Neuroflexyn Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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With no official website currently offered and a history of unsatisfied users, it’s clear that this is a supplement better left avoided. They now make it impossible to contact them, and people complained that there was no way to reach out and try to secure a refund. Our research on Neuroflexyn revealed a lot of interesting details about how the company works, and what this can truly offer.

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Neuroflexyn Overview

Neuroflexyn is a nootropic supplement without an official website and which is no longer sold by any legitimate source. The company has been poorly rated and far too many people complained about supposed scam like practices and the inability to contact the company.

Many failed to get a return and people were dissatisfied with both the product itself, and the lack of customer service support.

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Neuroflexyn Claims

Unfortunately since there is no longer an official website, the only way we can observe what the intended benefits are is by looking at the few 3rd party websites. Very little is said about how this works or even what it’s meant to do.

All we know is that it’s targeted to help improve:

  • Mental vision
  • Concentration
  • Memory
  • Attention span

The front of the bottles label says all this but they fail to back it up with any evidence. It’s also unclear what they mean by an enhanced mental vision.

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Neuroflexyn Ingredients

  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Bacopin
  • Pikamilion
  • Phosphatidylcholine
  • DMAE Bitartrate
  • Eleuthero

Eleuthero is a form of ginseng that is an ancient herb used for many intended health benefits. This is used for mental health and even energy.

Pikamilion is a blend of GABA and niacin and it’s used as a cognitive boosting additive which can treat stress and mood issues. This is actually a drug which is not FDA approved. This was called out by the FDA which led to many companies having to pull their brands from the market. It could be that the company pulled Neuroflexyn due to the potential issues.

DMAE Bitartrate is a common nootropic ingredient which can help reduce cognitive decline as people age.

Bacopin is a patented version of Bacopa monnieri which is used for overall cognitive health enhancement.

None of the ingredients are verified however, and they were only offered in a 3rd party website without the mention of dosage strength.

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The Science Behind Neuroflexyn

No science is offered anywhere. Even though some of the ingredients are fairly common to nootropics, it would have helped had they given some explanation as to its use and possible benefits.

The only thing you can read about this brand are claims made on the front of the bottle, no explanation is given into the specifics. It’s especially troublesome when you consider the fact that they use a drug which is illegal to use in the US. As a US based company it would have made sense that they would know this drug is not allowed in supplements.

The rest of the ingredients are basic and found in all kinds of nootropics.

Word on the Street About Neuroflexyn

“have not heard back from the company”

“wish I could get a refund”

“Returned the product and they will not refund me or respond to calls or emails”

“Not at all trustworthy, two months have passed and I have not received a response back”

Even though people rarely discussed the effects of Neuroflexyn, judging from the many users who tried to get their money back, it’s clear there were unsatisfied customers. The total 8 complaints on their Better Business Bureau page shows that people were unable to schedule a return, and that they felt cheated out of money.

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Is Neuroflexyn Worth a Try?

There are far too many problems to consider this a useful or worthwhile supplement. From the use of banned drugs, to the many negative customer complaints related to overcharging and a lack of a refund, there’s not a single reason why anyone should consider this.

The company fails to offer an official website anymore and all we know is that they had an official website which is no longer available. They have 3rd party sellers from websites like EBay, but it’s not wise to trust this as it may be dated or possible expired.

There’s an F rating on the companies Better Business Bureau listing for a reason, many complained about what was described as “scam” like practices.

All the nootropic supplements mentioned in our top 10 list were thoroughly reviewed and shown to offer the best support.

Neuroflexyn vs Adderall

Adderall is a type of amphetamine which stimulants the nervous system. This drug is used to help treat ADHD and narcolepsy, as it can trigger focus. The effects can have a major impact on cognition, including attention and control. As a drug is must be use carefully since uncontrolled amounts can cause psychosis and other major health problems.

Neuroflexyn vs Modafinil

Modafinil is used strictly to promote wakefulness and it is helpful for adults who suffer from sleep problems. This drug is only advised for people with a serious condition, as it may trigger dangerous side effects. As a controlled substance the FDA considers it potentially useful but also possibly addictive.

Neuroflexyn vs Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is a nootropic that is used primarily for focus and memory. There are a lot of reviews for this supplement as its popularity has increased with endorsements. This had many mixed reviews and plenty of people said it offered no support. There was also a lot of criticism against the supposed clinical trials since they were only performed on small groups of people, making it impossible to trust.

Neuroflexyn vs Neuro Clarity

Neuro Clarity relies on a basic nootropic lend that does offer some useful ingredients. This supplement is sold at a cheap cost, but they fail to give much evidence to show its worth. The only place to buy it is on Amazon, and there are many mild to unsupportive reviews. Far too many consumers felt that it wasn’t really effective.

Neuroflexyn vs Addium

Addium has a similar history as Neuroflexyn, as it’s a nootropic supplement that is poorly rated and no longer supported by an official website. With Addium there’s the major issue related to their supposed claims of it being a “Limitless” like pill, which is a movie that centers on a fictional drug. Inside Addium is a very simple blend of ingredients which many said as a whole were ineffective.

Neuroflexyn FAQ

  1. Is there a Neuroflexyn Amazon page?
    There used to be a page but it was removed.
  1. Where can I buy Neuroflexyn?
    The only known source is currently EBay, but it’s unknown if this is a trusted source.
  1. Can I buy Neuroflexyn at GNC?
    GNC does not offer it.
  1. Is there a Neuroflexyn free trial?
    There used to be but now there is no mention of it anywhere.
  1. What happened to Neuroflexyn?
    It’s unknown why the company has abandoned their official website, but judging from the F rating with the Better Business Bureau, it spears likely they scammed many users and decided to stop marketing.
  1. What are the full Neuroflexyn ingredients?
    It contains GABA, Eleuthero and Alpha Lipoic Acid.
  1. Will Neuroflexyn cause side effects?
    According to some user reviews, there were symptoms such as mood swings and anger.
  1. Can I get Neuroflexyn on EBay?
    Yes, EBay is currently the only source for it.
  1. What’s the total Neuroflexyn price?
    The only 3rd party retailer we found sells it for $24.99.
  1. Can I get Neuroflexyn in Australia?
    3rd party sellers do offer it but at an increased shipping cost.
  1. Is there a Neuroflexyn Wiki page?
    They do not have a Wiki page at this time.

So What Really Works?

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