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Soylent is a vegan-friendly drink made from a diverse blend of nutrients. The drink aims to provide users with the caloric equivalent of your average meal—however, this product wasn’t created as a weight loss tool.

Below, we’ll take a look at the specifics of Soylent, and find out whether or not it can actually work as a diet shake.

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Soylent Overview

Soylent is a shake that comes in an attractive bottle (or pouch) designed to appeal to millennial sensibilities. The product is marketed as this low-waste shake with a complete nutritional profile and made for people on the go more that those who want to lose weight.

The product is marketed via podcasts and other mediums and promises to be a shake that “hacks” mealtime—a convenient replacement for things like fast food you might buy when you’re starved and don’t have time to prepare a nutritious meal.

At a glance, the drink looks pretty good. This product contains 20 grams of protein, 25 micronutrients, 37 grams of carbs, and 21 grams of lipids. It also contains 400 calories per serving, bringing this closer to the counts you’d see in your average meal than a meal replacement shake.

That said, the internet is rife with experts sharing their thoughts on whether Soylent is actually a healthy food. It’s actually something of a debate—many nutritionists refute the claims that Soylent can replace food altogether (not EXACTLY the brand’s intention, but some have interpreted it as such). Others believe that the calorie count, plus the protein, carbs, and more, provide the sustenance needed to get through the day.

Based on our initial look through the website, the product appears to contain a lot of sodium and is high in both carbohydrates and calories—not exactly promising as a weight loss method.

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Soylent Claims

Soylent doesn’t really make any claims in regards to how it can improve your quality of life or help you lose weight. Rather, its sole purpose is to make food more “convenient.” The site contains a headline, entitled, “Food, reformatted.”

The product was created to help you avoid eating energy bars and beef jerky or worse on days where you don’t have enough time to grab a real meal. The carb counts, the fact that the product is made from soy, and that its high in calories, makes it an unlikely candidate for weight loss.

The makers of this product do claim that “food wastes more than just our time.” The product has a long shelf life and is made from plants, but beyond that, we’re not totally sold on switching over to a packaged drink to save the planet.

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Soylent Ingredients

The official website lists the main elements clearly, with graphics and a brief description.

The product contains 100% of your daily vitamin requirement, which is probably the most attractive benefit linked to the drink. Protein comes from soy protein isolate, which blends easily and comes with a strong amino acid profile.

Additionally, the product contains canola oil, a source of omega-3s, plus isomaltulose, a beet-sourced component that metabolizes slowly, offering sustained energy without any spikes in blood sugar.

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The Science Behind Soylent

The product relies on soy protein for the bulk of its benefits, plus slow-burning carbs sourced from beets.

With all the attention toward health and veganism, it’s somewhat surprising that this product contains soy protein isolate made from GMO soybeans.
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The site tries its darndest to put a spin on this fact—claiming that they are proud to use GMOs, making their case for GMO soy because of its potential to solve world hunger.

The FDA has warned that GMOs might cause food allergies, sterility, low birth weight, and other birth defects. Soy, in general, too may pose some risks for certain people. The plant has been linked to changes in estrogen levels. Soy does have some benefits, but most are linked to soy in its fermented form—think foods like tofu, tempeh, and miso.

Overall, the product is made out to seem like this new-age, vegan health food, but it’s just as processed as some of its less cool counterparts.
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The drink contains a high carb count— 41 grams per serving, plus 300 mg of sodium. In all, it doesn’t seem all that nutritious.

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Word on the Street about Soylent

This product has received a lot of buzz. The company has positioned the shake as a “disruptor” of food—which is an interesting idea, as most people don’t exactly want to eliminate eating from their daily routine. Still, many people found this product palatable and filling.

As we’ve mentioned the whole point of this product is to replace a whole meal. Most of the reviewers we came across did not buy this product with the hope of losing weight or suppressing their appetite. It’s a convenience drink. And it has the added benefit of being vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free, a viable option for people with food allergies.

The product reportedly tastes quite a bit like soy milk—which is not especially surprising, as the main ingredient is soy protein isolate.

A surprising benefit we found during our research is, this product seems to be a more palatable alternative to calorie replacement drinks you might get in the hospital.

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Is Soylent Worth a Try?

It depends on what you are looking for in a shake. Soylent contains about 33% of your recommended carb intake, plus 400 calories per serving. It also contains a pretty sizeable amount of salt–so overall; it’s not super diet-friendly unless you are exercising a lot.

According to the Soylent website, this drink was designed to be enjoyable to “eat,” and is loaded with the nutrients you’d ideally get from a meal.

The website never claims that the product was made to help overweight people who want to lose weight. Rather, the product is geared toward people who don’t have the time to prepare a healthy meal each day.

That said, the makers of Soylent aren’t telling people to replace most of their meals with the product. Instead, they’re saying; it’s a way to replace the so-called throwaway meals you might eat throughout the day–frozen burritos, limp salads at your desk, fast food, etc.

It may also be worth pointing out that this product is not a diet. Sure, you might be able to lose weight by swapping meals out in favor of Soylent, but that wasn’t the goal of the product.

The product contains a blend of protein, carbs, lipids, and micronutrients, essentially turning the shake into a one-step nutrition process.

In the end, we are looking at weight loss shakes and other diet-oriented products and Soylent doesn’t quite fit the bill.

Soylent FAQ

  1. Are there different types of Soylent?
    Yes. Regular Soylent comes in chocolate or original and can be ordered as a powder or as a ready-made drink. There’s also Soylent Café, which contains the same nutritional composition as the original drink, but adds caffeine and L-theanine to the mix. The idea is, you’ll get your coffee and you breakfast in one easy-to-drink bottle.
  2. Where can I find Soylent and what is the price?
    Soylent may be purchased through the official Soylent website. The product is available in a variety of packages that start at 12 drinks for each, and cap out at for 144 bottles.
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    The powder is sold in bulk. The smallest order you can place is for 35 meals. This package costs $64. On the other end of the spectrum, you can place an order for the equivalent of 280 meals for $512. Your first order comes with a free pitcher and scoop for easy mixing.
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  3. What’s in Soylent exactly?
    The basic version contains soy protein isolate, sunflower oil, isomaltulose (slow-burning carbs sourced from beets), and vitamins and minerals.

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So What Really Works?

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