Alpha Force Testo Review (Updated 2024) – Is It Safe?

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A testosterone booster and male enhancement supplement that is sold for an extremely high price and only provides limited ingredient information. If you’re interested in finding out if it is able to make up for the areas in which it doesn’t deliver, then continue reading. Begin by scrolling down a bit and clicking on the table of contents.

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Alpha Force Testo Overview

The primary focus of the dietary supplement Alpha Force Testo is increasing the natural production of testosterone within the body and improving user’s sexual performance, along with their physical and mental abilities. It aims to achieve these improvement by creating a more ideal ratio of hormones within the body. It utilizes a proprietary formula of ingredients that they state are all natural and safe for the consumer.

The product is manufactured by a Canadian company by the name of Alpha Force. It is sold in bottles containing 60 capsules and users are advised to take 2 capsules every day, so each bottle will last approximately one month. Through the product website it is sold for $89.41, but strangely, through Amazon the same product is sold for just $32.97.

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Alpha Force Testo Claims

The product website for Alpha Force Testo makes a clear list of claims regarding how the product is supposed to benefit users. The benefits include increasing free testosterone levels, promoting a healthy libido and better sexual performance, helping achieve faster recovery times, building lean muscle mass, and maintaining those muscle gains. The site only provides a brief overview of the product, so there is not much significant detail regarding how the benefits are achieved.

The overview states that the product is designed to “help you take charge of your health and improve performance – in, and out of the bedroom.” It intends to achieve this improvement in performance by using ingredients such as Tongkat Ali and Panax Ginseng, but doesn’t delve into any more detail than that. Despite the relatively small amount of information in total that the site provides, there are many claims but not much in the way of anything substantive. The claims made are pretty standard for a testosterone booster and male enhancement supplement.

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Alpha Force Testo Ingredients

As mentioned, the website for Alpha Force Testo provides consumers with a full list of ingredients that are used within their product, but beyond that there is not much information. The product uses a proprietary formula, so specific dosage information is not made available, and neither is the supplement facts label. As a result, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for users to have a firm grasp as to how the supplement will affect them. Here is the full list of ingredients that are included in Alpha Force Testo:

  • Tongkat Ali
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Lycopene
  • Fenugreek
  • Astaxanthin
  • Tribulus terrestris

Among the ingredients that are listed, there are several quality ingredients included within the formula. Tongkat Ali is a commonly used ingredient for boosting testosterone, while also working as an aphrodisiac that can improve the sexual performance of users. Tribulus terrestris is beneficial for allowing the body and mind to take better advantage of the free testosterone that already exists within the system, though it does not actually create any more testosterone. Saw Palmetto can be beneficial for the function of the prostate and urine flow, and is thought to be possibly effective in treating erectile dysfunction, though more research is needed.

On the other hand, the product also uses Fenugreek, which is an herb that can be used to treat digestive issues and treat diabetes and high cholesterol. Unfortunately, the ingredient also has the potential to create negative side effects such as diarrhea, bloating, headaches, and strange body odors.

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The Science Behind Alpha Force Testo

We have rarely come across many male enhancement supplements with so little specific information and the science behind the product is no exception. It seems the website forces visitors to provide them with specific contact information before allowing them to view relevant information about the product. What is made available is just a short, one paragraph overview of the product that make several claims regarding its effectiveness, but no actual science with which to back it up.

No figures, percentages, studies, or links to clinical information are provided by the site, which will leave potential consumers mostly in the dark as to what they would be ordering. This is troubling because it makes it seem as if the manufacturer is trying as hard as it can to not allow visitors to be informed about their product, and the natural assumption is that there is something that they do not want the public to know.

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Word on the Street About Alpha Force Testo

Fortunately for prospective consumers of Alpha Force Testo, there are several reviews available online that can inform them regarding the level of effectiveness that they can anticipate with the product. Currently on the product’s Amazon page there are 79 user reviews that are available to view. The reactions of users are a bit all over the place, but in general the feeling seems to be that there may be some value in using the product, overall it is not as reliable as one would hope.

What was concerning to us was that some users stated that they experienced negative side effects that prevented them from continuing to use the supplement. As one user stated, “The supplement made me feel lethargic and gave me splitting headaches. You should stay away.” There weren’t too many more complaints about side effects, but there were many consumers that expressed their disappointment with the performance of the product. Another consumer said “There weren’t any real noticeable differences that I experienced. I followed the instructions and used the entire bottle, but got nothing.

Based on the reviews that we saw, there is a chance that the supplement can provide some sort of benefit, but in general the results were far too inconsistent for consumers to anticipate beneficial results.

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Is Alpha Force Testo Worth a Try?

Because of the limited amount of verifiable information provided by the product site and tepid consumer reviews, we recommend that consumers look elsewhere for a male enhancement supplement. The product website for Alpha Force Testo is well-designed and more professional looking than many other male enhancement supplements, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that it doesn’t actually contain much information. Most concerning is the lack of any specific information regarding the ingredients that are used, including any look at the supplement facts label or specific dosage information for the ingredients that are used.

Another aspect of the product that we are concerned about is the price.

The product website does not offer a price for their product until consumers have already provided substantial information about themselves, including contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses. This is likely because the price is so high and by the time it is revealed to consumers the company already has their information, so they can continue send them information, offers, and push their product.

The consumer reviews we saw were not terrible, but they were not particularly strong either. The only thing that was consistent among the reviews were their inconsistency, which makes it nearly impossible for potential users to get a strong grasp regarding how the product will affect them.

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Alpha Force Testo vs No2 Power Blast

No2 Power Blast is a nitric oxide booster that is intended to be used pre-workout and allow the user to achieve their ideal physique. It differs from Alpha Force Testo in that its ingredients are almost entirely amino acids that are intended to work as vasodilators. There are some that recommend pairing the two supplements together for best results.

Alpha Force Testo vs Power Testo Blast

As the name suggests, Power Testo Blast is also a testosterone booster, but it uses a very different formula than Alpha Force Testo. While both supplements utilize Tongkat Ali, Power Blast Testo also uses sarsaparilla, boron, and orchic substances, none of which appear in Alpha Force Testo, and as a result there is less chance of negative side effects occurring with Power Blast.

Alpha Force Testo vs TestX Core

The goals of TestX Core are quite similar to those stated by Alpha Force Testo, as both supplements aim to increase lean muscle mass, libido, and stamina, but TestX Core is sold at a far higher price through Amazon. The key difference is that TestX Core provides more transparency regarding their ingredients and the dosages that are used, so users will have a better idea as to what they are putting into their bodies and the effects that it may have. Both supplements have received mixed reviews from consumers.

Alpha Force Testo FAQ

  1. Does the manufacturer of Alpha Force Testo provide a contact number?

There is a contact number provided to consumers who have questions or concerns regarding the product, and it is (855) 904-9282.

  1. What side effects should I be aware of when using Alpha Force Testo?

Based on the ingredients that are listed, some possible side effects that can occur when taking Alpha Force Testo can include nausea, constipation, vomiting, diarrhea, and bloating.

  1. Is a free trial of Alpha Force Testo offered to consumers?

There is a free trial of Alpha Force Testo that is offered, though it charges consumers $4.95 for shipping. The trial will last 18 days and once it is over the user will be charged the full price of the product through a credit card that they are required to provide.

  1. How do I cancel my enrollment in Alpha Force Testo’s auto-shipment program?

In order to cancel your account with the company, you must visit their website and click on “modify my account”. From there you can make the necessary adjustments to your account or cancel it entirely.

  1. What are some methods to get in touch with Alpha Force Testo’s customer service?

It seems that the primary method of getting in touch with customer service is through the phone number we discussed earlier. Aside from that, there is no email address that is provided, and though there is an address listed, it seems to be the address to the fulfillment center.

  1. What is the price for a month’s supply of Alpha Force Testo?

The price for a month’s supply of the product seems intentionally difficult to locate on the product website, and this likely because the price is quite high. After signing up for the trial, users are charged $89.41 for a month’s supply at the conclusion of the trial. That said, it can be purchased far cheaper through other vendors such as Amazon.

  1. Where can I find a full list of ingredients for Alpha Force Testo?

A full list of ingredients is provided through the product website, along with short descriptions regarding the ingredient’s intended functions. Unfortunately, no specific dosage information for the ingredients is provided.

  1. Is Alpha Force Testo sold through GNC or Amazon?

The product is not made available for purchase through GNC, but it is currently available through Amazon, and at a far cheaper price than what it is sold for through the manufacturer’s site.

  1. Where can I see reviews of Alpha Force Testo?

There are multiple places online through which reviews of Alpha Force Testo can be viewed, but the place with the most available reviews is the product’s Amazon page that currently features nearly 80 consumers reviews.

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