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With only a spam website full of Chinese advertisements as an official website, there’s no way to find reliable information about this brand. We know that their formula is fairly basic, and as of now, all claimed official links point to a mess of a website full of marketing.

There’s also no official source where someone would be able to buy this, only 3rd party sellers which can’t be trusted.

Our goal in finding the best nootropics makes it easy for us to pick the top 10 brands that are ranked here.

Zynapse Overview

Zynapse is a nootropic supplement that has no reliable official website, and which uses a controversial formula. What’s especially troubling about the name of this brand is that there is a drug in Asia which uses the same name.

The difference is that Zynapse is meant as a nootropic blend, though for unknown reasons their website has advertisements in Chinese. Their Facebook page and Twitter page both link to this website, which is unreliable and clearly spam. It’s unknown why they only have 3rd party sellers on EBay, and none of them can guarantee the purity or safety of the formula.

Overall we found it incredibly lacking, and there’s no proof that this would be safe and reliable to use.

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Zynapse Claims

The supplements facts claims that this can help stimulate choline production, and prevent enzymes which can stop this process. This in turn can improve blood flow in the brain, and prevent any possible brain dog.

They add that this is a next generation formula, suing potent ingredients that are world class. They add that it is “advanced” and that it can provide great support. Unfortunately the only way to read these claims is by reading their supplements facts; no official website is offered to go into detail into these claims. Without more information, it’s hard to determine the true value of this brand.

It’s also stated that it can help with creativity, memory, learning and focus. This is apparently “Phase 1: Synthesis”, a part of their infimum series. We don’t know exactly what this means however, as without an official website, all we can do is read this on the front of the label. It may mean that this requires stacking with other of the company’s supplements, but in either case we don’t know what to expect from this.

By keeping our criteria at a high level, we were able to decide on these top 10 nootropic brands being the best.

Zynapse Ingredients

  • Noopept
  • Bacopa
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Vinpocetine
  • Huperzine A
  • Piperine

Noopept is a brand name for a nootropic molecule. Those synthetic additive is used in order to protect the brain from stress and trauma. It’s believed that with this there can be enhanced brain function over time, as it prevents damage that can hinder proper brain function.

Bacopa can be found in nootropics due to its ancient use as a herb that can help with supporting brain health. This is often added to help prevent any possible early onset Alzheimer’s, and to improve focus.

Caffeine Anhydrous is included at 100 mg per capsule. This stimulant is common and used to help increase alertness, focus, and energy. Although it can offer a noticeable boost, this has to be taken with caution in order to avoid possible side effects. This can also require cycling which after repeat use, reduces any possible benefits. With the maximum 2 capsules a day serving of Zynapse, this would offer nearly the same caffeine as a cup of coffee.

Huperzine A is the chemical found in Chinese club moss, often found in nootropics as it can help with improving memory and focus. This is studied for its potential impact on nerve function.

Piperine is a natural extract found in black pepper which gives it a pungent taste. This is used for an increased absorption of other ingredients, and to support brain chemicals.

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The Science Behind Zynapse

Although the company claims that this has protecting effects which can prevent unwanted enzymes from damaging brain health, the proof is lacking. All we can observe is what’s offered on their supplements facts image, which is only a few short sentences.

The label also makes it seem as though this is part of a stack, which may mean it’s not to be used only by itself.

A worry comes from the use of caffeine which can be dangerous if overused. There should never be stimulants of any kind within a nootropic, as it may cause symptoms and the need for cycling. It’s also hard to trust that the company that makes this knows what they’re doing, as their official website is a giant marketing scam campaign.

In order to find reliable support in a nootropic, there has to be reliable ingredients by a company that knows what they’re doing. The risk is simply too high here.

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Word on the Street About Zynapse

There aren’t any reviews anywhere for this supplement. Unfortunately they also have no official website, so we don’t know if they ever had testimonials. The lack of information makes it hard to give it a solid overview, but we do know that this is only offered on 3rd party websites. Still, there are no opinions to read.

When determine the worth of a product it’s valuable being able to read real experiences It’s the best way to know if there is anything to worry about, and if the effects are no citable, long lasting, and truly effective.

Without any credibly opinions there is great doubt on the use of this supplement.

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Is Zynapse Worth a Try?

The lack of quality information makes this a hard pass. We can’t find much support from such a limited formula that relies heavily on caffeine. No reviews are offered, we can’t contact the makers of this, and there are only sales by unreliable 3rd parties.

The company no longer upkeeps their official website and we can’t get it direct. We also do not know if this is still made. It could be that 3rd parties are selling this because they stocked up on it. Even the company’s social media pages redirect to a website that claims it’s the company name, but nowhere do they mention supplements, let alone Zynapse.

Without more details we can’t trust this brand.

To get a well-rounded nootropic solution, we recommend checking out the top qualified brands in this best of list.

Zynapse FAQ

  1. What’s the Zynapse mechanism of action?
    It’s meant to help with citicholine production, which can protect brain health. It’s also mean to stop the spread of unwanted enzymes which can damage the brain.
  1. Are there any Zynapse side effects to worry about?
    Since they do add caffeine, it may cause stimulant like symptoms.
  1. Who is the official Zynapse manufacturer?
    Their name is Aeonetics, LLC.
  1. Is there a Zynapse Amazon listing?
    Not at this time.
  1. What’s known about the Zynapse smart pill?
    Not much, they provide a supplements facts and a few sentences on the label to sow what it’s meant to do. Their formula is made with controversial additives which may be dangerous if overused.
  1. What’s the current Zynapse price?
    There are some EBay sellers but they currently do not have the price listed.
  1. What is the recommended Zynapse use?
    The supplement facts advise a maximum of 2 pills a day.

So What Really Works?

The best possible nootropic boost was seen in the supplement called Memotenz. It’s not only that it is made with natural ingredients at a high dosage strength, but it stood out due to the amount of positive experiences. All this became easy to see since the ingredients are added useful quantities. We especially liked that the website adds a descriptive explanation on what the ingredients are meant to do, as we reviewed their claims and agreed 3rd party studies do how possible benefits.

All types of possible benefits can result, and this amounts to a truly well-rounded product. This does not rely on anything cheap or stimulants, and therefore it can be taken daily. Many who tried it also said that they use it daily due to its wide-ranking support. We found no better quality source for details on Memotenz than what’s offered when you click this link.

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