Best Exercises To Slim Hips And Thighs At Home

Do you want to get fitness? Do you want to improve your health on hips, thighs, and legs? will introduce an article about 18 best exercises to slim hips and thighs that you entirely can follow at home with the simple tools. Keep following it and find out more.

Learning The Best Exercises To Slim Hips & Thighs At Home

1. Travelling Squats 

exercises to slim hips

To tone your thighs, let do this exercise with the instructions:

  • Stand tall, spread your hip and feet wide apart
  • Tie a band around the ankles
  • Step out to the right side, work again
  • Bring left foot to meet the right, then raise the right leg up
  • Keep your torso upright and your toes point downward slightly
  • Repeat 12-15 reps on each side

2. Flutter Kicks 

exercises to slim hips

Flutter kick is one of the best exercises to slim hips and thighs. Now let get started:

  • Lie on a stable ball, put your hands under the shoulders
  • Extend your legs and keep them parallel to the ground
  • Rotate your thighs slightly
  • Point in heels
  • Alternate the flutter kicks with leg, move the entire leg from the glutes
  • Repeat 25 kicks

3. Calf Raise 

exercises to slim hips

The techniques are:

  • Stand tall with balls
  • Raise and reduce the heels
  • Repeat 20-25 reps

4. Sissy Squat 

exercises to slim hips

  • Kneel on the ground
  • Sit back on the heels and keep your knees apart slightly
  • Hold a bar across the upper back and erect torso
  • Raise hips
  • Squeeze the glutes and roll butt under the hips
  • Hold for 1 count
  • Reduce and repeat

5. Extension 

exercises to slim hips

  • Sit stably on a ball
  • Face a wall and bend your knees at 90 degrees
  • Keep your toes wide apart and rest on a bar in front of the wall
  • Turn out the feet toward
  • Extend your arms and face your palms behind you
  • Squeeze the glutes and roll away the wall
  • Keep your legs straight
  • Hold for second and bend your knees to get back the original position

6. Grasshopper On Ball 

exercises to slim hips

This exercise will work for hamstrings glutes, and hips. The instructions will be:

  • Lie on the ball
  • Put your arms on the ground under the shoulders
  • Point your fingers forward, extend your legs, and pull in your abs
  • Raise your legs up to familiar to the hip level
  • Rotate your thighs and point toward your toes
  • Bend your knees and bringe feet soles
  • Hold for a few seconds, keep your legs straights and raise them high
  • Repeat it

7. Triangle Lift 

exercises to slim hips

  • Kneel with the left knee on the ground
  • Keep your palm aligned under the shoulder
  • Put you right hand behind your head
  • Extend the right leg out
  • Raise the right leg to the hip level, face the inner thinner to the ground, point your toes, squeeze your glutes, and draw in abs
  • Raise your right leg at the level of hip, squeeze the glutes and pull legs from 12 inches behind you
  • Reduce the right leg until the toes are 3-4 inches off the ground
  • Raise the leg to the original position
  • Repeat with the other side

8. Thigh Rotation 

exercises to slim hips

This exercise will be beneficial for glutes, thighs, and hips.

  • Sit on
  • Bend your left leg at 90 degrees on the ground in front of you
  • Put your palms on the ground to left thigh, point your fingers forward
  • Raise the right leg and point your toes into the ground
  • Lift the heel and align with the left foot, bend your knee at 90 degrees
  • Rotate your thigh, put your right knee on the ground behind the left heel, point your toes toward the ceiling
  • Turn back to the original position by rotate the thigh outward

9. Bridge Exercise

exercises to slim hips

  • Lie on the ground, bend your knees at 90 degrees, put your feet on the floor and rest the bar across the hips
  • Raise hips and squeeze the glutes
  • Raise the left foot, point your toes, and bend your knee
  • Kick the leg forward and extend your leg, bend your knee, reduce the leg back
  • Lift the hips and squeeze the glutes
  • Repeat with the another leg

10. Balancing Squat 

exercises to slim hips

  • Stand tall and keep your feet wide slightly, keep your hip wide apart
  • Lift your chest and reduce into a deep squat, reach both arms to the ground
  • Shift the weight into the left leg, bend your knee, and grab onto the shin
  • Hold for seconds
  • Release the leg
  • And turn back to the starting position

11. Stepping Curtsey 

exercises to slim hips

This exercise not only works for your glutes, hips, and thighs, but it is very effective for core strength

  • Stand tall, keep your feet wide apart, put your hands behind your head
  • Cross the left leg behind your right and reduce the curtsey lung
  • Reach your left hand to the ground
  • Stand back quickly and turn to the original position
  • Repeat for 20 reps

12. Hinging Deadlifts 

exercises to slim hips

Doing this exercise, you will have a good exercise to slim hips as well as strengthen your back. Besides, it also helps you improve lower back glutes, and hamstrings.

  • Hold dumbbells on your hands
  • Stand your feet wider than the hip
  • Bend your knees slightly
  • Get the weights in front of the thighs, face in your palms
  • Neutralize your spine
  • Hinge your hips forward, reach the dumbbells to the floor
  • Keep your torso and the floor parallel
  • Using the glutes to lift your body
  • Repeat 20 reps

13. Shifting Lunge 

exercises to slim hips

  • Stand tall
  • Keep your feet close together
  • Hold the dumbbells by the sides
  • Step out to the left and reduce a side lunge
  • Reach the dumbbells on the side of left leg
  • Bend your right knee and shift your weight into legs in the position of squat
  • Reach the dumbbells to the ground in front of you
  • Extend your left leg
  • Shift the weight to the right
  • Move into the side lunge with your right leg
  • Push your right foot off to bring the legs close together, turn to the original position
  • Repeat 20 reps

14. External Hip Raise 

exercises to slim hips

  • Use a resistance band around the ankles and lie on the left side to support your upper body with forearm and left hand
  • Extend the legs, flex the feet
  • Tighten your abs and raise the top leg to the hip level, rotate the leg to turn the toes down to the ground, and keep the band tension
  • Raise the leg slightly higher than the hip level
  • Push the band and rotate the heel up to the ceiling
  • Turn to the hip level
  • Repeat 20 times

15. Standing Leg Circles 

exercises to slim hips

Leg exercises will improve your hip significantly. This is one of the most effectual exercises to slim hips that you can do easily at home. Follow this:

  • Stand tall, keep your hip wide apart
  • Put your hands in front of you and put your palms in
  • Hold a bar in front of thighs
  • Raise the right foot about 6-8 inches off the ground
  • Point your toes, balance the bar across the upper thigh, circle for 12 inches with the right toes
  • Relax your shoulders, draw abs, and contract the glutes to stabilize your upper body
  • Change the another foot

16. Dog Pose 

exercises to slim hips

Yoga is becoming more popular nowadays and dog pose is a great move among exercises to slim hips. Get started with the instructions as the following:

  • Begin with the downward dog pose
  • Raise your left leg high to support on two hands and your right leg
  • Breathe for 5 times, reduce your leg and repeat with the another leg

17. Cobble’s Pose

exercises to slim hips

  • Sit on the ground, bend your knees, and both your feet face each other
  • Elongate your spine to make sure to straighten your posture
  • Press the feet soles and hold for a minute
  • Repeat it

18. Chair Pose 

exercises to slim hips

This exercise will be great to slim hips and increase flexibility. Do the following steps:

  • Stand tall, your feet are close together
  • Inhale, lift your hands over the head
  • Bend your knees slightly and dip into a squat while you exhale
  • Hold it for 30-60 seconds and move back to the starting position
  • For beginners, you can repeat it for 10 times and increase the level when you are familiar
  • Chair pose will be useful if you want to reduce extra fat and strengthen your thigh muscles

To get more exercises, you can go to our Fitness And Exercises page.

After reading my writing of 18 best exercises to slim hips and thighs, I hope that you already learned about the most useful techniques to get fitness and improve health. If you have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon.

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