7 Home remedies for gastritis pain and acidity

home remedies for gastritis

Stomach ulcer, or gastritis is persistent, dull disease, leading to pain and discomfort for the patients. Patients often be debilitated due to the poor eating habit or they even cannot eat due to pain. From past to present, there are many home remedies for gastritis have been proven effective so that people can make use of them.

Some impacts, such as nervousness, stress, the excess intake of alcohol, the use of pain medication… can lead to an imbalance between offensive factors (including gastric acid, bacteria H. pylori) and the protection factor (mucus), and the risk factors are more powerful than protective factors, causing gastritis, ulcers, and pain.

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Home Remedies For Gastritis And Acidity – Best Treatments:

In the treatment of stomach ulcers or gastritis, the immediate mission is to reduce the attack factors (reducing the gastric acid secretion, killing bacteria) and to strengthen the protective factors (enhancing the mucus secretion). In the long run, it is necessary to heal the ulcers and improve the patients eating plan quickly for faster recovery. Therefore, in this article, I will show some of the best home remedies for gastritis and acidity that people should learn and make use for good, including:

1. Green Banana: 

home remedies for gastritis

This is the first out of the home remedies for gastritis and acidity that I want to reveal in this entire writing.

According to folklore, green banana is an effective remedy for stomach problems, especially pip banana. Green pip banana is acrid, lightly sweet, and cool. Besides the therapeutic effects on stomach problems, it also works to support the spleen, and has laxative, diuretic effects, helping to break the urinary tract stones and enhance health effectively. Eating sliced green banana mixed with raw vegetables daily can help to treat stomach problems, including gastritis, very well.

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2. Honey:

home remedies for gastritis

Honey, in traditional medicine, is not only a nutritional medicine but also has the antibacterial effects. Honey contains glucose, fruit sugar, and high levels of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin E…

The vitamins in honey can help to stimulate the metabolism effectively. Potassium and magnesium (in normalized form) can stimulate the appetite, increasing the levels of organic acids, and improving the digestion. The seed of the pollen in honey can enhance the immune system as well. For stomach, honey can reduce the acid secretion so that it will reduce the painful symptoms quickly.

3. Fresh Grapefruit Leaf: 

home remedies for gastritis

This is also one of the most efficient home remedies for gastritis and acidity that people should not ignore.
Grapefruit leaf has the antiseptic effect, and the grapefruit essential oil extracted from the leaves can cure flu, fever, cough, headache, stuffy nose, runny nose, and the non-sweating symptom. You just need to use 50g of grapefruit leaves, 20g of bamboo leaves, 20 g of basil leaves, and 20 g of lemongrass. For all types of the mentioned leaves, pour them into a pot to boil finely and allow the patient to steam. Elderly patients who have fever and excess sweating should not steam.

4. Dried Grapefruit Peel: 

home remedies for gastritis

Dried grapefruit peel can help to cure dyspepsia, gastritis, abdominal distention, abdominal pain, cough due to wind, cold, and cough due to flu. You just need to use 12 g of grapefruit peel, 12 g of dried tangerine peel, and 3 slices of fresh ginger. Pour 300ml of water into a pot with the mentioned leaves and simmer it until you can take 100ml of the solution. Drink the solution when it is still very hot throughout the day.

5. Cabbage Juice: 

home remedies for gastritis

Every day, people with gastritis should drink 1000ml of cabbage juice for many times throughout the day. You can add sugar or salt according to your preference to make it more palatable. Drink this juice instead of drinking water daily. Apply this treatment in 2 consecutive months. Cabbage juice causes no complications so you can combine it with other medicines for gastritis and stomach ulcers.

Effect: The juice of cabbage can quickly heal the sores, scarring, especially stomach and bowel ulcers.

6. Aloe Vera:

home remedies for gastritis

According to several studies, aloe vera can help to treat stomach ailments safely. In the sap of the vera plant, there are some chemicals which can stimulate the digestive system, and they are also laxative, and can inhibit the pepmin and hydrochloric acid, preventing the secretion of the mucus that can cause stomach ulcers or gastritis. The treatment for gastritis using aloe vera is quite simple as you can apply at home: Peel 10g of aloe vera and boil to take the water to drink throughout the day.

7. Carrot:

home remedies for gastritis

This is the last but not least out of the effective home remedies for gastritis pain and acidity that I want to reveal in this entire article and wish you and my other readers to learn and make use.

Eating carrots will help to avoid constipation, as it has been seen as a natural laxative. The contents of fiber and vitamin A in carrots are very abundant. Many nutrition experts advise that young mothers should feed their children boiled carrots which are very nutritious and easy to digest!

This is the list of 7 best foods to eat and home remedies for gastritis pain and acidity that is very useful and safe to use for readers of VKool.com who are suffering from this painful and dangerous condition and want to stop it without the need for drugs, pills, and medical interventions. These remedies are proven effective so that people should not suspend them.

If you think that the home remedies for gastritis and acidity that I introduced in the writing above are exactly what you want to learn to treat your current condition and improve the digestive system as well, if you want to share the information I gave above with other people who also want to treat this disease, you should not hesitate to do this. Remember to leave your feedbacks and comments below to show me your own opinions.

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