How to treat bladder infection naturally without antibiotics – 10 tips

If you experience the stabbing and burning pain every time you urinate, it means that you suffer from bladder infection. This disease is caused by bacteria growth in urethra and the bladder. Bladder infection can affect anyone of any age, race or gender; however, it is said that women face the more possibility in developing bladder infection than men and children. Bladder infection has the second name which is urinary tract infection. Beside medication and drug treatment, alternative solution on how to treat bladder infection naturally without antibiotics is lifestyle changes and home remedies.

How To Treat Bladder Infection Naturally Without Antibiotics – Effective Techniques & Home Remedies

Bladder infection occurs when bladder is inflamed. This disease is more common in women than men. Half of women suffer from bladder infection at least once during their life. However, aging is the factors that make man susceptible to bladder infection because prostate size increases due to aging.  The reason why women have more chances of developing bladder infection than men may be that women have shorter urethra. Urethra is the tube which carries urine. However, there are not many evidences to prove that theory. Bladder infection is said not to be serious because it can treated with medication and natural treatments. But if it comes back in some patients, it will lead to some more serious complications and diseases including kidney infection and kidney damage. Therefore, we need to treat and prevent the bladder infection soon before it gets worse. When you are old, it is difficult to diagnose the bladder infection. The possible reason may be that symptoms of bladder infection are similar to the symptoms of aging. There are many factors increasing bladder infection such as vaginal intercourse, hormone changes due to pregnancy, the use of condoms or spermicides. For the patients who get diagnosed with bladder infection, the symptoms are quite uncomfortable and unpleasant. However, the bladder infection is not serious if treated soon. The common treatment for bladder infection is the use of antibiotics. However, it is said there are more home remedies and techniques on how to treat bladder infection natural without antibiotics. If you concern, please read this article on to know more.

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1. Urinate When You Need:

how to treat bladder infection-urinate when you need

If you suffer from bladder infection, it is the first tip on how to treat bladder infection naturally. When you hold the urination, you increase the chance for bacteria in bladder to grow. Therefore, when you need to urinate, please go to the bathroom immediately. For patients with bladder infection, it is recommended to urinate frequently. Moreover, it is the good idea to urinate after sex. The reason may be that vaginal intercourse can push the bacteria deeper. When you urinate after having sex, the bacteria will be removed from your urinary tract.

2. Drink Enough Water: 

how to treat bladder infection-drink enough water

If you suffer from bladder infection, the doctors will advise you to drink enough water. The possible reason why drinking enough water is considered as the best way on how to treat bladder infection may be that it can remove the bacteria out of your body and help you to recover. It is recommended to drink eight glasses of water per day. Urine is formed by acids and waste products. The darker the urine is, the more painful you feel. Water consumption will help to dilute your urine. However, it is better to stay away from caffeinated drinks such as tea, soda and coffee. Caffeinate can make the bladder infection worse.

3. Apply Heat:

how to treat bladder infection-apply heat

Because irritation and inflammation can lead to burning, pressure and pain in your abdomen, applying heat is considered as the excellent way on how to treat bladder infection. The heat will help you to reduce pain around the public area. Therefore, you should try a heating pad. It is important to place the pad in the towel in order to avoid burning.  And then keep the heat lower over the bladder. In order to avoid burning, you should limit the time to 15 minutes. Another solution is to try a moist, warm compress in order to alleviate the dull pain that is caused by bladder infection.

4. Wear Appropriate Dress:

how to treat bladder infection-wear appropriate dress

It is said that wearing appropriate dress will help you prevent bladder infection. You should wear flowy, casual and relaxed clothes which can let your skin breathe. As a result, you can keep the bladder infection at bay. Moisture is also the factor that causes bladder infection. The tight jean and pants can provide the moisture environment for bacteria to grow. Therefore, it is needed to wear the loose pants and cotton underwear. These clothes can boost the air circulation and reduce the risk of bladder infection.

5. Drink The Cranberry: 

how to treat bladder infection-drink the cranberry

Cranberry is said to be the home remedy on how to treat bladder infection. However, there are not many evidences to show that drinking cranberry can help you reduce the risk of developing bladder infection. A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine showed that cranberry and tablets reduce the pain caused by bladder infection. But the result will be not true if the study is conducted in the larger population. Drinking the cranberry is not harmful but you should ask your doctor whether it is treatment for bladder infection.

6. Vitamin C Supplement: 

how to treat bladder infection-vitamin c supplement

Vitamin C consumption can be considered as the way on how to treat bladder infection without antibiotics. Vitamin C can reduce the bacteria in your urinary tract. Therefore, if you suffer from bladder infection, vitamin C supplement is recommended.

7. Eat Yogurt: 

how to treat bladder infection-eat yogurt

The reason why eating yogurt will help you reduce the risk of developing bladder infection may be that yogurt has probiotics. Probiotics are the good bacteria which can keep the bladder infection at bay. According to Kandis Rivers, it is the good way to consume yogurt regularly. Even the yogurt has more benefits in treating bladder infection than antibiotics. Another way you can do to consume probiotics is taking probiotic supplements.

8. Use Baking Soda To Reduce Pain:

how to treat bladder infection-use baking soda to reduce pain

A natural way to reduce pain and burning caused by bladder infection is using baking soda. If you suffer from this disease, I would like to recommend that you should drink a glass of warm water mixed with a teaspoon of baking soda.

9. Stay Away From Irritants:

how to treat bladder infection-stay away from irritants

The important tip on how to treat bladder infection naturally is to stay away from irritants including spicy food, nicotine, caffeine, carbonated drinks and alcohol. These irritants make bladder infection worse. According Lucille, you should eat the healthy foods including healthy fat and high-fiber carbohydrates.

10. Drink Herbal Remedies: 

how to treat bladder infection-drink herbal remedies

Some patients with bladder infection find relief after drinking the herbal remedies. Goldenseal and Oregon grape root which have inflammatory properties can help you to fight E.coli. E.coli is the bad bacteria causing bladder infection. However, it is important to ask the doctor for any side effects of herbal remedies when they are used as the way on how to treat bladder infection.

These are 10 tips and home remedies on how to treat bladder infection that I want to introduce. If you are interested in this article and find it helpful, please let me know by leaving your feedbacks bellow. I am glad for your contribution.

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