How to prevent bed bugs from spreading in your home: 8 tips

Unluckily, bed bugs are increasing in number across Europe, North America, Australia, reaching “epidemic proportions”. Bed bugs have resurged to rapidly become a very crucial pest of the 21st century, as they invade numerous urban areas. Given almost environment under 49ºC (about 120ºF) could supply an environment for bed bugs to thrive, your house could be next. If you want to know how to prevent bed bugs from spreading in your home, then you should read on the following steps. With these easy tips, you could cut down your house’s chances of having bed bugs. Just take a look from!

How To Prevent Bed Bugs From Spreading In Your Home – 8 Best Ways

1. Understand The Bed Bugs, Not Ticks, Fleas Or Other Insects

how to prevent bed bugs-understand the bed bugs, not ticks, fleas or other insects

This might be the most important step regarding learning how to prevent bed bugs in your home you should know. You could compare your insect to the pictures on the Internet, or show it to your local extension agent.

Bed bugs are reddish-brown with an oval, flat body that measures about ¼ of an inch in length. Bed bugs often hide close to the bed yet could spread to other areas of the house or room over time.

Bed bugs colors might range from almost white after they molt, a light tan, a deep brown, to even a burnt orange.

Despite bed bugs are found on as well as near beds, the majority insects found there are not the bed bugs. Prior to starting pest control attempts to rid your house of bed bugs, you should confirm that you know the pest.

2. Understand The Ways Bed Bugs Get Into Your House

how to prevent bed bugs-understand the ways bed bugs get into your house

In fact, in order to know how to prevent bed bugs effectively, it is necessary for you to know the ways that bed bugs enter your house. There are many possible manners that bed bugs could get into a house, and the most common being hitching a ride on the computer, luggage, clothing, personal items and other belongings after a person has stayed somewhere else, containing public transportation.
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Moving time is another manner for bed bugs to get into a new house as they can make use of the moving boxes. Birds and bats sometimes also introduce bed bugs.

3. Be Aware Of The Favorite Places Bed Bugs Settle In

how to prevent bed bugs-be aware of the favorite places bed bugs settle in

You had better be aware which places where bed bugs could be found once they enter your house. Normally, bed bugs tend to be more likely to be found in buildings where many occupants sleep, like a college dormitory or a hotel. Also, bed bugs tend to congregate where human beings sleep more than other parts of the house.
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They like hiding out in the bed frame, box spring, and mattress. Beg bugs have flat body shape, so they hide out in crevices and cracks in the furniture and many other objects. Or, bed bugs might wander from apartment to apartment making use of the voids between wire holes and walls.

Really, bed bugs love warmth, so they might also get into computers, laptops, and DSL ports, which are such portable objects that you may carry around to other house and rooms.

4. Check Before Unpacking During A Trip Away From House

how to prevent bed bugs-check before unpacking during a trip away from house

It is recommended to change the rooms instantly whenever you see any signals of bed bugs.

Pull back the sheets from mattress in order to look for the bed bugs. Also, look along the edges of box springs as well as within the seams of bedding. Examine upholstered or wood temperature, particularly along seams and crevices. Bed bugs seem to favor fabric and wood than metal and plastic. Remember not to put the baggage on the bed. Instead, you should use a suitcase holder or leave the luggage outside or in the bathtub till you have detected the room.

5. Pay More Attention To Used Furniture And Clothing

how to prevent bed bugs-pay more attention to used furniture and clothing

Before bringing used clothing or furniture into your home, you should pay more attention to them. Wash the clothing instantly. Check the crevices, and other embellishments as well as any crack. Wash thoroughly and dry out all soft furnishings like curtains at the high temperatures before making use of them.
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6. Acknowledge The Signals Of Bed Bugs

how to prevent bed bugs-acknowledge the signals of bed bugs

There are some common signs of bed bugs you can be aware of, including fecal staining found on the mattress, the bedding and even the walls around the bed; and the coriander smell.

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7. Minimize The Hiding Places For Bed Bugs

how to prevent bed bugs-minimize the hiding places for bed bugs

Check out the caulk cracks which are found along the molding and the baseboards. Also, decrease clutter within your bedroom, particularly on the floor and near your bed. Fact is, a cluttered house supplies more ideal places for bed bugs to live and makes identifying and treating them more difficult. If the bed bugs are living in your mattress, using special bed bugs cover on the mattress as well as box springs tends to make it more difficult for the bed bugs to get close to you while you sleep.

Make sure that you purchase the product which has been well tested for bed bugs and is also strong enough to last for about 1 year without tearing.

8. Get The Help Of Professionals, If Necessary

how to prevent bed bugs-get the help of professionals, if necessary

If you want to know how to prevent bed bugs more effectively, hiring an experienced, responsible pest control expert will help you increase your opportunity of success in preventing and removing bed bugs as well.

There, you have known 8 out of most crucial steps on how to prevent bed bug. Remember to cleanse your home regularly to minimize the chance for bed bugs to alive.

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