8 Common job interview questions and answers

If you pass the resume screen, job interview is the major next step in the pre- employment process. It is time to meet the employer who will decide if you are the right person for the job. To get a job meaning a successful job interview, preparation is the key so that I would like to introduce to you some common job interview questions and answers how to get a successful job interview.

Common Job Interview QuestionsAnd Answers – Best Tips For Applicants

A job interview can be seen as the vital role in getting a job so that it is important to prepare to respond to a job interview effectively. Preparing for common job interview questions and answers are very important. You do not need to memorize an answer but just think carefully before answering that make sure you can answer smoothly without hesitation. Therefore, I want to reveal some common job interview questions and answers that you can refer, including:

1. Can You Tell Me A Little About Yourself?

can you tell me a little about yourself

This is the first out of the most common job interview questions and answers that I would like to introduce in this entire article and you and my other readers who are planning to apply for a job should know. This seems a simple question but it plays crucial factors in the interview because it may be the first question in the interview if you do it well, you can feel more confident to get a successful interview; however, so many people fail to answer it. Here is the deal: You should not tell about your employment or personal history or about your family. That is concise answer and show that how why you are the right fit for the job. Start off 2-3 specific about your experience that you want the employer to know. Then wrap up and talk why your mentioned experience is suitable for the job.

2. What Do You Know About The Company?

what do you know about the company

To respond to question, you should know the information about the company that you apply for the job. You can surf the net to learn about it by clicking “About” page on the website of company. This question means that interviewers just know how you care about it. Remember to start with 1-2 lines about company’s goal, using key words or phrases from their website to enhance the efficiency of answer and then go on to make it personal. For example: “Personally, I believe this approach will…”.It is another of common job interview question and answers.

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3. What Should We Hire You?

what should we hire you

One of common job interview questions and answer is “what should we hire you”. This is a chance for you to highlight your strengthen. It is better for your answer to summarize top three or four best reasons with memorable description. It is an opportunity to show your most strengthen that fit for the requirement in the job description.Moreover, hiring manager wants you to show what set you apart from the other candidates that prove you are the best person for this position. Use your unique strength and your most impressiveness associated with the job description to pitch yourself is an ideal way to show your skills and qualities fit for the job. Use 3- 4 points could include a combination of the following:

  • Experience in performing certain task
  • Technical skills
  • Soft skills
  • Language skills
  • Key accomplishments
  • Awards
  • Education training

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4. What Is Your Greatest Professional Achievement?

what is your greatest professional achievement

Nothing proves your ability better than a record of amazing achievement results in the past job. This is your opportunity to provide an example that shows what you can do the job. You should think about the skill detailed in the job description is related to which your most accomplishment. This goal shows not only your past job success but also you have the ability to offer the job. Your first task is that describe how indispensable you were in the past job. Remember to show the specific example and the result. It can be seen as one of common job interview and answers.

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5. What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

what is your greatest weakness

It is considered as one of common job interview questions and answers that I want to reveal and want you to make use for good. It is tough but you cannot lie and gloss over about your weakness. When job interviewer asks you this question, they want you to show your self- awareness, thoughtfulness and activeness about your weaknesses and strengths. The key to answering this question is to be honest yet strategic. You need to address unspoken follow up, which is what will you do to overcome your weakness.

6. How Would Your Boss And Co-Worker Describe You?

how would your boss and co-worker describe you

This is an interesting question but totally not easy to answer perfectly. It requires people to be a little bit subtle in the way you choose to respond to the question.

Remember to answer this question honestly because your hiring manager will call your former boss or co-workers if you get this job so that make sure answer truthfully  This question focuses on how well you work with others people and your ability to manage and maintain a goodrelationship with your co-worker, manager. Give a specific example can describe exactly about how you work with others across various function. Your interviewer wants to know about day- to-day work ethic and your willingness to pitch it on in the project what they needed, your ability to get along with your peer and whether you will leave them with stuck with all the work you do not do. It is can be seen one of common job interview questions and answers that you should watch out.

7. Why Do You Want This Job?

why do you want this job

I will reveal one of common job interview questions and answer that you should pay attention. Once again, hiring manager wants to hire people who are passionate about this job so that you should have great example for this question. You need show off what you know about the company so that you select some key factor to incorporate into your pitch for why you are the good fit. For smaller companies, it is impressive when you know something about what goes on at the company. Besides, you should center on your experience and skills as well but they are key abilities or abilities related to job requirements. Then you show this job makes sense for where you are going in the future. Do not give the impression that this position can be seen as steeping stone, should show that you will be around for the long haul.

8. Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?

why are you leaving your current job

This is very last but not least one out on the list of the most common job interview questions and answers that I want to introduce to my readers and hope you will pay attention. It may be tough but if you keep positive attitude, you will answer this question. You should not be negative about your current or past employer. Instead of complaining about company “laid off good people” or “hires lazy worker”, you can say about the changes of current company that not fit for you. You can mention that you company has a lot of organizational changes hire new management and that company is no long a good fit for you. Moreover, you can respond to a question that shows you are eager to take the new opportunity and the position you are interviewing for is a better fit for you than your current job.

The article covers 8 common job interview questions and answers that are useful for you and other readers who are looking for the best preparation for job interview. On the Vkool.com, you will read another useful article that also mention about getting a good job – 15 Powerful Job Interview Tips And Tricks. This is really a useful article that brings about tips and tricks for good preparation that contribute to a successful job interview including preparing questions and answers.

A job interview is the key to get the job so that you should pay more attention to prepare for it. It requires a lot of things to create a successful job interview including question and answer that plays an important role in the job interview; therefore you should have a good preparation of job interview questions and answers.

A good preparation for the interview will make you more confident that brings about the best results.

In this article, I revealed some common job interview questions and answers that can be seen as a part of successful job interview. If you feel the article is helpful in not on your own but for other people who have faced the same situation. If you have any question, please leave your comments and feedback below this section. I will respond it as soon as possible.

Thanks for your contribution!

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