ProlargentSize Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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This company has a long way to go before we can take it seriously. Spelling errors, a lack of customer reviews, and some weird (and possibly bogus) ingredients make this one of the lamest products we’ve reviewed. Check out more below:

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ProlargentSize Overview

ProlargentSize is an herbal supplement for men that claims to give men a safe, harmless way to become more powerful in the bedroom. Men who take it are supposed to see incredible gains in penis size, erection strength, and orgasm quality.

It follows in a long line of sexual supplements for men who feel inadequate in sexual matters due to age or just plain bad luck.

This is one of the most over-the-top products we’ve seen of this kind, and it reflects badly on the people who made it. Despite that, is it worth your money? Based on what we’ve learned, the answer seems to be no.

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ProlargentSize Claims

This supplement promises men everything they could wish for. A bigger penis? Check! More energy? Check! A higher libido, lean muscle gains, sexual stamina, and fertility? Check check check! This is actually one of the most all-around products we’ve seen, as no other supplement we’ve reviewed has promised so much. It’s even supposed to prevent premature ejaculation. Well dang, it sounds like this product is supposed to turn any man into a pornstar-level love-maker! How does it work? The herbal ingredients in each dose are supposed to increase blood flow (treating erectile problems), induce the body to crave sex (similar to testosterone, they claim), and benefit the health of sperm in the testes. Not all these processes are explained exactly, however.

For such big claims, this company would have to be mighty dependable and trustworthy. Are they?

Hah, no.

For one thing, a trustworthy business has to have some sort of website or profile where they can show a little bit about who they are, who runs the company, what their credentials and qualifications are, and what their business history is. As far as we’ve seen, they’ve got none of this. All we know is that they’re called Egemel Ltd., and they’re based in the United Arab Emirates. They’re only associated with two products, really – ProlargentSize and ArganLife (a hair and nail health brand) – and nothing else. The website for ProlargentSize is riddled with typos and grammatical errors, and contains one of the biggest lies of all: that you can increase the size of your penis with a pill or other supplement. Not only has this been demonstrated to be false (Stewart, Julie: “Do Penis Enlargement Products Work?” MensHealth, 2024), they don’t even try and give us a made-up explanation, like some other products do. Nope, they just expect us to believe it and buy.

Based on their website (the only way to get an idea of who these people are), we’re left pretty disappointed. It takes a lot to impress people, and we wish this company had put more effort into a clean, professional presentation, because as it stands, it’s hard to trust what they say.

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ProlargentSize Ingredients

The list of ingredients for ProlargentSize is pretty small, and features only natural plant-based ingredients:

  • Ferula
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Tribulus terrestris
  • Ceratonia siliqua
  • Epimedium brevicornum

Ferula is an unusual plant to include in this sort of supplement. It’s a plant found in parts of Europe and Asia that’s used for fighting bacterial infections and coughs, and it’s even been used to help fight off mental conditions like depression. It’s said to smell and taste terrible, which is why it’s been referred to as – no joke – “the Devil’s dung.

” The people at ProlargentSize claim it’s basically the same as Viagra, but is that true? Stay tuned.

Panax Ginseng (also referred to as Korean or Asian ginseng) is a common herb in traditional Chinese medicine for helping the body adapt to stress (which is why they call it an “adaptogen”) and it’s supposed to help people have more energy in general. It’s also supposed to have relaxing, soothing effects, as well as a boost to the libido.

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant from the Mediterranean that’s not only supposed to improve the sex drive, but also blood circulation as well. Lots of products use this as one of their main supplements.

Ceratonia siliqua is the scientific name of the carob tree, a plant not only used as a food, but also used traditionally for treating diarrhea and helping the body to digest food nutrients. The folks at ProlargentSize say it increases the quality of your sperm, making you more fertile. Again, a grand claim, and one that we researched. We’ll get into that more in the next section.

Epimedium brevicornum is an old aphrodisiac, related to “horny goat weed,” an old Chinese libido booster.

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The Science Behind ProlargentSize

While a few of these ingredients have been found in many other male sexual health supplements, some of these ingredients just have no proof that they work.

Ferula is not just famously gross in both its taste and smell, we didn’t find any evidence that it’s useful for treating sexual dysfunction at all. Not only that, but for the few things it is supposed to be useful for – mainly treating infections – “more evidence is needed” before anyone can say definitively that it works (WebMD).

Carob is an old, old plant, used for centuries as a homeopathic way to deal with stomach problems. But does it have anything to do with fertility or sperm health? We couldn’t find anything. The best we could find is some evidence that it can help reduce symptoms in children with diarrhea (WebMD). If the people behind ProlargentSize could muster up the time and energy to actually link consumers to studies showing that it does what they say it does, things would be better, but right now we’re left hanging.

When you’ve got such a small amount of ingredients in your formula, it’s crucial to make sure that they’re all good, solid ingredients that actually have some proof that they have an impact on your health. Otherwise, your product is way weaker than it should be, and that’s a problem.

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Word on the Street about ProlargentSize

People absolutely depend on customer reviews when they’re deciding what product to buy. That’s because without a good number of other peoples’ opinions on a product, you could be taking a gamble with your money. Not only that, but since we’re talking about nutritional supplements, you could be gambling with your health as well – and that’s never a good thing. That’s why large amounts of customer reviews can be helpful, giving us some insight into whether a product works or not. It also gives the product some legitimacy, because if large amounts of people are buying it, it must be doing something right.

While there are a handful of “testimonials” on the main website, this company is only going to show the “good” ones, making them not exactly neutral sources of information about a product. We wanted a trustworthy, unbiased place to see what people think about ProlargentSize.

That’s why we were surprised to find only one customer review, on a far-flung, obscure Ebay page. That’s right: out of all the millions of pages on the internet, we only found one customer review on a third-party site. What was that one review, you ask?

“Don’t waste your time! I took these for two weeks and saw ZERO difference. No erections, either!”

The fact that there’s only one real customer review out there (and a negative one at that) says a lot about this product. If this were a dependable product, one that worked as well as they say it does, surely there would be tons of people turning out to talk about the great benefits they saw. Right now, we’ve got nothing.

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Is ProlargentSize Worth a Try?

This honestly is one of the least-compelling male enhancement products on the market. We don’t say that lightly, either, having reviewed dozens and dozens of these supplements. ProlargentSize suffers from some serious issues, and they start with the company: the company that makes it is only associated with a handful of products, and there’s no information about exactly who they are, who runs the place, and if they have any qualifications to be dispensing health supplements in the first place.

Not only that, but their product website suffers from terrible grammar and spelling errors, making them look unprofessional and amateurish. Secondly, the product only contains a few ingredients, and of those ingredients, at least two have no proof that they work – not only that, but this company makes claims about the properties of those ingredients that aren’t found anywhere else. This means either this company doesn’t know what they’re talking about, or they’re trying to make us think they do.

The most important thing, as always, is the lack of customer reviews. While some products have dozens (or hundreds) of customer reviews, ones that give consumers some insight into whether a product works and whether or not its a good value, ProlargentSize has only one verifiable customer review that we were able to find. And the worst part? It was a bad review. Doesn’t look too good for the folks at ProlargentSize.

So what do we take away from this? We’ve got an amateurish company selling a questionable supplement that it appears almost no one has ever bought. And they want to charge you $90 a bottle for that, almost twice the price of most competitors? Why would you waste your time with this rubbish?

Stay far away from ProlargentSize.

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ProlargentSize vs Vigrx

These supplements are fairly similar, in that they’re both herbal supplements targeted at men who have trouble with erections, sexual desire, or staying erect during intercourse. They contain some similar ingredients, too, including epimedium and ginseng. Vigrx has made more of an attempt to look legit by getting a quote from celebrity doctor Steven Lamm, M.D., while ProlargentSize is basically just a pill from an obscure website with nothing to show for itself. Vigrx has lots of customer reviews, unlike ProlargentSize, but the only drawback is that many of those reviews are actually terrible. They differ slightly in price, with Vigrx costing $76.99 and ProlargentSize costing about $90 – both expensive, especially compared to their competition.

ProlargentSize FAQ

  1. Are there before and after photos from people who’ve used ProlargentSize?
    We haven’t seen any such photos, although it’s possible if you found a male enhancement forum there might be some there, if you can find anyone who’s used this supplement.
  2. Can you get ProlargentSize from Amazon?
    Right now it looks like the answer is no.
  3. Can I get ProlargentSize off Ebay?
    Yes, right now Ebay is one of the few places where you can find this product.
  4. What ingredients are in ProlargentSize?
    Ferula, panax ginseng, tribulus terrestris, ceratonia siliqua, epimedium brevicornum, vegetable gelatin.
  5. How do I order ProlargentSize?
    The main place to order this supplement is on its official website.
  6. Is ProlargentSize come in a “5×5” form?
    You’re thinking of Prolargent 5×5, a pill that’s supposed to stop premature ejaculation.
  7. What is the price for ProlargentSize in India?
    You would have to look up whatever the exchange rate is between dollars and rupees for that information, otherwise you should contact the company directly.
  8. What’s the meaning of ProlargentSize?
    We’re guessing it comes from “pro” (“for”), plus a form of “enlargen” (“largent”), and “size,” which explains itself.
  9. Are there any side effects to ProlargentSize?
    The company claims that there are no side effects from this product, and since there are no customer reviews to the contrary, it’s possible that there indeed are none.
  10. What’s the price of ProlargentSize?
    The base price is $89 for one bottle. 2 bottles is $169, 3 bottles is $249, etc, with further reductions in price the more you buy at one time. They even offer 9 bottles for $679 – which shows some serious confidence on their part.

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So What Really Works?

That’s all that can be said about ProlargentSize. Like many other products, it falls short of the mark, and winds up a disappointment.

After looking at dozens and dozens of other supplements available out there, we’ve ended up concluding that Viritenz is simply the best choice for men’s enhancement in supplement form. Each bottle contains a tested mixture of safe, natural plant-based ingredients that can improve men’s libidos, erection quality, as well as give them more stamina and more energy. What’s the result? Men who have used it report that they’re back on the horse, with the vigor and virility they used to have. And unlike many other products, it comes with a solid money-back guarantee, and is made in United States in a facility that adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices.

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