Top 15 easy stair exercises at home

If you’re addicted to taking the lift in place of the stairs, you should give a second thought as you’re missing out a necessary part of the workout. From running and walking to climbing stairs, leg exercises aid you with the elementary activities. Therefore, even walking up as well as down the stairs gives an amazing workout to the body and also is an excellent way to burning calories along with getting toned legs. In this post, will talk about 15 easy stair exercises at home that can help you acquire optimum levels of fitness. The writing collected a list of stair exercises at home from reliable sources. To know more, keep reading!

15 Easy Stair Exercises At Home That Work

Given below are a few staircase workouts which can considerably help you to achieve a toned and healthy body.

1. Warm-Up

The stair exercises not that help you burn calories also help you reach a toned body. This is also one of the best stair exercises at home. One warm-up session is greatly important prior to start any workout. In order to prepare the muscles for one stair workout, you should perform the following movements:

  1. Walk up and down about 3-4 stairs at one slow and easy pace for around 3 minutes.
  2. Then, walk up these stairs at one fast pace for around 1 minute.
  3. After that, walk down these stairs at an easy pace for around 1 minute.

2. Stair Push-Ups

stair exercises at home - stair push-ups

This is also one of the easiest stair exercises at home. Especially, push-ups are also one of the most basic and common workouts for whatever exercise routine. They’re extremely beneficial for strengthening and toning your upper body. Generally, push-ups may be done by using your staircase, and we will show you how.


  1. Place both the hands on one step ahead of you.
  2. After placing your hands, achieve your push-up position accompanying your shoulders wide apart along with the body in line from the head to foot.
  3. Once you’re in this position, you bend the elbows and also try to get close to your ground until till arms create a 90-degree angle.
  4. Then, get back upward to your starting position. You may perform 15-16 reps.
  5. Also, you can modify the workout by placing one towel on your floor and performing the move on the knees.
  6. Also, you can perform decline push-ups by placing your feet on one stair and placing the hands on your ground below the first step. You should try one push-up in the position. You may make the levels tougher by putting the feet on higher stairs.

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3. Triceps Dips

stair exercises at home - triceps dips

Generally, triceps dips are also one of the best stair exercises at home. They tone and strengthen your upper arms. Also, the dips help in shaping the chest area.


  1. First of all, sit away from your staircase with the back straight facing the first stair.
  2. Put the legs in front of the body and the palms on the first stair.
  3. Then, while doing this, the body should be lifted from the ground. Bend the elbows such that the rear touches your ground. Thereafter, you do these triceps dip by pushing the body backward.

4. Stair Lunges

stair exercises at home - stair lunges

General speaking, lunges work effectively in building, strengthening and toning your lower body. Simply, you may do stair lunges in order to make the exercise more effective.


  1. To start with, stand 2 feet away from your first step of one staircase and place both your hands on the waist to help balance yourself.
  2. Once you have got the position, place the foot on the first step by holding your back straight.
  3. Then, bend both your knees till you achieve the right angle. Stay in this position for some seconds and later go back to the initial position.
  4. You repeat this with your other leg. You may repeat fifteen lunges with each leg.

5. Two-Footed Jump

stair exercises at home - two-footed jump

Typically, two-footed jump is good for improving leg power, strengthening the legs, and general conditioning.


  1. First of all, standing at the bottom of your stairs, slightly bend the knees and swing the arms backward as well as forward.
  • While swinging the arms forward, jump upwards in order to reach the next step. As you land on the following step, repeat this exercise constantly and continue with the action till you have performed as a lot of jumps as needed.
  • You can make the exercise tougher by keeping weights in the hands and jumping up 2 to 3 stairs at a time.

6. Stair Sprints

stair exercises at home - stair sprints

The anaerobic fitness exercises are very effective leg conditioners and calorie burners as well. They help in raising your body strength along with losing calories.


  1. You can perform the exercise by running up your stairs as fast as possible. You can make the exercise tougher by pumping the arms vigorously.
  2. Put your feet alternatively one by one on each step / after 2 or 3 steps at a time.
  3. Then, slowly walk back down your stairs and perform the expected number of repetitions.

7. One Leg Stair Squat

stair exercises at home - one leg stair squat

Generally, one leg squat is also a very good exercise in order to achieve toned strong legs. It is just about balancing.


  1. Stand near your flight of stairs and place your foot on the initial step of one staircase and the other on your floor.
  2. Then, bend the knee of the leg which is on the step as well as suspend your other foot straight in the air.
  3. After that, keep the hands straight as well as parallel to the ground for keeping balance.
  4. Keep bending the knee which is on the step till the thigh is parallel to that step.
  5. Once you achieve this position, keep for a few seconds and begin returning to your first position by putting pressure on your thighs.
  6. Now repeat the steps with your other leg.
  7. You may do around 15 repetitions.

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8. Split Squat

stair exercises at home - split squat

Commonly, the split squat is one form of squat which works on the lower body, making it toned and stronger. You can add dumbbells while you perform split squats.


  1. Stand straight about 2 feet away from your stairs in such one position that the back is facing your staircase.
  2. Then, with these stairs behind you, place the foot on the step at the back and allow your foot to rest on your toe behind you.
  3. Afterward, put your weight on your leg in front of you (your leg on the floor).
  4. Thereafter, begin bending the knee of the leg which is on the floor and hold bending until your thigh is parallel to your ground.
  5. By putting pressure on your heel of the bent leg get back to the initial position. Repeat the procedure with the other foot on the step. You may do up to fifteen repetitions for each leg.

9. Frog Hopping

stair exercises at home - frog hopping

This is also one of the easiest stair exercises at home. Frog hop provides strength and flexibility to your calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes and the leg muscles.


  1. Stand on your bottom step, and facing the staircase.
  2. Hold the legs shoulder width apart along with the hands on the sides.
  3. Then, start hopping on these steps with both the legs; hop in one squat position.
  4. Hold swinging the arms as you jump to keep the balance of the body. As you jump or hop, breathe out. You may repeat the exercise 3-4 times.

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10. Mountain Climber

stair exercises at home - mountain climber

Particularly, mountain climber exercise aids in strengthening some muscles of your body, and also improves cardiovascular health.


  1. Facing the staircase, place both the hands on the 2nd or 3rd step and stretch the legs behind you, as the position that you achieve while doing push-ups.
  2. The body should be in one straight line from the head to toe.
  3. Then, bring the right foot towards the right shoulder till the knee reaches the chest.
  4. Then return the right leg back to the first position. Do the same step with the other leg. You can do the exercises up to twelve reps, six with each leg. You do the reps without halting.

11. Bear Crawls

stair exercises at home - bear crawls

This is also considered as one of the best stair exercises at home. They’re beneficial for developing body strength and endurance as well.

How to do:

  1. You can begin off by bending forward and next placing the hands on your floor, using the hands and feet equally in order to support your weight.
  2. Move the opposite foot and hand and then remain on all fours.
  3. Now, while in this position, you crawl up the stairs.
  4. For one tougher workout, you may crawl down the stairs.
  5. Because there’s one great risk of falling, it’s recommended to exercise caution while you perform this workout.

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12. Stair-Intervals

stair exercises at home - stair-intervals

General speaking, stair intervals are one combination of walking, calisthenics and running. They stimulate the fat burning process as well as help grow all round muscular endurance together with aerobic fitness.


  1. First of all, you need to perform one set of calisthenic exercises such as push-ups, lunges, sit ups or squats on each landing.
  2. Or, you can also exercise with resistance bands, medicine balls or free weights.
  3. Just leave the needed equipment on each landing. Then, you need to perform one pre-determined number of steps while you reach each piece of equipment.

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13. Step-Up To Reverse Lunge

stair exercises at home - step-up to reverse lunge

As you know, lunges are great for the lower body fitness, and you may effectively perform them using your staircase.


  1. You can begin off by facing your stairs. While doing so, put the left foot on the 2nd step and the right leg on your floor behind you.
  2. Raising your right knee to the chest, rapidly move back to the first position.
  3. Now positioning the left leg to the right, step down on your floor with the left leg and perform one lunge.
  4. While doing so, put the right knee directly over the ankle.
  5. After that, step back up bringing the left knee towards the chest and come back to the initial position. Perform twelve reps on each side.

14. Wide Stance Push-Ups

stair exercises at home - wide stance push-ups

The workout is like to the stair push-up, excluding that the hands should be wider than the shoulders.


  1. As mentioned earlier, you get back into this push-up position with the hands placed wider than the shoulder width.
  2. Complete sixteen reps on the knees and toes. The workout is excellent for working out the chest muscles.

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15. Crossover Lunges

stair exercises at home - crossover lunges

Generally, crossover lunges are somewhat like to normal lunges. The exercise works on the lower body, legs and butts. It’s a total leg workout.


  1. In order to do crossover lunges, you cross over the left leg over the right and climb 2 steps this way.
  2. Then, switch the legs and again climb 2 steps.
  3. Once you attain the final step, come down jogging.
  4. You may repeat 6 times or thirty reps with each leg.

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Safety Recommendations:

  1. It’s highly recommended to consult the health supervisor prior to incorporating any of these exercises in the routine if you meet any health issue.
  2. Do exercises according to the capability.
  3. If you suffer from any pain during the process of any workout, end performing that exercise constantly. You can continue when the pain subsides.
  4. Perform exercise with ease. You should avoid giving jerks or stressing your body or doing steps rapidly.
  5. While doing any exercise, care for your clothing and footwear as well. The wrong or ill-fitted shoes can have one negative effect on the feet or body.
  6. Sometimes you might suffer from muscle soreness after one workout. You can avoid it by stretching yourself after exercising to relax your muscles.
  7. If you’re a beginner, ensure you initialize slowly as the body isn’t aware of the postures as well as cause a negative effect. Thus, proceed with ease and raise the time as well as intensity gradually.
  8. Workouts may lead to dehydration, so make sure to drink water prior to, after and during doing the exercises.

To get more information related to useful exercises for everybody, go to our main Fitness page. After studying the writing of 15 easy stair exercises at home, hope that this article will help you learn more some easy and simple stair exercises. If you have any question or comment, please leave them below, I will respond you as soon as possible. Also, you can share your experiences with us if you know other stair exercises at home.

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