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There’s not much use in a drug only allowed in a single country, which is also banned in major countries. You can’t determine if this would be safe to take as is, and information is limited. Find out what Picamilon has to offer by checking out this informative review.

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Picamilon Overview

Picamilon is a nootropic drug which is only available in Russia as a prescription. This has not stopped people from selling it illegally, though it’s not advised to purchase it because of the legal penalties and potential side effects.

This is lacking approval due to its synthetic nature, and because of a lack of studies. There is no way to know for certain what it may lead to, and recent research is also lacking.

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Picamilon Claims

Claims can vary because there’s the prescribed drug use, and then some supplemental manufacturers sell it on the black market claiming to provide other intended benefits. Generally this is used to help reduce anxiety and support overall cognitive functioning.

Technically most of the intended claims are generally verified but much like any other drug, this can vary and it may not be suitable for all users. Whether or not it will be safe can be difficult to tell since a medical doctor would be the only person qualified to make a good decision on its prescription.

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Picamilon Ingredients

  • Picamilon

There are going to be additional ingredients which are inactive, but the main ingredient is only Picamilon when purchased as a prescription drug legally. This ingredient is best described as a synthetic blend of both GABA and niacin. Niacin is an essential nutrient which can help regulate many important processes in the body.

Excess amounts of it can have effects on the stomach, digestion, and overall blood pressure. It can cause a major dip which leads to hypotension, and it is known to possible lead to facial flushing.

GABA is used to help reduce excitation, fear, and anxiety.

Practical uses include improving sleep, reducing hyperactivity, and improving mood. While it can be potentially useful, it’s often advised to take it in controlled amounts which are right for the user’s needs.

There is no information about the total amount of niacin and GABA added to most kinds of Picamilon drugs. Some supplement brands have added this illegally, and some distributers offer it in powdered form, but they too fail to mention in full what the amount is of the key combination of additives.

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The Science Behind Picamilon

This helps to cross the blood-brain barrier which means the ingredients will have a direct impact on the brains function. When this is processed, it allows for optimal absorption. The intended purpose is to then help GABA receptors become active, which has a direct calming effect on the mind.

The second major impact is on widening of blood vessels, which is supposed to help with blood flow and overall mental function. It makes it easier to think and allows for optimal concentration; at least this is if it works as intended.

Because of the issue with how it is made, the FDA has not allowed for this ingredient to be accepted as a supplement or even prescription ingredient.

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Word on the Street About Picamilon

There’s going to be different experience because some used it because of a prescription, while others sourced it illegally. Here are different reviews to examine:

“made me irritable and had me feeling angry”

“No real effects at all”

“Works for helping relieve my social anxiety, calms me down real good”

“rely wished it work but nothing for me”

Experiences varied from people who didn’t see any changes, those who thought it was to strong, and some who said it actually worked as expected. It was most often used by socially anxious people however.

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Is Picamilon Worth a Try?

Not at all, anyone should use this unless it is prescribed and since it’s not readily available, it’s limited in its use.

The fact this is sometimes used for nootropic support doesn’t take away from the fact it would be illegal to use outside of a prescription. The possibility for side effects and of getting a potentially bad batch is too much of a risk factor.

There have been some US based companies which added this to their formulas, which is not just illegal but potentially dangerous. There is no secure was to access this unless you are in Russia, and it may result in major penalties if used illegally.

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Picamilon vs Phenibut

The prescription drug Phenibut is used to help with both insomnia and anxiety. This cannot be used outside of parts of Europe, and it is not legal in the US and other parts of Europe. This is sometimes abused for its potential nootropic support, but this can be damaging when used outside of its medical purpose. Many possible side effects may result, including potential organ damage.

Picamilon vs Xanax

Xanax is an anti-anxiety medication that affects GABA. This is only given to people who have a kind of panic disorders, which has to be treated with medication. The effects can take upwards of a week, and it may cause sedation. Withdrawals symptoms are possible especially with continued use. This can require using down and gradually coming off of it to avoid symptoms.

Picamilon vs Theanine

Theanine is an amino acid that is found in foods like green tea, this is supposed to help with nerve impulses within the brain. This is also used as a way to help treat anxiety, and when mixed with caffeine can help relax the heavier stimulant like effects it can deliver. When taken by itself it can help deliver some mild benefits, but typically it won’t have major effects that can be solely relied on for nootropic support.

Picamilon vs Gabapentin

Gabapentin is used as a prescription drug which can help with both shingles derived pain and seizures. This is known to have common symptoms including dizziness and sleepiness. Because of its potential for possible suicidal thoughts, it is only to be used safely when prescribed by a certified doctor. This is not to be used for general nootropic support, though sometimes it is abused for this purpose.

Picamilon vs Vinpocetine

Vinpocetine is a common ingredient which is synthetically used to mimic a natural chemical in the periwinkle plant/ This is not available as a dietary supplement, though it has often been used to treat memory related issues. This can cause numerus possible side effects including stomach discomfort, flushing, rash, headaches, and other related symptoms.

Picamilon FAQ

  1. Where to buy Picamilon?
    This is available as a legal prescription drug in Russia only.
  1. What are some common Picamilon effects?
    It’s impossible to say what is common since there are many varied experiences mentioned online.
  1. Is it possible to have any Picamilon withdrawal?
    This can potentially cause withdrawals which is why it’s a prescribed drug.
  1. Where to buy Picamilon in the USA?
    This is still illegal and it not available for purchase in the US.
  1. Where to buy Picamilon locally?
    This depends on our region but it is banned in some countries.
  1. What does Reddit have to say about Picamilon?
    There is some debate about its safety and some have said it either had strong effects in a good way, or that it caused mood swings and other symptoms.
  1. Are there any Picamilon dangers to worry about?
    Yes, it can cause some side effects and it is not legal in the US.
  1. What is a common Picamilon dosage?
    This can vary depending on the doctors recommended dose.
  1. Can I take Picamilon for anxiety?
    It is not advised to take it for any other reason than for its prescribed purpose by a certified medical practitioner.
  1. Where can I buy Picamilon in bulk?
    This would not be legal since it is a drug.
  1. Are there any Picamilon side effects?
    Some potential side effects are possible since it is a drug.  This may include headaches, nausea, dizziness, rash, hypotension and other rarer potential symptoms.

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