BrainPlus IQ Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The fact they have 64 negative company reviews and an F rating with the Better Business Bureau tells you a lot about this supplement. Their official website fails to mention what’s in it, and for unknown reasons they don’t do sales with US based customers. Read about what this nootropic has to offer and check out the dirt we uncovered on BrainPlus IQ.

A lot of different nootropics have been reviewed but only the top 10 made it to our list.

BrainPlus IQ Overview

BrainPlus IQ is a nootropic supplement that is supposed to be the “most advanced” formula for nootropic support. After we reviewed it we found there were far too many issues which make it clear this company is untrustworthy. Hundreds of customers said they ended up with additional charges even when they cancelled, and some said they were awaiting a package that never came.

Another major issue is seen in their clearly fake claims saying that studies were performed and that it could unlock user’s full brain potential. We found that they are lying and many customers have accused them of operating a scam.

Here’s the best nootropics that we could find which are supported by a great formula and positive reviews.

BrainPlus IQ Claims

There are a lot of major claims made about this supplement such as:

  • Studies show a 121% increase of focus, and brain power increase by up to 89.2%
  • Effects begin within 30 minutes
  • Effective at supporting memory, energy, and focus

None of their claims are backed by any kind of research we could find, nor do they ever publish their findings. They say this is can be the safest and fastest way to improve your brain power, but nowhere was there any mention of the full ingredients.

A lot of different nootropics were looked at and we concluded that these 10 were the most effective.

BrainPlus IQ Ingredients

  • Phosphatidylserine

The only known ingredient in this is Phosphatidylserine. We can’t say for certain if anything else is included, since the official website fails to give a supplements facts list. This ingredient is naturally found within many kinds of foods that are rich in protein.

It can be used to help support healthy mental functioning and in reducing the impact that age has on the brain. It’s essentially used to support the healthy processing of signals which are cent by cells. It can make it easier to retain information, and in keeping mentally stimulated.

There is no information on how much of this is added to BrainPlus IQ, so we can’t give it a proper review and determine if it’s actually included in useful amounts.

The following top 10 rated nootropics are favored overall for their reliable support.

The Science Behind BrainPlus IQ

Supposedly this supplement has gained the support of both the media and scientists. This is made to unlock the 90% of  the brain which is apparently not used. This is actually not true however, it’s never been proven that we only use 10% of our brains.

The fact that the official website runs with this and claims it will unless the full brain potential is a major issue. It basically means they have never performed any science on this.  They claim that clinical studies were performed which saw that with this supplement it actually increased brain power by up to 89.2%.

Even if this is true, they never actually mention any studies. We tried to find any clinical study online and there was never any mention of this supplement being examined in clinical reviews. They are clearly lying and have not ever performed any legitimate studies.

We list some of our top picks for nootropic support in this top 10 list.

Word on the Street About BrainPlus IQ


“I was charged and for weeks now I have not received anything”

“Felt much worse than before and I found it very difficult to relax or to concentrate”

We couldn’t find independent reviews anywhere which said anything positive about this formula. Many times people said they regretted purchasing this, and there were hundreds of negative reviews which only complained about the companies auto-billing.

Here’s some of our favorite nootropic brands listed in order of best value.

Is BrainPlus IQ Worth a Try?

It’s highly recommend that you avoid this. Keep in mind that hundreds of customers have complained that the company cheated them out of money, charging their credit cards without warning.

We also don’t know exactly what’s in it. All the company has to offer is a claim that a certain ingredient is used, but they never cite a supplements facts list. Because of this lack of information we don’t know how much is added, and if it would be safe to use for all. There is no good reason why a company would hide their ingredients, there is no way for anyone to review it and see if it’s good enough or safe for their needs.

If you want to see the latest research which shows what the best nootropics are, click here.

BrainPlus IQ vs Modafinil

Modafinil is a potent prescription drug that is sold under a different brand name. This is used by those suffering from sleep related disorders, including narcolepsy. It is sometimes abused as a nootropic, but it’s highly illegal to do so as it is a schedule 4 drugs. It may also lead to addiction and serious side effects if misused.

BrainPlus IQ vs Synapsyl

The ingredients in Synapsyl are actually decent, since it uses nootropic ingredients backed by science. The problem is that for whatever reason, all the review was negative. People repeatedly said it offered no support, and that it was a waste of money. This is costly as well, and at this time it appears only 3rd party websites sell it.

BrainPlus IQ vs Focus X

The official Focus X website is down and there’s very little known about this. They apparently have released various versions of this, each one sounding exactly like the original Focus X. We don’t know if this is still made, and as of now there is no official source in where to purchase it from. Because of this we can’t predict what kind of an effect this may have, if any.

BrainPlus IQ FAQ

  1. Is BrainPlus IQ FDA approved?
    No, this is an average supplement.
  1. What’s the total BrainPlus IQ price?
    Before you can get any information on pricing you must submit a lot of personal information. A 30 day supply is sold for $54.95.
  1. Are there any details about BrainPlus IQ on CNN?
    They used the same shady tactic of a fake news story about how Stephen Hawking has recommended the use of it.
  1. Can I get BrainPlus IQ at Walmart?
    It’s not sold at Walmart.
  1. Is BrainPlus IQ offered on EBay?
    Yes but not from the manufacturers and its unknown if 3rd parties are selling fresh batches.
  1. Is there a BrainPlus IQ Amazon listing?
    Not at this time.
  1. What’s a common BrainPlus IQ review?
    There wasn’t much said about this from the few reviews available, virtually all were extremely negative.
  1. Where to buy BrainPlus IQ?
    The only current sources are EBay and the official website.
  1. What are the total BrainPlus IQ ingredients?
    All we know is that Phosphatidylserine is used, but they don’t mention if anything else is included.
  1. Is there a BrainPlus IQ Reddit page?
    So far 2 different threads talked about it but often due to the lack of information about it.
  1. Can I get BrainPlus IQ in the USA?
    For unknown reasons the official website does not offer this, you’d only be able to get it on EBay.

So What Really Works?

For genuine nootropic support, we feel that Memotenz is currently your safest bet. The formula actually makes sense and they add in many natural ingredients which can directly affect cognition. There’s a lot of great feedback from customers who say it gave them the mental boost to complete tasks of all kinds. This is good for general cognition which can aid studying, work, memory, mood, and even reduce age related brain decline.

With repeat use this can provide a great mental edge so users can feel better, and act more efficiently. The reviews from customers were also greatly positive and people felt it gave them what they were looking for. Since it doesn’t require any cycling and because it has no stimulants, it’s also a wholesome way to get nootropic support. If you’re interested in testimonials and a deeper look into the ingredients, click here.


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