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They’re owned by a controversial parent company that had major issues with their supplements after it was discovered users suffered from liver problems. Reviews for this supplement were also largely negative, and the ingredients aren’t as impressive as they make it seem. Read about why this product lacked as a proper male enhancement by seeing what’s offered in the table of contents.

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MuscleTech Test HD Overview

The marketing looks good and the website looks presentable, but they fail to offer much more than that. The ingredients are fairly simple and not added in high enough amounts. Most of this is either common or rarely used for good reason, it’s lacking reliable science.

This may be the reason why there were a lot of negative reviews. You’re also only able to get your money back if you make sure to return  the bottle unopened.

Overall it’s not that impressive and the company history is yet another major issue that reduces its quality. We offer a simple to understand explanation about the best male enhancement products in this top 10 list.

MuscleTech Test HD Claims

Just like so many other brands this is “America’s 1# selling” for testosterone enhancement. Even if it were true this does not mean it’s actually going to be effective. This may only mean that their marketing is good and they convinced enough people to try it.

They also say it will enhance testosterone in 7 days with all-around free testosterone boosted. For this they actually mention 2 references. They say this can happen with the addition of a clinically studied mineral.

They recommend taking a caplet twice a day, first in the morning then in the afternoon.

This is also meant to enhance ATP blood levels within 15 days of use through the use of an Ayurvedic mineral. A study about tis ingredient for its testosterone boosting effects in 15 days is also provided.

The company MuscleTech had to recall two supplements in 2005 due to the serious potential side effects related to hormonal changes. They are also owned by the parent company Iovate Health Sciences who had major controversies. The FDA said that this was due to:

“liver-related illnesses”

The FTC also sent them to court for making false health claims. This required them to send rebate checks to consumers to pay them back. This was for MuscleTech products which were considered to be backed by false health allegations.

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MuscleTech Test HD Ingredients

  • Zinc Gluconate
  • Calcium
  • Shilajit Extract (PrimaVie with 50% fulvic acid)
  • Boron Citrate (5% Boron)
  • Broccoli Powder (with Diindolymethane)
  • Stinging Nettle Extract
  • Velvet Bean Extract Seed
  • Tribulus Terrestris Fruit (45% saponins)

Many of these ingredients are what you’d expect to find in a male enhancement product. The general libido enhancing and testosterone boosting Tribulus Terrestris are used. They also include Stinging Nettle Extract which is not only rich in fiber and certain nutrients, but it can help support prostate health. Reduce inflammation, support circulation, and it’s been used for testosterone production.

Velvet Bean is what’s known as a legume and inside of it are chemicals which can be used by the brain to help stimulate mood, energy, and sexual desire.

Shilajit is an Ayurvedic herb that has a lot of trace minerals in it which are intended to have multiple benefits including supporting immunity and libido. This is called “Indian Viagra” for that very reason.

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The Science Behind MuscleTech Test HD

A positive thing we can say about Test HD is that they do provide some citations for actual studies. There is a study on Boron which does show how it can help improve free testosterone levels. This is easy to see since boron is a well-studied mineral which has many important uses in the human body.

The other study was for semen production through the use of the Ayurvedic herb shilajit. The problem with this ingredient is that Examine did find that the studies are still in their:

“preliminary stages”

This is lacking and they also go on to say that the tested ingredients often have stabilizers to help control their consistency, which may change the effect it has on the body. They recommend only getting it from a reputable source which can guarantee no heap fillers are added, something which the makers of Test HD never mention.

The rest of the ingredients are decent and do have science to support their use. There still are questions on the added Broccoli Powder however. It’s added because it’s a source of diindolymethane, a chemical meant to boost hormone production. It’s unknown how much of this it actually has, they only mention how much broccoli is in it, not how much of the active chemical is in it. Without knowing more it could be possible that not enough is included in order for there to be an effect.

If you were to look at the website you would think that the entire formula is backed by science though they only go onto provide explanations for a few ingredients.

It’s unclear why but they decided to add a few inactive ingredients such as Acesulfame Potassium, an artificial sweetener which can lead to side effects. An examination by the Center for Science in the Public Interest made it clear that this ingredient should be avoided. They labeled it as unnecessary and potentially dangerous. They found it may lead to cancer in certain amounts, making it not worthy potential trouble as a sugar substitute.
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Word on the Street about MuscleTech Test HD

“I’m not the same anymore after using his. There are consequences in what you put inside your body”

“May be just me but if this is bad batch I’m sure I got it cause it did absolutely nothing for me”

“Really sucks. I saw no benefits in the gym my strength was the same and so were my erections”

“More energy and some less fatigue from this, I was able to work out better in the gym which leads to more muscle mass”

Far too many people had complaints which make it obvious that this was too lacking. When there are these many unfavorable opinions it’s likely that a supplement isn’t well-rounded enough to provide real support.

We concluded that the best possible support for lasting male enhancement comes from these top 10 rated brands.

Is MuscleTech Test HD Worth a Try?

Avoid it, the fact they make it seem better than it actually is when so very few enjoyed it is an issue. The company makes it seem like this will provide support in just 7 days, but this is from flawed studies which were paid for by companies who have an interest in making sales. There is some support for certain key ingredients, but you can also find many of these additives in other brands.

The company also has had major quality control issues; their parent company was notorious for selling tainted supplements which caused liver damage in some users. MuscleTech also had to perform a recall after they were found to have been using potentially harmful ingredients.

The marketing on their website makes it look like it’s a great product but after reviewing the ingredients it’s clear this is lacking. They are known for making questionable products and this brand is far too simple to consider it optimal for virility and testosterone enhancement. Judging from the mixed reviews it’s obvious that it’s truly not as good as the company makes it seem.

Their poor return policy seals the deal, they don’t offer returns if the bottle in question is opened.

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MuscleTech Test HD vs Alpha Test

Alpha Test or AlphaTest as MuscleTech calls it is meant tot deliver testosterone boosting in just a few days. It uses a lot of the same ingredients and reviews were slightly less favorable.

Alpha Test costs less and the biggest difference is that this has Fenugreek in it, while Test HD does not. Test HD does have more added to it, but it’s virtually identical which is very odd. It doesn’t make sense that the intended benefits would be the same yet the formula isn’t much different. They don’t explain why they decided to do virtually identical formulas.

MuscleTech Test HD vs Anotest

Another brand by MuscleTech, Anotest is a testosterone boosting powder that is flavored and meant to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. They sweeten this with 2 artificial sweeteners known as sucralose and Acesulfame potassium. Both are controversial and they make this even worse by adding Red number 40, an unnecessary food coloring.

The ingredients in this are essentially almost all amino acids with some key nutrients mixed into it. Because it relies heavily on amino acids which you could get through whole foods, it’s a lot to pay for at any price point.

MuscleTech Test HD vs Animal Stak

Business related issues are nothing unique to both of these products. For Animal Stak it came from the fact that hey failed to honor their GMP certification given to them by the FDA. There was misbranding and straight lies featured on their official website.

The ingredients are also basic and not varied enough to fully rely on it for real male enhancement. Animal Stak uses a lot of the questionable marketing claims which make a product seem really exaggerated.  This is also only intended for users who are working out; it’s meant strictly for weight lifters.

MuscleTech Test HD vs P6      

The first thing that stands out in Cellucor P6 is the high cost. You’re paying a lot of money for this supplement, and when you look at the ingredients you’d be even more surprised. You’re paying $89.99 for a brand which only lasts 30 days.

When you examine the ingredients its clear there isn’t much added to this. Only 7 active ingredients and many of them can be sourced for a lot cheaper than what you’re paying for this supplement. They also add some 2 kinds of food coloring which is completely unacceptable for such an expensive product.

MuscleTech Test HD vs Clear Muscle

MuscleTech also makes Clear Muscle and it’s made with a single ingredient for general lean muscle mass gains. This uses a patented ingredient which is meant to prevent muscle breakdown, helping those who perform difficult workouts.

The problem with using only a single ingredient is that it’s asking a lot, and Examine has determined it’s not as effective as regular whole amino acids. The same kinds of amino acids which you can get in foods for a reduced cost, and you don’t have to use a full supplement.

MuscleTech Test HD FAQ

  1. Does MuscleTech Test HD Cause side effects?
    According to the reviews online, there were harsh symptoms including acne, reduced vigor, less libido, inability to keep an erection, and a loss of energy. It’s impossible to know if it’s truly going to cause side effects but a lot of people complained about ill feelings.
  1. Can I get MuscleTech Test HD on Amazon?
    Yes it is available on Amazon.
  1. What are some MuscleTech Test HD Benefits?
    This is supposedly going to boost testosterone in 7 days and that’s because they are using clinical studies from the patented ingredients to prove this claim. The problem is that they were paid for by the makers, so it may mean it’s biased and untrustworthy.
  1. Can I get Test HD at GNC?
    They do not offer it at GNC at this time.
  1. What is the feedback from bodybuilding on MuscleTech Test HD?
    A good amount of people enjoyed it, but far too many said it didn’t deliver. A total of 82 customers said it failed to meet their expectations, and that they would not recommend anyone else should use it.
  1. What is the price for Test HD?
    $39.99 if you get it on their official website, this is not supported by a money back guarantee. Only unopened bottles can be returned.

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So What Really Works?

By reviewing a lot of different male enhancement brands we’re able to know which don’t work, which do work, and which work best.
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The best brand seen thus far is Viritenz because of all the criteria it follows. The ingredients can help maximize sexual health to tis best potential, making it easier to feel virile.

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