Hydroxycut SX-7 Review (Updated 2024) – Is It Safe?

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A weight loss supplement that is unusually focused on providing an improved “sensory experience” for users and uses some questionable ingredients to do so. Our full breakdown of Hydroxycut SX-7 will reveal whether it is worth your time or is best avoided.

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Hydroxycut SX-7 Overview

Hydroxycut SX-7 is a weight loss formula that uses 7 “cutting-edge” ingredients and is designed to also supply clean energy and increased mental focus to the user. It is a thermogenic supplement, meaning it increases the heat within your metabolism, which burns fat more effectively.

The product is manufactured by a company called Muscletech. Each bottle includes 70 capsules, and users are advised to take 1 capsule with 8-ounces of water, twice daily, approximately 30 to 60 minutes prior to large meals. Users can also take an additional capsule throughout the day if they feel that they need a boost of energy, but they are advised to not exceed 3 capsules in a day.

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Hydroxycut SX-7 Claims

The advertising for Hydroxycut SX-7 uses a lot of buzz words like “cutting-edge” and “sensory-stimulating” to attract consumers, but there is not a lot of substance to many of their claims. One of their primary claims is that they are the only weight loss formula to use the ingredients myristica and salvia. This naturally raises some questions regarding why they are the only weight loss product to use those ingredients if they are known to be effective, but that is never addressed.

There are also several references to the “sensory experience” that the product provides the user, which seems to be a fancy way of saying that it can improve the user’s thought process and focus. This is a pretty common claim made by several diet pills, and Hydroxycut SX-7 does not explain why their sensory experience is superior to the competitor’s.

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Hydroxycut SX-7 Ingredients

As the product repeatedly highlights, there are 7 ingredients used in the formula for Hydroxycut SX-7. The site lists all the ingredients and provides a breakdown of what each one does and its role, but they do not offer a view of the supplement facts label, which would allow the user to be fully informed as to what they are putting in their bodies. Here are all the ingredients in Hydroxycut SX-7:

  • Myristica Fragrans
  • Salvia Officinalis
  • Caffeine
  • Green Coffee
  • Green Tea
  • Therbroma Cacao
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

Within the formula, there are multiple stimulants, such as caffeine and green coffee, both of which can lead to side effects such as anxiety, irritability, increased heart rate, and jitters. The myristica fragrans is just nutmeg seed which the product claims can provide a unique sensory experience but is also known to lead to hallucinations when taken in large doses.

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The Science Behind Hydroxycut SX-7

The promotion for Hydroxycut SX-7 discussed the clinical support for one of their primary ingredients – green coffee. They state that two randomized, double-blind studies were performed to demonstrate its effects. In one of the studies, two groups both followed a low-calorie diet, while one group also took green coffee, and the other took a placebo. Apparently, the group taking green coffee lost significantly more weight on average than the other group.

Unfortunately, there is no link provided to this study so that we can verify the results for ourselves, and strangely, the results of the other study they mention are not discussed. Furthermore, there is no scientific discussion or clinical evidence brought to support the other ingredients used in the formula, or the product as a whole.

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Word on the Street About Hydroxycut SX-7

Because the product is sold through some independent retailers, there are objective consumer reviews available online. Currently, there are 180 reviews from consumers on the product Amazon page. Overall, the reaction to the product has been largely negative, with complaints about both ineffectiveness and side effects.

What many users found was that the product is heavy on stimulants, but not much on results. As one user stated: “Didn’t realize how much caffeine this contained, and I immediately felt shaky after taking it. It didn’t help with weight loss in any way, however.” Other users noted side effects that they experienced, with one saying: “It made me sick to my stomach, and I didn’t see any results.

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Is Hydroxycut SX-7 Worth a Try?

Because of the poor reviews from consumers the product has received, as well as a formula that we’re not sure is safe, we do not recommend using Hydroxycut SX-7. There are several hundred reviews available online for the product, and a majority of them are negative, complaining about the lack of effectiveness is losing weight, as well as side effects, most often users suffered from jitters or anxiety.

Based on the formula that is used, we are concerned about the amount of stimulants that are used. Caffeine, green coffee, and green tea are all used, and a supplement facts label is not provided, so there is no way to know how much of each ingredient was used. Furthermore, the use of nutmeg seed to improve mental focus is a poor idea, because it can lead to hallucinations when used in dosages that are too large.

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Hydroxycut SX-7 vs Shredz

Shredz is a fat burning supplement that is specifically designed for use by women looking to lose weight. Like Hydroxycut, it uses caffeine and green tea, but differs in its use of yohimbe, choline, and guggul extract. Unfortunately, it can lead to some of the same side effects as Hydroxycut SX-7, related to its stimulant use.

Hydroxycut SX-7 vs Ripped Freak

Ripped Freak is a fat burner made by PharmaFreak, and like Hydroxycut SX-7, it uses stimulants heavily to try and get results. It also featured similar directions, advising users to take one capsule with water, about 30 minutes before primary meals. However, Ripped Freak is considerably more expensive than Hydroxycut.

Hydroxycut SX-7 vs Black Onyx

Black Onyx is actually another diet product that is produced by Muscletech, which also makes Hydroxycut SX-7. Both products are also meant to provide increased mental focus, as well as weight loss support, but they differ in their formulas. Black Onyx uses salvia like Hydroxycut, but it differs in its use of yohimbe bark, coleus, and theanine.

Hydroxycut SX-7 FAQ

  1. How have the reviews for Hydroxycut SX-7 been from users?
    The user reviews have been overwhelmingly negative.
  1. How much is one bottle of Hydroxycut SX-7?
    It varies depending on the retailer, but generally around $20 per bottle plus shipping and handling.
  1. What are some of the primary ingredients in Hydroxycut SX-7?
    Myristica fragrans, salvia, green tea, and caffeine are all among the primary ingredients.
  1. Are there side effects that can occur from taking Hydroxycut SX-7?
    Based on the ingredients, there are a variety of side effects that can occur, including mood swings, increased heart rate, and insomnia.
  1. Is Hydroxycut SX-7 a non-stimulant formula?
    No, in fact it is quite the opposite, using a heavy amount of stimulants.
  1. How soon can users expect results from Hydroxycut SX-7?
    It’s unclear if they can ever expect to see results based on the reviews that we have seen.
  1. Is Hydroxycut SX-7 sold through Amazon?

    Yes, it is available for purchase through Amazon.

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