Top 16 Powerful Motocross Riding Tips For Beginners!

motocross riding tips

Motocross is arguably the most common form of off-road motorized sports. This information has been put together in an effort to help those people who love motocross improve their strength and conditioning as well as riding techniques by creating their own home motocross strength training plan. There are so many ways to help you, as a motocross enthusiast, develop your overall conditioning and boost your flexibility and coordination. However, not every way is suitable for you. In this article, I am glad to introduce simple motocross fitness training tips that require no special equipment from you. Although 16 motocross riding tips in this report are designed for motocross athletes, they also appropriate for all athletes and fitness people who want to improve their conditioning and strength fast. Check the tips for motocross races out now!

16 Motocross Riding Tips – Become A Professional Motocross Racer Instantly

1. Keep The Hands On The Grips

motocross riding tips download In case that you are not showing off some freestyle tricks mid air, then you should always keep the hand on the handlebar grips. If not, you need to mobilize much effort when applying the clutch or brake.

Also, you need to take time to force yourself to use one finger or two on the clutch. Once do this, you can have ability to stably control over your bike.

Check some simple grips training tips out with grip authority guide.

2. Regular Riding

This is considered as one of the best motocross riding tips currently. By doing this, you will improve your motocross fitness. However, the problem here is that you hardly find the time as well as money to do it. If possible, you will be able to strengthen the muscle in your forearm effectively.

3. Stretch The Forearms Before Riding

Stretching is one of indispensible part of any motocross fitness regime. It can help you pay attention to different parts of your body so that you can do the best work.

motocross riding tips program

All you need to do is sitting on the bike, then put the hands in front of your body as if you are stopping traffic. Put your hands below the handlebars’ level and put your fingers’ tips against the grips. After that, press your grips. As a result, you will feel a feeling of stretching in the muscles underside your forearms.

You can check out some simple-to-follow strength training workouts with tactical gymnastics and exercise routines for developing strength with turbulence training.

4. Avoid Wearing Tight Gloves

 In order to do get the best result of riding, you need to ensure that the wristbands of the gloves you use are not tight. Similarly, the cuffs of the riding jersey should not too tight. If not, the gear around your wrists can restrict the blood flow.

5. Control Set-Up

Remember to ensure the controls are set up appropriately. The regulation is that you need to have the brake and clutch lever in line with the forearms when attacking the position. If you have them in the wrong position, you will be hard to reach as well as mess the body positioning up.

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6. Exercise The Forearms

The best exercise for your forearm is to hold a squeeze ball and clench the hands before releasing. It is better if you can do this until the forearm begins feeling the ache, then you swap your hands. Or, you can apply this by using a boxing speedball. By this way, you can strengthen your upper body parts; improve endurance as well as general motocross fitness.

7. Muscular Endurance

As normal, race usually takes place over multiple laps that will test your endurance to the potential limit. So, in order to do that, you need to exercise your muscles for adapting the challenge. Performing circuit training is a great way to help you do that. Choose about ten exercises like squats, sit-ups, and jump rope. Perform all of those exercises without resting in order. Each exercise can be lasted about 30 seconds initially. Then, you can increase the time spent on each one once getting fitter.

8. Crossing Training

When you do not have to go racing, in your spare time, try to swim, cycle, skip, or run in soft sand. This will be beneficial for your cardiovascular system and improve your strength. All of these exercises are low-impact; thus, they will cause less damage to the joints and ligaments as well. Especially, the cost for doing them is not too much.

9. Breathing Precisely

This seems so surprise to the majority of you. But, in fact, this can help you perform better out on the track. Breathing is a fundamental function of human body; nevertheless, very few of you pay attention to it. If you breathe improperly, you will deprive your body of vital oxygen which results in ineffective muscle use, low energy, and distractions.

It is necessary for you to practice breathing deeply by filling up the lungs. Do this and see how clear and relaxed you will become.

10. Warm Up 

motocross riding tips for men

Warming the body up before racing is essential for every athletes, in general, and motocross, in particular. You might not have even thought about it, but it can bring a great different to your performance. You can walk or do other kinds of exercise before starting the race, this can help you increase your heart rate and boost your blood flowing. Also, your muscles will be ready for the effect of racing.

11. Watch Race Tapes

The majority of athletes usually watch the recording of their game to analyze their performance. Doing this can help you get an insight to how you worked. This information will support you in training better and developing strength for efficiency. Moreover, watching your recordings also helps you check out the opponents and discover their weaknesses.

12. Practice During Practice

Do not waste your time on practicing by just focusing on getting as many as laps as you can. Doing this, you just stop at what you have already known without broadening anything. Work on the techniques for your practice sessions, and do several sprints to enhance your practice regime.

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13. Drinks 

Drink lots of water, and more in the heavy practice or race days. Staying hydrated is critical to your fitness and performance. Juice is also recommended for motocross racers. For example, you can take grape, orange, apple, and tomato juice. But beware that “orange juice”, not “orange drink”. Or, drinking some beverages such as SoBe, Poweraid is also good for race days.

14. Eating Habits 

A very important meal that everyone must has. You do not need to consume anything heavy. Some juice, fruit, or cereal is fine. Try to wean yourself off white bread, but go with whole wheat, multi grain, or raisin, etc. For diversifying your diet, check out some cookbooks for some special treats to get more ideas so that you do not get bored.

Try to consume low-fat foods on a daily basis. Gradually put more vegetables and fruits into your diet as you progress. Then, build up to it with goals to incorporate more variety with every meal.

Replace junk foods with the healthy alternatives. It is critical for you to eat enough nutrients every day, not just a soda or a bag of chips. In other words, you also need to cut down processed foods as well sugar items. These foods do not supply the nutrients that your body needs. Add beef and fish which are lean and protein-rich meats to your diet for iron and protein. Junk foods will not help your body operate at its peak capacity physically and mentally. And, sugar drinks will make you thirsty as well as drain the energy in the long run. Remember that sugar drinks also include energy drinks.

About the habits of eating, it is good for you to eat many small portions anywhere about 5-6 meals per day. By this way, you will speed up your metabolism and burn fat dramatically.

In addition, add some super foods to eat  into your current diet which are blueberries, salmon, turkey, beans and oats.

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15. Pre-Race Formula For Eating

Finding the best pre-race formula is the most important thing you need to pay attention when it comes to eating diet for racers. If your race is in the morning, you need to eat a high-carbohydrate meal at the night before. With the evening race, you need to eat generous meals at breakfast and lunch, eating small meals throughout the day which are high in complex carbohydrates.

16. Post-Race Formula For Eating

Pre-race meal is important, but the post-race is not less important for racers in order to achieve nutritional balance. This will allow you to recover your energy and this also plays a great role in your ability to train consistently. Combine carbohydrate, proteins, and fats in your meal while still having to keep in mind three key foundations including variety, moderation, and balance.

You can refer some formulas of healthy meal plans and easy paleo diet plans to have more ideas in planning your diet. 

With these great motocross riding tips, hope you have learned something new! Well, learning motocross riding tips might require from you patience, time, as well as effort, and keeping it simple and innocent is the key to make it successful.
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