surface. They can trigger blood clotting.
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These clots have the ability to block the artery. In turn, they deprive a part of your heart muscle. Finally, the muscle cells die and the heart attack happen. That is how a heart attack develops. To intervene this process, aspirin is used, which can inhibit platelets existing in the bloodstream. A small rather than high dose of aspirin is necessary.

After researching about uses for aspirin, scientists confirmed that chewing aspirin is the fastest way to limit the damage of heart disease. Swallowing aspirin also works well but not as fast as chewing. In conclusion, heart disease patients should chew aspirin immediately if this dynamic event occurs. Call for the emergency right after.

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2. Preventing Heart Attack

uses for aspirin - preventing heart attack

Besides playing as the first aid for heart attack, coronary artery patients or even healthy men greater than 50 years old can take aspirin to prevent heart disease. It is also one of the most noticeable uses for aspirin.

Scientists recommend that only low dose of aspirin are needed in this situation. More details, coronary artery patients are supposed to take from 81 to 325 milligrams of this medicine per day. These figures are enough so that you do not abuse and take an overdose of it, which might cause side effects. On the other side, if you are on the edge of having an attack, you should take an extra consumption to reduce the risk of heart attack occurring. In fact, you can chew a full-sized tablet that is about 325 milligrams of aspirin as fast as possible.

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3. Treating Skin Conditions And Acne

One of the most amazing uses for aspirin is to treat some skin conditions. Personally, I am so surprised by this function of aspirin because initially, I think this medicine is used only for a fever, a headache, or inflammation reducing. It is so magical to use aspirin as a skin care product.

Specifically, aspirin has the ability to remove the excess oil as well as exfoliate dead cells. Scientists have proved that salicylic acid contained in aspirin can dissolve dead skin and contribute to shedding the top layer of skin. In turn, it helps to reduce clogged pores, which are known as the insight causes of acne breakouts. Moreover, thanks to salicylic acids, aspirin can reduce swelling and clear up redness simultaneously. In addition to these uses for aspirin, you can get another benefit from the drug that is to make psoriasis lesions thinner as well as reduce itch. Of course, we cannot skip the other uses for aspirin. Treating acne and pimples is not an exception. It is all thanks to the great property of salicylic acids. Here are some directions we suggest for you to treat these major skin conditions.

Direction 1: Aspirin-based Skin Mask

  • Take 5 uncoated aspirin pills and crush them up.
  • Drop the crushed aspirin into 1/4 cup of warm and distilled water.
  • Then stir well until you get a paste-like consistency.
  • Add a teaspoon of organic honey to the paste. (Organic honey can act as a natural antibacterial moisturizer)
  • Apply the solution on the infected skin area.
  • Leave it about 10 minutes.
  • Finally, rinse off your skin with lukewarm water.

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Direction 2: Treat Pimples

It is easier to treat pimples with aspirin. The entire thing you need to do is to mix crushed aspirin with a sufficient amount of water to make a paste then apply to the pimples. After a few minutes, you can wash out with water. Remember not to rub too much. By doing this on a regular basis, the pimple will diminish in size and redness as well. Hopefully, the method will work well for your own situation.

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4. Treating Dandruff

uses for aspirin - treating dandruff

Have you ever heard that treating dandruff is one of the uses for aspirin? It is so amazing to know that aspirin is useful for not only skin care but also hair care. Actually, dandruff seems like a skin condition rather than a hair problem. Having dandruff means that you are having some problems with your scalp. As a result, salicylic acids contained in aspirin can help in this situation. You can combine aspirin with your shampoo to create a new moisturizer for your scalp. This combination can be a good solution for dandruff because it can not only moisturize but also exfoliate the flake on your scalp. Moreover, it mainly contributes to reducing scalp inflammation. Thanks for that, you can get rid of dandruff effectively with aspirin.

To make the concoction, we would like to show you an easy process. You have to prepare three uncoated aspirins.

If your hair is short, you can use two instead of three.


  • Crush uncoated aspirins into powder and then combine with the usual amount of daily shampoo.
  • Wash your hair with the concoction as usual.
  • Gently massage your scalp and then leave it for a few minutes.
  • Rinse off your hair with fresh water.
  • Note: you should use the normal shampoo rather than dandruff treating one.
  • Do this on a regular basis

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5. Restoring Your Hair Color

In terms of alternative uses for aspirin, many people may be interested in the fact that aspirin can be used to restore our hair color. Are you surprised? Those who regularly change your hair color, as well as those others who often swim in a chlorinated pool, should not skip this section because it is very useful for you. As you know, dying hair  frequently can destroy your hair texture and color, thereby restoring is necessary. Additionally, swimmer’s hair is also negatively affected by the high amount of chlorinated in water. To help you return your hair to the original former shade, we are happy to share an interesting tip with uses for aspirin. The process is so easy that you can spend a small amount of time and effort to do it.

Let’s try and give us your feedbacks!


  • Dissolve 6-8 uncoated aspirins in a cup of warm water.
  • Then rub the solution into your hair thoroughly.
  • Leave it for 15 minutes.
  • After that, apply the usual shampoo you use daily.
  • Leave the mixture for a few minutes.
  • Finally, rinse off your hair with the plain shampoo.
  • Repeat it regularly.

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6. Treating Bites And Stings

As said before, aspirin has the powerful anti-inflammatory property, thanks for which treating bites and strings is considered as one of the effective uses for aspirin. Sometimes, you may get insect bites and stings and be worried about them. If it actually happens, you can take the uses for aspirin to reduce the swelling, redness, and pain as well. Aspirin will not make you disappointed. If you have a trip to the tropical forest, you should bring aspirins along with your luggage. It is unavoidable to deal with mosquitoes, flies, and other insects.

You can make a paste from crushed aspirins and water and then apply the solution on your infected skin areas. By that way, the bites and stings will be treated well.

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7. Removing Stains

Actually, sweat stains on your white dress and shirt make you feel upset and you do not know how to remove them to return your clothes to the original shade. In these cases, you should think of alternative uses for aspirin. This usage is widely applied by many housewives.

The high amount of salicylic acids contained in aspirin allows it to neutralize stains. Acid molecules will attract the compounds in sweat and then break them down. In turn, stains will be removed effectively. We would like to guide you how to remove sweat stains from your shirt with aspirins. The process is easy so that you can apply without any difficulty.


  • Crush enough uncoated aspirin into powder and then mix with warm water.
  • Submerge the stained part of your shirt into the mixture and leave it for hours.
  • Finally, wash the shirt with soap.

Otherwise, you can apply the aspirin paste directly on the shirt to remove the stains. This treatment is also effective for protein-based stain. Try it and you will see the magical uses for aspirin.

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8. Reviving Dead Car Batteries

It seems that no one can imagine that aspirin can revive the dead car batteries. This one also contributes to the list of amazing uses for aspirin that you may not know. Are you surprised by that fact?

If you were on a road with your car and suddenly, the car’s battery gave up the ghost, you would be able to address this situation easily. As said before, the typical ingredient contained in aspirin is salicylic acids. It will help you in the sudden case. The only thing you need to do is to drop two aspirin pills into the battery. Accordingly, the chemistry between salicylic acid and sulfuric acid in the battery will happen to give you the last charge. Then drive your car to the nearest service station.

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9. Keeping Cut Flowers Fresh Longer

uses for aspirin - keeping cut flowers fresh longer

There is no shortage of uses for aspirin. Another example is to keep the cut flowers last longer that housewives should not skip.
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It is an effective way to help flowers fresh for a longer time after being cut. You are supposed to crush uncoated aspirin into powder and add to water. Then put your flowers in the vase. It’s done! You can enjoy the fresh flowers.

In accordance with some studies, the professors show that salicylic acid has the ability to reduce ethylene production, thanks for which floral senescence will be delayed. Furthermore, the anti-fungal property is also activated so that it can help to decelerate the growth of mold. Of course, cut flowers will be fresh for a longer time than usual.

It is okay if you substitute aspirin with other household items such as a multivitamin, a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of sugar, baking soda, as well as a copper penny. All of them can extend the life of cut flowers. A small note you should remember is to change the water in the vase after a few days.

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10. Aiding In Gardening

Aspirin might be a good suggestion for gardeners. It is considered as a first aid for not only you but also your garden. For a long time, people have realized that one of the alternative uses for aspirin is to make the garden grow by activating the natural defenses of plants as well as preventing from fungus. That’s why some gardeners use aspirin as a rooting agent or fungus treatment in soil. A note for you is that too high amount of aspirin can cause burns and damage to the plants. The typical dosage that should be used to treat soil is a full tablet dissolved in one liter of water. It is amazing to apply. Try it and give us your thoughts about these uses for aspirin!

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All in all, aspirin is used for multiple purposes, which helps you a lot not only in treating disease but also in house work. It is necessary to store some tablets of aspirin at home because as you see, there are many situations that we need the uses for aspirin. After reading this topic, we hope that you can make use of this medicine for your own purposes. However, using too much aspirin or abusing it can cause serious side effects on your health, thereby considering thoroughly before taking aspirin and asking doctors if you find something went wrong.

Actually, there are more than ten uses for aspirin but we do not provide in this article. If you have any contribution and recommendation for the topic, you can immediately leave them below. Besides, your questions will be answered as soon as possible if you let us know by talking on our main site Health The site also offers you a wide range of topics about health-related problems. Hopefully, you will find it useful.

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