How to kill pinworms naturally without medication – 10 tips

Pinworms are tiny parasites which live in the human’s anus. At night, they crawl out to lay their eggs. The number of pinworms will increase. Transmission happens when children tend to put their fingers into their mouth. Moreover, pinworm’s eggs lodge under the human’s nails. If you do not wash your hand before eating, it will increase the risk of pinworm infestation. If not treated, this cycle will continue and be endless. It is important for us to know the causes in order to prevent pinworms in the future. Moreover, in this article, I would like to introduce to you effective techniques and home remedies on how to kill pinworms naturally without medication.

How To Kill Pinworms Naturally Without Medication – Effective Techniques & Remedies

Pinworms are the common infection which is caused by worm-like parasites. These parasites infect human’s intestines and cause rectal itching and difficulty to sufferers. Everyone from your children to your family members can be at risk of developing pinworms. You can see pinworms by your eyes because they are 2-13 mm long. They are white and similar to the worm. However, pinworm’s eggs are small. You will need a microscope to see it. It is easy for pinworm to infect and transmit from the person to person through eating, touching and ingesting. The symptoms of pinworms are unpleasant and bothersome to patients. They will cause itching and discomfort in the rectal or anal area. The reason why children are at highest risk of developing pinworms may be their bad habit of putting the fingers in the mouth and scratching their rectal or anal area. By scratching, the pinworm’s eggs will lie under the finger nails and they transport to the toy, bedding, and other family household. Putting their finger in their mouth or eating food without washing their hands will make the pinworms come back to them. The egg will hatch in the intestines and then increase in number. In small intestines, they mate, mature and progress in number. The number of pinworm’s eggs can be up to 10 to 15 thousand. Pinworms and other parasite worms such as threadworms or seatworms absorb the nutrients from the host animals. This infection is common in the US. Pinworm infection can spread from person to person. Pinworms can survive outside our body within two weeks. They lie in bedding, clothing and other items. When the adults and children scratch, the pinworms transport to their nails. The children put their fingers to their mouth and the adults do not wash their hand before eating and cooking. As a result, swallowing pinworm’s egg can lead to infection and reinfection. Commonly, the pinworms cause itching around the vagina and anus areas. Other symptoms of pinworm include upset stomach, irritability, insomnia, restlessness and loss of appetite. Several tests should be done in order to diagnose the pinworm infection. The doctor recommended that the good time to diagnose the infection is in the morning. In order to treat pinworm infection, the common treatment is the use of prescribed medication. However, medication and drug can cause a lot of side effects and problems to your health. Therefore, it is time for me to introduce to you on some effective techniques and home remedies on how to kill pinworms naturally without medication. If you concern, please read the article bellow to know more.

1. Change Your Diet:

how to kill pinworms-change your diet

A healthy diet will help you boost your immune system; therefore, your body can fight against the pinworm by itself. Another reason is that the pinworms can absorb all the nutrients from patients. Therefore, patients with pinworm need a healthy diet in order to boost the good bacteria growth. It is recommended to eat green vegetables and fresh fruits. You need to stay away from the carbohydrates and sugar foods. High fiber foods including whole wheat, raisins and bran are beneficial for immune system. The healthy diet will help good bacteria grow. It is the natural way on how to kill pinworms.

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2. Wash Your Hands With Soap Regularly And Cut Your Nails: 

how to kill pinworms-wash your hands with soap regularly and cut your nails

Because pinworm infection can be contagious; therefore, it is needed to keep your hands and fingers clean. Washing your hands with soap regularly before eating and cooking, cutting your nails are the second tip on how to kill pinworms naturally. This tip will prevent the pinworm from spreading to other people and becoming worse. When you wash your hands, you should scrub hands and fingers as well as your nails after urine, before eating and preparing foods. You need to make sure that all the pinworms that are stuck to the finger nails are removed completely.

3. Cleaning All The Items Regularly: 

how to kill pinworms-cleaning all the items regularly

The pinworms can live on the surface of items including towels, clothing and bedding; therefore, it is needed to clean all the items regularly as the way on how to treat pinworms. Clothes such as pants, pajamas and underwear need to be washed every day because of the duration of pinworms. Even when you took anti-parasite medication, you still should wash bedding on the first day of taking medication and every three days. After washing, use heat to dry all the items. The possible reason may be that the heat can kill off the pinworms on bedding, clothes and towels more effectively than any methods. Moreover, you should not fan the bedding when you change them. The reason may be that when you fan the blankets and sheets, it is easy for pinworm to transform into the air and spread to other surfaces and people.

4. Take A Bath Daily:

how to kill pinworms-take a bath daily

It is the third tip on how to kill pinworms that you should not ignore. You should take the hot bath or shower every day, especially when you suffer from this infestation. Taking a bath with warm water and soap will get rid of pinworms. Pay more attention to the areas around the anus. However you should scrub gently to avoid damage. Scientists have suggested that taking a bath in the morning has more benefits than taking a bath in the evening. However, it is recommended taking a shower instead taking a bath. The possible reason may be that shower can washing off all pinworms from your body and prevent pinworms from spreading to other parts of our body.

5. Scrub Contaminated Surfaces:

how to kill pinworms-scrub contaminated surfaces

In order to prevent the pinworms from reinfection, it is needed to scrub all the contaminated surfaces or items. You should clean toilet seats daily and scrub the counters and surfaces at least twice a month.

6. Get Rid Of Bad Habit of Scratching:

how to kill pinworms-get rid of bad habit of scratching

Scratching will make the symptoms of pinworms worse and even make the pinworms get stuck to your finger nails. Therefore, if you suffer from pinworm infection, you should avoid scratching as much as possible. Because you may scratch when you sleep, it is advised to wear gloves during sleep to avoid scratching. Cut your nail shot. The long nails increase the risk of developing pinworms because pinworms can live underneath the nails.

7. Eat High-probiotic Foods:

how to kill pinworms-eat high-probiotic foods

It is one of the tips on how to kill pinworms that you should not skip. Probiotics can increase the good bacteria in number and boost your immune system. As a result, it prevents the pinworms from developing. It is recommended consuming 250 ml yogurt daily. Another way is to take probiotic supplement. However, if you want to take probiotic supplement, you should consult the doctor and read the label instructions carefully in order to avoid any unwanted side effects.

8. Consume More Garlic In Your Diet: 

how to kill pinworms-consume more garlic in your diet

Garlic can work well as the natural home remedy on how to kill pinworms without medication. It can help to remove pinworms and other intestinal parasites from your body. Therefore, it is needed to increase the garlic seasoning in your meal. Another solution to treat pinworms is taking garlic capsule three times a day for several days when you get diagnosed with pinworm infection. The treatment is proven to be safe for your heath and it does not cause any side effects.

9. Eliminate Sugar Intake: 

how to kill pinworms-eliminate sugar intake

Sugar can make the pinworm infection worse. Therefore, you need to minimize or avoid any sugar products, especially the foods which contain high glucose. The possible reason may be that pinworms need sugar to produce energy. The more sugar you consume, the stronger pinworms are. As a result, it will spread faster and it is more difficult to treat completely. If you avoid consuming sugar products and foods, you will make them die naturally.

10. Try Apple Cider Vinegar Home Remedy:

how to kill pinworms-try apple cider vinegar home remedy

Apply Cinder Vinegar is the wonderful home remedy on how to kill pinworms. In order to use this treatment, you need to add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into a glass of warm water and drink it every day. The acidic properties in apple cider vinegar will expel the pinworms from your body naturally. Apple cider vinegar also helps you treat yeast infection and other infections

These are 10 techniques and home remedies on how to kill pinworms naturally without medication. I hope that you will find this article helpful and effective. For any questions you want to ask, please raise your voice by leaving your comments below. I am glad for your contribution and will answer all your questions as soon as I can.

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