ADDTabz Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The heavy use of stimulants and the highly controversial FTC investigation into the company make it a risky purchase. No evidence is ever given on the official website either. To see what we uncovered about ADDTabz, check out our full breakdown.

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ADDTabz Overview

ADDTabz is a nootropic supplement that is heavy reliant on stimulants and cheap extracts. The name itself is also modeled after Adderall, though they do admit it should not be used as a substitution for the actual medication.

The problems with this heavy stimulant formula lies in the fact that the company is untrustworthy, and we don’ know the full caffeine content. They decided to add cheap food coloring, and their claims are never supported by proof.

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ADDTabz Claims

It’s suggested this can affect:

  • Focus
  • Comprehension
  • Mental clarity
  • A clean source of energy
  • Support for home or work use

They recommend taking it on an empty stomach early in the day to prevent sleep loss. They even say that potential side effect may be weight loss. It’s also suggested that some may lose sleep and that it should be taken with enough water and early in the day to prevent these problems.

They don’t actually back it up with any studies or testimonials, but they do make it simple to understand.

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ADDTabz Ingredients

  • Folic Acid
  • Cytidine diphosphate-choline Sodium Salt
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Synephrine Hydrochloride
  • Choline Bitartrate
  • Octopamine Hydrochloride

Octopamine Hydrochloride is a kind of Synephrine which is used for energy, weight loss, and for its stimulant like effects. This is a counterpart to the added Synephrine Hydrochloride, a natural extract that is known as bitter orange, it’s also used for its stimulant like effects.

Caffeine Anhydrous is an often used stimulant that is processed in a way to make the caffeine easier to absorb. The amount added is unknown, so we can’t know for certain if it’s safe to use.

Cytidine diphosphate-choline Sodium Salt is known more simply as citicoline, and it is found in cell membranes. This is used to prevent the loss of memory formation and general cognition.

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The Science Behind ADDTabz

We don’t know what kind of research went into the making of this, as the official website fails to provide studies or citations. They do make it clear that this should be related and only taken early in the day, but other than this there are only claims.

You can’t really get a good understanding for what this may do with repeat use. All that we know is that they use 3 different stimulants in a 5 ingredient blend at 375 mg. It may mean a majority of it is heavy on the stimulants, raising the risk for potential side effects. Supplements should at the very least give a basic idea on how much caffeine they’re using, instead of making it impossible to research.

We’d hope to see more data to be able to really understand what this could offer.
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As it stands the information is far too limited to draw any conclusions. It’s just not likely safe to take these many stimulants all in a sitting for cognition, it’s not a reliable way to boost brain power.

Word on the Street About ADDTabz

The company has had some changes done and as such, there’s only a single place to buy it. Because of this there is no way to look up 3rd party websites which may have reviews. Fortunately on different websites there is discussion about this supplement:

“not good at all and the company is knowingly lying about the effects”

“Just a beefed up amphetamine caffeine pull”

“Just like any kind of caffeine pill, it may make you focus but you could find the same results for cheaper elsewhere”

“Had really bad mood swings that made it hard to function, I felt much worse”

The complaints were often the same and related to stimulant like side effects. Strangely enough it also effected mood greatly, and it made some irritable and angry for no reason. There weren’t any positive reviews from any legitimate source either, only negative experiences.

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Is ADDTabz Worth a Try?

It’s highly suggested that you avoid this. We don’t see the value in taking a blend of stimulants in an unknown amount from a questionable company. They have been targeted by the FTC and were said to have had false claims and deceptive practices which made them untrustworthy.

They were also called out by the Better Business Bureau for making unverified medical claims which were not backed by any listed science. The company now has an F rating and unresolved issues which make it impossible to trust them.

The supplement itself is also highly questionable since they never provide any proof that it works.

Nootropics that actually work are available, such as the top 10 rated brands here.

ADDTabz vs Adderall

Adderall is a well-known prescription given to those suffering from ADHD and narcolepsy. Even though this is the intended purpose, it’s sometimes used as a nootropic for focus and energy. This should not be used for this purpose however as it would be illegal and potentially unsafe.

This has to be regulated in order to prevent addiction and both physical and mental effects.

ADDTabz vs Modafinil

Modafinil is a strong prescription drug that is used to help with sleep related issues. This is sometimes taken for general cognition, though because it’s a prescription, it should not be used for this purpose. The FDA has given it a schedule 4 label, suggesting that it may be abused and that it can be potentially dangerous.

ADDTabz vs AdderRx

AdderRx was marketed as an “alternative to ADHD”, but because they could not prove this they had to change their marketing and they came up with a slightly different formula. The strange thing about this is that they didn’t do much to change it form the old version, other than the name change. This supplement also relies heavily on stimulants which may be dangerous.

ADDTabz vs OptiMind

The basic nootropic formula in OptiMind makes it a very standard supplement. The company decided to add a fairly high amount of caffeine, making it impossible to rely on consistently without it possibly causing addiction and withdrawals. You also aren’t supposed to take this too late in the day, otherwise insomnia is possible.

ADDTabz vs Adrafinil

Adrafanil was used in France in order to help support overall wakefulness and alertness. It was most often outside of this purpose for people ho had trouble falling asleep and keeping production. The original company decided to stop making it, though it’s still sometimes sold on the black market illegally.


  1. Where can I buy ADDTabz?
    The only available source is their official website.
  1. Can I get ADDTabz at Amazon?
    They no longer sell it on Amazon.
  1. Is ADDTabz sold at Walgreens?
    You won’t be able to get it there.
  1. What are the ADDTabz ingredients?
    This has folic acid, octopamine hydrochloride, choline tartrate, Synephrine hydrochloride, caffeine anhydrous, and cytidine diphosphate-choline sodium salt.
  1. Where can I get ADDTabz for sale?
    You can only find it on their official website.
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  1. Is ADDTabz available at Walmart?

    This is not sold at Walmart.
  1. Is ADDTabz sold at CVS?
    No sales are offered by CVS.
  1. Is there an ADDTabz free trial?
    They do not offer a free trial at this time.
  1. What are some ADDTabz experiences?
    There were mixed reviews, some said it offered no support.

So What Really Works?

A reliable and top performing nootropic that we favored most was Memotenz. There were a lot of great expectations for the kinds of ingredients used, and the customer reviews confirmed that it’s a reliable supplement. We also looked at the kinds of effects it could deliver, and noted that it could impact how users feel, how they process information, their recalling of information, and overall cognition.

The great feedback was consistent as many said it gave them a more than noticeable boost. People had a better time dealing with their stress as well as fatigue, and it’s all made with natural ingredients only. For a much more detailed look into the possible benefits Memotenz can provide click here.

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