Brain Elevate Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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It’s all a very basic mixture of common nootropic ingredients, unfortunately too common to consider it unique or the best. The customer reviews were also too mixed to find much support from this.

It’s also completely lacking evidence from the makers as their official website is too brief to really understand what makes this unique.

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Brain Elevate Overview

Brain Elevate is a nootropic supplement that relies on a fairly basic blend of additives. This uses all the standard extracts that you’d expect to find in any nootropic. While this doesn’t mean that it’s a bad formula, it’s far too limited. This became especially clear when reading the many mixed reviews.

There were a lot of people that said it did not work or that the effects were limited. It made sense when you examine the kinds of ingredients used.

There simply isn’t enough variety here to trust it would be uniquely impactful and supportive as a nootropic blend.

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Brain Elevate Claims

They keep the claims brief and limited to only a few sentences. They claim it will help prevent the spread of free radicals while providing nutrients that can aid the brain. The main intended benefit from all this is enhanced cognitive function.

Realistically it makes sense that they would keep the claims brief as there really isn’t much to say about this formula. It still would have been helpful had they gone more into the specifics, instead of relying on their brand recognition to market this brand.

You’re far more likely to find claims on 3rd party sites instead of the official website. The failure to explain what makes this unique lies on the company’s website as they fail to provide useful details.

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Brain Elevate Ingredients

  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract
  • RoseOx
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • Huperzine A
  • L-Glutamine
  • Gotu Kola
  • Choline Bitartrate

The plant Ginkgo Biloba Extract has been used since ancient times as a natural remedy against brain decline. This is used for its ability to stimulate blood flow in the brain, which in turn can make it operate at more optimal levels.

RoseOx is a patented antioxidant which is used to prevent the spread of unwanted cells. This is sometimes used to boost general health.

The amino acid L-Glutamine is used for many purposes including improving digestion, supporting brain health, and supporting athletic function.

Gotu Kola is an herb used in ancient Asian medicine in order to help support healthy cognition. This is often described as a way to boost longevity, and it’s a fairly common type of supplement ingredient.

Choline Bitartrate can be used to create the healthy chemical choline which can be used to fight against age-related cognitive decline. This is sometimes used as a way to prevent the possible memory related problems that can occur as a person ages such as Alzheimer’s.

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The Science Behind Brain Elevate

All we can gather from the official website is that this is meant to prevent the spread of dangerous free radicals. This means that it can prevent the damaging breakdown that these can have on oxidative stress. Over time this can amount to many health problems, most notably a loss of proper brain function.

It would have been useful had the manufacturers provide a deeper explanation and some sort of evidence. While they do use ingredients which have studies to show what they can do, the major reason for this is because a lot of this is naturally found in the body already.

They keep the formula free from common allergens and any GMO additives, but they do not provide an impressive blend of additives.

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Word on the Street About Brain Elevate

A good amount of customers said that Brain Elevate failed to deliver noticeable improvements. Many felt exactly the same after completing a full bottled worth of product. It was unclear why, but there were also some side effects mentioned including brain fog and headaches.

The lack of positive reviews and many negative experiences points to it simply being not effective for general use. According to many, it did not deliver the cognitive effects they were hoping for.

Because it wasn’t as useful as many were hoping for, it’s a clear indicator that it’s not nearly as strong as other nootropic formulas.

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Is Brain Elevate Worth a Try?

The basic formula that the company fails to provide evidence for is clearly lacking and just not worth using.  If you look at enough nootropic formulas you’ll come to the point where you realize that many use the same additives. The same goes for this brand, a lot of this is already sourced and found in common foods as well.

For people that are interested in unique benefits from a well-rounded formula, you just won’t get that here. The many mixed reviews also calls into question just how supportive this blend truly is. You can’t find many glowing experiences here, and many said that they were unsure if it truly had an impact.

Because so many found it ineffective and due to the limited formula, it’s clear that it’s nowhere near as useful as it should be.

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Brain Elevate vs True Focus

True Focus is a similar supplement made by the same company as Brain Elevate. This brand is used more for general cognitive support and well-being. The claim is that it can provide improved impulses within the brain, and it also uses natural ingredients. This brand has additives such as amino acids and other compounds found naturally from common whole foods.

Brain Elevate FAQ

  1. Does Brain Elevate work?
    It’s impossible to say with the amount of unfavorable reviews.
  1. Are there Brain Elevate side effects to worry about?
    Some who tried it complained about headaches and “cloudy” cognition.
  1. Is there a Brain Elevate Amazon listing?
    Yes, this is featured on Amazon.
  1. What are some Brain Elevate benefits?
    It’s intended for improved brain health and the reduction of unwanted free radicals which can cause unwanted damage.
  1. Will Brain Elevate affect cognitive function?
    That’s what it’s made for but there were many mixed customer reviews.
  1. What is the Brain Elevate formula made up of?
    The active formula has GABA, Huperzine A, Alpha GPC, Tyrosine, Bacopa Monnieri, and Vinpocetine.
  1. What is Brain Elevate pills made with?
    The pills are vegetable capsules free from common allergens.

So What Really Works?

With many brands fully reviewed, Memotenz was clearly the most supportive overall when it came to cognition support. This nootropic uses only filler-free, natural ingredients that can provide all kinds of support when it comes to improved brain health. The effects can range from improved blood flow, reduced stress levels, enhanced memory, improved focus, and an easier time staying mentally alert, all without stimulants.

The ingredients can also be used on a daily basis as it does not require cycling or odd dosing instructions. They make it incredibly easy to see what it can offer, and their website provides more details including testimonials. The reviews we examined showed that many found it very useful for staying fully present with tasks, while being better able to perform with all types of activities. You can get more of the specifics behind Memotenz to learn about what it has been able to do, and how it works as a top rated nootropic.

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