28 Healthy Foods For Dogs To Eat At Home – Change Your Pet’s Diet Now

healthy foods for dogs review

Updates: 05/17/2024

A healthy dog can have clear bright eyes, clean teeth, brilliant coat sheen, good breath, and playful happy attitude. Unluckily, many of our dogs are unhappy, unhealthy, and they can get many health problems like allergies, diabetes, and cancer. All the holistic veterinarians trust that the caned and harmful ingredients in almost dog foods lead to bad health problems, and they suggest that all the dog owners should provide some kind of the natural and healthy foods for dogs to eat at home, which can improve the good health for your lovely dogs.

28 Healthy Foods For Dogs To Eat At Home – How To Feed Your Dog Right

If some of you want to feed your own dogs the natural and healthy foods, you should check out this complete list to find out the best healthy food for dogs. There are some easily, healthy obtainable choices straight from your local market.
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Moreover, you can discover some cautions about food that you need to keep in your mind. You should choose the balanced and complete meal which can keep your dog healthy. All readers can keep reading this blog to find out the best healthy foods for dogs. healthy foods for dogs review

1. Rice

Rice stays on the tops of healthy foods for dogs. This kind of food is good to add in healthy food recipes when dogs have the upset tummy and wants a bland healthy meal. You can find various and different types of the good rice. The brown healthy rice is high in protein, low in all fats. This type of rice has more vitamins and supplements than other white rice. Moreover, the white or any instant rice contain the easy digestible carbohydrate which can turn into energy for all dogs’ activities.

2. Green Beans

Green beans are high in fiber and vitamin A, but low in calories. This is a kind of healthy food which can help dog treat bad digestive issues, and boost dog’s immune system.

3. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is rich in protein, and healthy fats, vitamin E, vitamin B 1 and B12. Stuff peanut butter can create the energy for dogs in many hours.

4. Oatmeal

Oatmeal can be a good source of fiber, which is beneficial for senior dog with the bowel irregularity issues. This is alternate grain for wheat if your dogs don’t like wheat. Oatmeal needs to be cooked well before feeding your dog.

There are 11 healthy foods for your dog which can improve your dog’s health. If you think these are useful information, you can share it for other people. Moreover, you can check out self help dog training program to learn about how to train dog in the short way.

Alternatively, you can choose the processed foods for your dogs that will save time to prepare. Here is the best dog food formula you should use for your dog.

5. Cheese

Cheese can be the best food which can prevent lactose intolerant in your dog. When choosing cheese for your dog, you should buy the low fat varieties such as Cottage cheese.

6. Yogurt

healthy foods for dogs canYogurt is one of the best healthy foods for dogs with the great source of protein and calcium which are good for dogs’ bone and teeth. The active bacteria in yogurt contain good probiotic for the digestive system of your dogs.. However, you should choose the kinds of yogurts without artificial sweeteners or sugar. You can check out online grooming school guide, and the online dog trainer guide

7. Brewer’s Yeast

Brewer’s yeast is left over from the process of making alcohol. All the dogs really like the tangy taste of this brewer’s yeast. This is one of healthy foods for dogs with the full package of B complex vitamins which are very good for skin, coat of the dogs. These vitamins are responsible for carbohydrate metabolism. The dog owners must make sure that they are using the brewer’s yeast which is available at the health food shops. The brewer’s yeast will spice up the dog’s appetite.

8. Meat And Other Animal Products

You should know that many raw healthy food meals are high in fat excessively, which can cause the obesity. The potential hazard of the diets containing a lot of fat is also good for your dog, because if you restrict the amount fed too much to control your dog’s weight, your dog can suffer the deficiencies of many required nutrients.

Unless the dogs get some regular and intense exercise, you should use the lean meats, remove the skin from poultry, and cut off the separable fat. It is a better way to feed the dark meat poultry for your dogs than breast, however. These kinds of boneless meats like poultry or red meat can be good for dog’s heart. healthy foods for dogs help

9. Raw Meaty Bones

The owner can choose raw meaty bones for your dogs, and they should about make up 1/3 to1/2 of the total dog’s diets. You can use the lower bony parts, such as chicken backs and necks, but you must feed more if you want to use primarily meatier parts like chicken thighs.

10. Fish

Salmon is a fatty fish which is high in omega- 3 fatty acids. Salmon contains tasty and good fat which supports dog’s immune system, and benefits your dogs with the allergies. However, the raw salmon contains a parasite which makes dog sick, so you should cook it well before feeding your dogs. Other kinds of fish can provide vitamin D, which is responsible for dog’s strong bones. Some canned fish with bones like the sardines, the pink salmon, and the jack mackerel, can be the good choices for dog’s owners. Remember that, you should remove all the bones from these fishes when you want to put it in your healthy cooking meals, and do not feed your dog with raw Pacific salmon, and trout. You should feed some small amounts of these good fish daily or some larger amounts of these once per week.

Alternatively, you can choose the processed foods for your dogs that will save time to prepare. Here is the best dog food formula you should use for your dog.

11. Liver

The liver is always available freeze-dried in almost pet stores and this healthy food is a good training treat. You should buy the fresh one in the local grocery store to feed dogs at home. Fresh liver will be cooked and then baked to make your meal. The liver is a great source of B complex vitamins (such as Thiamin, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Riboflavin, and Folic acid), Vitamin K and Vitamin A. this food is a excellent source of iron. If you eat too much liver, you can be toxic to you because of the high level of vitamin A content.

12. Boiled Chicken With Brown Rice

Boiled chicken with brown rice can help dogs’ stomach feel more comfortable because this kind of food is easily digestible. However, you should know that chicken can cause itching or diarrhea in your dogs, so you should cook the chicken well with pepper and salt. You need to avoid adding more onion or garlic to your dog foods.

13. Eggs

Eggs are high level of digestible protein, selenium and riboflavin. Adding some eggs to dog food can be the good way to treat the digestive issues. However, you should make sure that you cook whole egg well because the raw eggs can make biotin deficiency.

14. Pumpkin

Pumpkin contains a high level of fiber, beta-carotene, and vitamin A. It is very tasty while helping all digestive issues.

healthy foods for dogs to eat

15. Sweet Potatoes

The sweet potatoes are good sources of the fiber, vitamin B6, beta carotene, vitamin C, and the manganese. These kinds of healthy foods for dogs are good sliced and healthy dehydrated as a chewy treat for the dog. There are many dog foods in the local market that you often overlook the healthy, simple, and reasonably priced foods.

Alternatively, you can choose the processed foods for your dogs that will save time to prepare. Here is the best dog food formula you should use for your dog.

16. Baby Carrots

Baby carrots contain fiber, vitamin A and calcium which are good for dogs’ bone, and teeth. Moreover, baby carrots are low in calorie which is not good for dog health.

17. Apple Slices

Apples can be an amazing crunchy food for all dog. Apples contain good plant chemicals (phytonutrients) which can protect you and your dog from some cancers or heart disease. This fruit is high in fiber and vitamins A and C, which is good for healthy and quick meals for your dogs. However, apple seeds contain cyanide which is not good for your dog.

18. Banana

Banana is high in the potassium, and it is great for dog’s blood vessel function and muscle. It is good for regulating acidity of the body fluids. Banana contains the fiber which is a handy and healthy home remedy for all the occasional bout of your doggy diarrhea and constipation. You can find out magnesium in banana which is important for the energy transport and the protein building in dog’s body. This fruit has lots of pyridoxine or Vitamin B6, which can help metabolize the proteins and regulates the blood cell function so dog’s blood will bring a lot of oxygen to dog’s brain and his muscle. They contain Vitamin C, and antioxidant that can protect all the cells and support build the cartilage.

19. Cantaloupe

healthy foods for dogs with cantaloupeMany dogs love this fruit. Let your pet try cantaloupe and he maybe get addicted to it. In fact, cantaloupe is food for human that is high in various vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, beta carotene, and minerals such as niacin, potassium, folate and fiber. These agents help boost eyesight and prevent the risk of cell damage and cancer.

20. Spinach

Spinach is a green leafy vegetable that is rich in iron as twice as other vegetables. Spinach is a good option for pets as it can help fight off cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory and even cancer in dogs.

21. Blueberries

Blueberries are packed with resveratrol as an anti-cancer property and heart disease fighter. Besides, tannin presents in blueberries also proven to prevent the urinary track infection.

Alternatively, you can choose the processed foods for your dogs that will save time to prepare. Here is the best dog food formula you should use for your dog.

22. Rosemary

Rosemary contains iron, calcium, fiber, anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants, plus several phytochemicals that work to enhance immune function. Wash fresh rosemary; add some rosemary leaves to foods. Dogs eat pears like a natural healthy snack, however, remember to remove the seeds before feeding dogs since the seeds are toxic to canines and make dogs get sick. 23. Pretzels Pretzels are always good for dog’s tastes and they are essential like bread. But remember that unsalted pretzels are healthier to toss your pets than salted or high-sodium varieties.

24. Watermelon

If you want to add lycopene to your dog’s meals, watermelon is the best source of that. The benefits of watermelon do not stop there. Give your dog pieces of watermelon and this summer fruit will fulfill him tons of healthy minerals, fiber and vitamins. 25. Asparagus Cut asparagus into bite-size pieces, this vegetable makes a great veggie option for dogs due to a high source of vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, together with copper, fiber, iron, potassium and manganese.

26. Brussels Sprouts healthy foods for dogs with brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin K, vitamin G, manganese, fiber, folate and potassium so that this food is beneficial for your dog to eat. Do not stop him eat Brussels sprouts if he like this great food.

27. Unsalted Popcorn

Kids love popcorn and dogs like this snack, too. However, don’t forget to toss your dog unsalted popcorn as this food provides dogs with magnesium, phosphorous, calcium.

Accordingly, popcorn helps build strong bones and relieve stomach upset in dogs. According to vets, 2 cups of popcorn are good for dogs to eat per day, but skip butter and salt out of popcorn or choose no-salt popcorn at dog food stores to feed your dog.
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28. Fruit Salad

Instead of feeding your dog a single fruit each time, why don’t you make a salad made of different fruits? I’m sure that this salad will attract dogs more than a boring fruit option like a whole banana or a few slices of cantaloupe. The salad can include all the fruits mentioned above such as apples, blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, bananas, even yogurt and so on. There are more and more other food options for your dogs. In this article, I have just shown you the top 28 healthy foods for dogs to eat at home which can help to protect your dog health and increase their long life.

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Alternatively, you can choose the processed foods for your dogs that will save time to prepare. Here is the best dog food formula you should use for your dog.

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