Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The poor return policy, claims made without evidence, mixed reviews, and decent but simple formula prevent this from being a top ranked male enhancement. Nowhere do you get any evidence that it actually works, and the company does not offer a return on any opened bottles. Learn about what this product has to offer by examining our table of contents section underneath.

There’s a lot of different brands we reviewed and out of all the male enhancement products available, these top 10 impressed us the most.

Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls Overview

The claims made by the official website are what you’d expect from the most basic of testosterone boosting products. This is meant to produce general improvements to male sexual health as well, but the research to support any of the claims are lacking. They don’t even give a simple explanation to suggest what kinds of gains are possible.

The company also has some questionable possible side effects which are often most associated with stimulants, which is odd since none are added. The reviews were also too mixed to consider it over other brands. It’s just too basic and not at all impressive. This may be why they sell it for so cheap.

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Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls Claims

A short 18 second commercial says that this will boost lean muscle mass, size, libido, and all without side effects. They don’t explain what they mean by:

“start getting huge”

It’s not described whether they’re talking about either penis size or muscle mass. Their commercial has a woman in lingerie which makes it appear as if it’s meant for penis size but they don’t outright say this. This makes it difficult to truly understand what this supplement is meant for.

Their website does mention that it can have deliver fast results for naturally enhanced testosterone however. This is also made to give results which are noticeable since it’s meant to be felt by the body.

Another intended benefit is helping to resist the effects estrogen has on the body, which can also make testosterone more effective.  That’s pretty much all the information given, no actual evidence testimonials or any scientific proof is provided. They even fail to give an example of what this can offer the body in specific terms, only suggestions are made.

The supplements facts list advises taking 2 capsules daily about 30 minutes before exercise or without exercise. Typical to supplements like these, they recommend seeking medical support if there are any heart, thyroid, or blood pressure issues. It’s also recommended to:

“discontinue… if nervousness, tremors, sleepless…. occur”

It’s also recommended to never take more than the 2 capsule limits. They fail to mention why certain side effects would require no longer supplementing. This may be because this may be the early warning signs of a serious issue.

No money back return is offered on any opened bottles. For 30 days you can return the bottle as long as it is unopened. They do say that they:

“have not had one return”

This isn’t very impressive since they only allow returns for unopened bottle anyway. It’s strange that they would push this as if it’s a sign of quality; it just means customers aren’t able to return a used bottle.

They feature an award from “Planet Muscle” for their 2024 best of the best awards/ It’s unknown what criteria they had to win this award. No information was available online to prove that they won this award, or how they won it. It’s unclear how it was ever decided on. Another unverified claim is that it has appeared in the following magazines:

◦Rolling Stone – Music magazine.

 ◦ Men’s Fitness – Actual exercise and wellness advice.

 ◦ Planet Muscle – Men’s bodybuilding and workout tips.

◦ American Curves – Sexual health and tips.

But the fact they were featured there does not mean it was ever recommended, this can also mean that they paid for advertisement which with enough money, almost any company can do this.  They like to do this a lot with their suggestive material and half-truths, all to make it seem a lot better than it actually is. It’s not necessarily a lie, but it’s very deceptive and gives the impression you’re getting something completely different.

It’s possible to get a boost in libido and overall testosterone; to help explain which brands are best we completed a top 10 list.

Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls Ingredients

  • Niacinamide
  • Zinc Oxide

Wrecking Balls Extreme Proprietary Blend, 1200 mg

  • Cnidium 4:1
  • Muira Puama
  • Longjack Extract
  • Oat Straw Extract
  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Wild Yam
  • Royal Jelly
  • Dodder Extract
  • Damiana
  • Chrysin
  • Tribulus Terrestris

A lot of different aphrodisiacs and testosterone boosting ingredients are used. Muira Puama and Tribulus Terrestris both are popular aphrodisiacs used to boost sexual desire and sexual abilities. It puts you in the mood and more likely to stay stimulated when aroused.

Chrysin was most often used in ancient Chinese medicine for its plant medical qualities. This was used to prevent erectile dysfunction and to also boost sexual performance.

Damiana is another plant aphrodisiac that is used for its ability to enhance sexual desire whole preventing stress hormones from affecting the body as strongly.

For testosterone improvement they add Oat Straw, Wild Yam, Royal Jelly, and Saw Palmetto.  The same kinds of effects are possible by the addition of the two minerals, Zinc and Niacin.

For inactive ingredients most of it is basic but they also decided to add Blue #1, an unnecessary and artificial food coloring which would have been better avoided.

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The Science Behind Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls

The biggest flaw with their website is them failing to provide any real science. They make claims which some of which may be true with the kinds of ingredients used, but they really should have given customers the ability to understand what they’re getting into.

The added dodder seed was sued in traditional medicine but there is little information about it being proven. Web MD specifies that the only known possible benefit is that it may product laxative benefits; they also question its safety because:

“There isn’t enough information”

This is another reason why it would have been helpful if the company explained why they added this ingredient to Wrecking Balls.

Chrysin is also included which is an extract from bee pollen which only works to boost testosterone in a very strange way. Examine looked into it and they say it only has an effect if it’s

“injected into the testicles”

It won’t deliver any benefits unless you get a straight injection.

Royal Jelly is another extract made by honey bees which has trace minerals but Web MD has dismissed it by saying there is a lack of science to support it. It may also cause allergies to those which show in symptoms like asthma, swelling, and even death.

A lot of the other ingredients do have some good science to support their use, but it’s important to look out for side effects especially when there were customers who had to stop taking it. The back of the label even mentions certain stimulant side effects which we can’t figure out why, since they don’t add any stimulants. It’s unclear what specific ingredient is responsible for these possible effects.

Each daily serving provided a total of 113% of niacin which is a common issue we see in brands. For unknown reason companies like to add more than a dally serving of certain nutrients. Most of it is likely to get passed out through urine, but in excess it can lead to side effects.

The Blue #1 or Brilliant Blue FCF as its known is a problem. This is only included for the purpose of making the pills look partially blue. It’s never properly absorbed which is why it often colors stools blue. The FDA even mentioned how this could cause side effects which were seen in people who took this in excess. It caused serious symptoms including inflammation, bowel disease, toxicity, and trauma,

Our review concluded that for male enhancement there are no better solutions than the brands in this list.

Word on the Street about Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls

“no change in muscle mass but I did like the fact it gave me good boost in energy”

“Not sure what you’re expecting but this completely failed to live up to the hype”

“I didn’t finish a bottle because it failed to offer any real support for my needs”

“Can take some time for it to kick in but once it did it elevated my heart rate. Good for sexual performance but damn it if didn’t make my heart race”

Most users said they used it to complement their workouts. For some it did promote better results, but not everyone enjoyed it. There were a few who said it didn’t do a single thing. Side effects were also an issue for some since it had stimulant like effects. If customers do have these kinds of symptoms the manufactures suggest stopping or reduce the dosing strength.

The elevated heart rate was a serious issue which we don’t fully understand how it could have happened when there’s no stimulants added. This is an issue that the company never address in order to help people understand how it could have caused this effect.

The consensus was clear and for real male enhancement we see no better options than the following top rated products.

Is Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls Worth a Try?

There are better solutions out there which are more favored by customers. The possible side effects and need to discontinue use are very strange considering it had stimulant like ingredients. This wouldn’t be strange if it went that no stimulants of any kind are added. The company also does not have any return policy for unopened bottles.

Much of their marketing makes it appear to be better than it actually is. They claim this was featured in magazines, but it may mean they paid for advertisement. Supposedly they never had a customer make a return, but they also admit returns are only offered for unopened bottles. It’s claimed that size will increase and they make it appear sexually suggestive, but it may truly mean muscle mass.

This also has some ingredients which are not proven like chrysin and royal jelly. These 2 ingredients may cause side effects. The rest of the formula is decent but it’s reduced in quality with the use of 113% of zinc and blue food coloring. Some customers said it made them feel worse, and side effects were an issue for some.

No science is ever provided either, making it the user’s responsibility to learn more about what this can actually offer. It’s very poor and not what you’d expect to find in a functional male enhancement product.

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Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls FAQ

  1. Does Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls cause side effects?
    On the label there is a warning that it may result in side effects including loss of appetite, nausea, tremors, sleeplessness, and nervousness. They recommend stopping use or reducing the amount it if this occurs. Some customers did complaint about rapid heart rate, jitters, and nausea. This was such a problem that it forced some to stop using it regularly.
  1. What are some Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls consumer reviews?
    There were mixed experiences. While some did say it improved their results in the gym, there were also users who had to deal with side effects and no effects at all. People mostly used it to improve their work outs, so you rarely heard any information on whether or not it had an effect on sexual drive.
  1. What can you tell me about Vigor Labs Wrecking Balls?
    It’s lacking as a male enhancement and general virility supplement. The feedback was not always positive and it may cause side effects which would mean users cannot keep using it. The ingredients are decent and it’s hard to tell why there were stimulant side effects for some. The website fails to give much information so it’s impossible to know if they actually review any science.

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So What Really Works?

Our research showed that the best support for natural male enhancement comes from Viritenz. We looked at tits dosage strength, customer reviews, the types of ingredients used, and the company history and concluded it offered the best support. The benefits for sexual health, blood flow, testosterone, and vigor can improve men’s overall vitality.

This can translate into a better performance in the gym and overall libido for support a health sexual drive. The support given to customers was good enough where people said they have continued to use it regularly. The company that makes it provides a good seal of approval by making it in a facility that is approved by the FDA. There’s a lot to like about this supplement which is why we rated it as the best of the year. Read more on the specifics which help explain Viritenz further by clicking on the clink.

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