How to prevent listeria bacteria and contamination – 6 tips

When you are in pregnancy, it is important for you to aware what you should eat and what you should not eat. The possible explanation may be that the food you eat will affect your baby’s health. If you eat the unhealthy or poisonous food, your baby will be affected.

In this article I want to refer to listeria infection which can be caused by contaminated foods. If you are attacked by listeria bacteria, listeria will influence badly not only on you but also on your baby. It is the fact that pregnant women are vulnerable to listeria bacteria than anyone else. Because of this, I would like to write this article to share with you my knowledge about listeria infection and the ways on how to prevent listeria bacteria and contamination.

How To Prevent Listeria Bacteria And Contamination –The Effective Measures That You Need

In order to know the ways on how to prevent listeria bacteria, you should acknowledge the general information about listeria. Listeria bacteria exist on water and soil.

Vegetable has the chance of being contaminated due to soil. When the animals eat contaminated vegetable, they also become carriers. Therefore, listeria infection happens when you eat uncooked meat, processed foods and uncooked vegetable. When you cook the food carefully, the listeria will be killed. Pasteurization is also the way on how to prevent listeria bacteria. However, some fast foods will have listeria because they may exist after cooking and before packaging because of contamination. The Center of Disease Control (CDC) stated that there are 1,700 people in the United States experience the serious illness caused by listeria bacteria and 260 patients with listeria infected die each year. While CDC said that the pregnant women face more possibilities of being infected by listeria bacteria, the number of pregnant women who experience this infection is about 17%. When you are exposed to the bacteria, the symptoms will show up 2-30 days. These symptoms include muscle aches, nausea, headaches, fever and vomiting. If not treated soon, these symptoms will easily worsen and can make the nervous system affected. As a result, the patients may experience stiff neck, convulsions. Although listeria infection can occur at any time during pregnancy, you may face the most risk during the third trimester. The reason may be that your immune system is weak during the third trimester. When you are infected listeria, your baby will face the increased risk of miscarriage, premature delivery and death. Because of this, it is needed for me to share with the readers on effective tips and measures on how to treat listeria bacterial and contamination.

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1. Eat Hard Cheeses And Avoid Soft Cheeses:

how to prevent listeria-eat hard cheeses and avoid soft cheeses

As the first tip on how to prevent listeria bacteria, the CDC has suggested that the pregnant women should eat hard cheeses instead of soft cheeses. The reason may be that these cheeses do not claim to be pasteurized. The soft cheeses they should avoid include Brie, blue-veined cheeses, Camembert, quesoblanco and feta. Hard cheeses including cheddar and semi-soft cheeses, for example mozzarella, are recommended to be safe for pregnant women and their baby. Moreover, cream cheese is also safe to consume. Therefore, the important thing you need to do in order to keep the listeria infection on bay is reading the labels carefully.

2. Should Not Eat Meat Before It Is Cooked Properly:

how to prevent listeria-should not eat meat before it is cooked properly

When you eat out at the restaurants, you should not let the pregnant women and patients with listeria eat the deli meat. The reason may be that they do not heat the hot dogs, deli meats or luncheon meats properly. Therefore, the second way on how to prevent listeria is to eat these meats only when they are cooked properly in order to kill all the listeria bacteria. Moreover, it is recommended that the pregnant women should consume non-luncheon meats including roasted chicken, steak, tuna and meatball. They are good for the pregnant women and their baby’s health.

3. Avoid Smoked Seafood: 

how to prevent listeria-avoid smoked seafood

Smoked seafood is safe only when it is canned or contained. Refrigerated smoked seafood including whitefish, trout, salmon and mackerel is labeled as “nova-style”, “smoked”, “lox”. These foods are available in the refrigerator section. They are often sold in seafood stores and grocery stores. Canned seafood products such as salmon and tuna are proven to be safe for pregnant women and patients with listeria to consume.

4. Keep The Food In Refrigerator Properly:

how to prevent listeria-keep the food in refrigerator properly

If you look for the ways on how to prevent listeria and contamination, the important tip is to keep the food safe. It is necessary to remember that listeria bacteria can multiple in the refrigerator. Therefore, you should keep an appliance thermometer in order to check the temperature of the refrigerator. The suitable temperature is 40oF or lower. Moreover, you should clean up all the spills, especially the juice from your food including hot dogs, raw meat, meat packages and raw poultry.

You also need to keep your refrigerator clean by using warm water and soap to rinse regularly. The leftovers which are stored in the refrigerator need using within 3 to 4 days.Therefore, you should eat the fresh and perishable food as soon as possible to avoid it from contamination. In refrigerator, you should separate the uncooked food from cooked food. The vegetable also needs separating from the uncooked meats and poultry.

5. Food Safety Tips: 

how to prevent listeria-food safety tips

Before using food to eat, you should wash all vegetable and fruit carefully. As the way on how to prevent listeria, you need to keep your hand clean when you eat meals. Moreover, after cooking, it is needed to wash all knives, cutting boards and countertops.

6. Eating Foods Which Boost The Immune System:

how to prevent listeria-eating foods which boost the immune system

As I mentioned before, the weak immune system is the cause of listeria infection. Therefore, as the way on how to prevent listeria, you should improve your immune system with the healthy diet. This tip is important for the pregnant women and people who have the high risk of listeria infection.

These are 6 tips on how to prevent listeria bacteria that I want to introduce to you. I hope that you will find this article effective. For any question to ask, please raise your voice by leaving your comments bellow. Thank you for reading.

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