10 real raw milk facts and myths you might want to know!

raw milk facts

Are you confusing about the facts of raw milk? Do you wonder about the benefits and risks of this food? Milk is very healthy for people and it has many forms including raw milk, which has not been processed or pasteurized. Some people wonder about its benefits and risks, the truth is raw milk has many functions and surprised information that you might not think of. In this writing, VKool.com will show you about top 10 real raw milk facts and myths that you might concern about.

Top 10 Real Raw Milk Facts And Myths

1. Raw Milk Is Basically Safe

 Basically, raw milk is nutritious food and it is safe for almost of the consumers. Raw milk is a nutritious food as it contains many vitamins, minerals, especially; it is as safe as pasteurized milk.
Raw milk is also good for your children, women, and old people, especially, raw goat milk has less lactose than raw cow’s milk and you can choose raw goat milk to support your digestion.

2. Proteins 

raw milk facts

Almost of proteins in raw milk are caseins and it is counted for 80%. There are for 8 vital amino acids in raw milk and they are easy to digest. They are very essential for children growth and improve digestion. In which, lactoferrin is a kind of iron-binding protein that has huge benefits for people. It can help you absorb and assimilate iron, fight cancer, and fight microbial action to against some dangerous bacteria. Another kind of enzyme is lysozyme and lactoperoxidase. They can break some kinds of bacteria and help you healthier. Likewise, asatiobodies is a classical protein that can remove toxins and reduce asthma disease.

3. Cholesterol 

raw milk facts

Raw milk not only contains useful vitamins, minerals, enzymes, but it also contains good cholesterol for your body. Cholesterol function is to protect or repair substance. Cholesterol in raw milk is essential, natural for your cell repair. Also, it is needed for your blood, nerves, liver, and brain. If you want to lose weight naturally with foods, you may add raw milk into your daily diets because it supports weight loss.

4. Vitamins 

raw milk facts

Talking about raw milk benefits, you may think of various vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin C, and vitamin B. There are two main groups of vitamins in raw milk including fat soluble and water. They are very useful for your body health as it supports biochemical reactions and regulate metabolism. As the consequence, you should drink grass-fed cow milk to get their effects. Here is some detailed information about vitamins in raw milk:

Vitamin A – 375ug
Vitamin C__19mg
Vitamin D__38IU
Vitamin E__940ug
Vitamin K__47ug
Vitamin B1__425ug
Vitamin B2__1650ug
Vitamin Niacin__850ug
Vitamin B6__470ug
Folic acid__52ug
Vitamin B12__4.25ug

Pantothenic acid__3300ug

5. Minerals

raw milk facts

Our body is very complicated and it needs lots of vital vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to improve health. Raw milk includes many necessary minerals from phosphorus and calcium that you need to get. Calcium is very important in your body and you can get it from raw milk. This mineral is helpful in cancer prevention, reducing risk of colon disease, helping you reduce risk of osteoporosis kidney disease, etc. Some minerals in raw milk also can help balance mineral function in the body. You can figure out something here:




Iodine __~245ug




6. Enzymes 

raw milk facts

Giving you enzymes is one of the most health raw milk benefits. It is good for your digestion system and can help you fight bacteria effectively. People also consider eating enzyme rich foods to get enzymes for the body growth, insulin regulation, and metabolism improvement raw milk and milk products also build lean muscle, reduce allergy, increase bone density, support neurology, and improve immune system very effectively.

7. Carbohydrates

raw milk facts

Providing carbohydrates is one of the most important raw milk benefits for people. Lactose is also called adisaccaride, which is helpful in fighting bacteria and can boost your body absorb other vitamins such as iron, phosphorus, and calcium. Lactose is a first type of carbohydrates and it is made from two kinds of sugars including galactose and glucose. Raw milk is friendly as it can produce lactase intact.

8. Good Bacteria 

raw milk facts

Raw milk is great in lactic acid, vitamins, and various enzymes that are crucial to your body. Some products such as kefir, yogurt is also high in vitamins. Raw milk is a remarkable food for children, women, and people. It is also not bad for old people. So you can try to get good bacteria for digestion system.

9. Fats 

raw milk facts

Raw milk is high in fats and almost of the fat in it is saturated. Is that good for you? Yes, saturated fats are very healthy for your body as it contributes to improve energy and pad organs. People have routine of using animal fats for their diets while raw milk is full of omega-6 fatty acid to promote health. Moreover, fats in raw milk can boost your immune system, improve muscle growth, reduce insulin, and reduce allergy. You can get detailed information about acid like this:

Butyric Acid 4 (number of Carbon atoms)
Caprylic Acid 8

Lauric Acid 12
Capric Acid 10
Myristic Acid 14
Stearic Acid 18

Palmitic Acid 16
Oleic Acid 18:1

Caproic Acid 6
CLA 18:2

10. Raw Milk Has Harmful Bacteria 

raw milk facts

Along with other health benefits and nutrition facts as above, raw milk can carry harmful bacteria such as Norovirus, Listeria, Campylobactor, E.Coli, and Salmonella. They are the reasons that cause many disease outbreaks and can be dangerous to children, especially pregnant women. In fact, raw milk from grass-fed cows and grain-fed cows are not safe entirely. As the result, you should test or check if there are some allergies or outbreaks when drinking raw milk fist because you can get sick from this food.

To get more useful information, you may visit our main Nutrition page.

After reading my writing of top 10 raw milk facts, I hope that you understand more about the real things about raw milk and have smart choice to protect your health as well as family members. If you have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon.

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