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There’s only one single active ingredient in this and even though it’s added in a high amount, it’s clearly not going to be effective enough for well-rounded male enhancement. The data on this shows it’s a poor supplement that is far too costly for what’s offered. See what we uncovered about Tribestan by skimming out table of contents section underneath.

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Tribestan Overview

There are 2 major problems with this supplement, not only do they add just a single active ingredient, but they add too much of it to consider it likely safe. Their dosing is also clearly wrong, and they make it possible for people to experience dangerous side effects.

Nowhere on their website do they feature any reliable science and they offer no money back guarantee. With a good amount of people complaining about dangerous side effects, it’s clear that they have issues with their dosing recommendation. It’s hard to trust this and for $42 per package, it’s far too overpriced.

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Tribestan Claims

“Proven effectiveness and benefits” are suggested as well as side effect free results. They even say men and women can try it as well as athletes looking to improve their performance.

The company  makes this seem like a highly researched product by adding there was almost 20 years of research to help find out how this can be a properly working product. While this may be true it’s odd that it took nearly 20 years to determine that only a single ingredient should be used in amounts which are far too high. It’s hard to believe them when they say since was performed on this when it’s easy with a quick Google search to know that what they recommend as an optimal dosage is actually wrong and potentially unsafe.
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There is no reason why anyone should take this much of the active ingredient; you can find a lot of information from different website which say this puts you dangerously at risk for experiencing difficult side effects. There is no good reason why they would fail to figure out this obvious flaw.

The FDA also mentioned the company on their list of SRO, which means that they may be lacking sufficient history of regulation by the FDA.

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Tribestan Ingredients

  • Pure Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Pure Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is a specific strain of an herb that is commonly used for its aphrodisiac and male enhancement benefits. You’ll often see it in products that have similar marketing.
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What we really didn’t like was the fact they actually never mention the full supplements facts on their website, the only way we found out what was added is by looking at the image posted by another person.

As far as this ingredient itself, the likely reason why they used the Bulgarian strain is because this is considered to be a more optimal form of tribulus terrestris.

This ingredient grows all over the world and is considered an invasive species like a weed. This is easy to grow and is often seen as a nuisance which can invade land. It has been used medically since Ayurvedic medicine as invented, where it was sued as a diuretic, sexual stimulant, and strength builder.

The inactive ingredients make up much more than the sole active ingredient. This has a lot of coating added to it which is general used in tablets. Most of this is rapidly dissolved and often used to help disintegrate the formula, making it easier to process by the stomach.
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They also add the thickener cabosil which is a kind of silica that is used as an adhesive and resin to thicken other ingredients.

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The Science Behind Tribestan

Tribulus Terrestris is backed by science; this is why Examine says it is effective for:

“libido and sexual wellbeing”

They even say it can be useful for organ function. They ad dhow this is confirmed for its ability to aid:

“erectile function”

This is also potently cardio protective, able to help support he heart. There is a lot of good evidence to highlight just how effective this brand can be when taken in optimal amounts. Examine does mention that the optimal dosage strong for a 60% saponin extract is between 200 to 450 mg. This is already a problem with Tribestan since tabs have 500 mg, and the company suggests using a so called common strength of 1 tablet 3 times daily.

If you take them at their word then this means you’d be receiving 750mg, which is 300 mg more than the advised limit. This is a lot more to take in. What’s even more potentially risky is that the company says for enhanced benefits people should use 2 tablets 3 times a day for 90 days.

If you follow them at their word then you’d be getting 1,500 mg, which is 1,050, more than what is recommend at maximum dosage strength. Why they suggest this as an optimal use is never known, but it greatly puts the consumer at risk for dangerous side effects. This may be the reason why some said it made them very uncomfortable, and they often said they were forced to be active since when trying to relax it gave them too much energy.

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Word on the Street about Tribestan

“was a bit too strong for my tastes, felt like I was forced to work out because when I saw still it made me really jittery and I started to sweat”

“Good sense of wellbeing and it gave me a nice surge of energy”

“Not sure if it will affect liver toxicity but with the other supplements it helped balanced out the results. Good for a muscle pump too”

“Felt like I was much hornier with it and I felt really sexually active. Good for what I was hoping to get”

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Is Tribestan Worth a Try?

The fact it’s only one ingredient isn’t the only problem which prevents the healthy use of this. The company also suggests taking an absurd amount which is never recommended by websites who give proof on what the optimal dosage strength could be. This may cause side effects in the amount the company recommends, they never explain with since why they suggested such a large amount.

The feedback from customers was also too varied to consider it a likely effective and safe brand. There were side effects from some who said it made them very uncomfortable. They also require cycling after some time, which is yet another reason to question the quality; this is never a good sign.

Even though the only active ingredient in this can be effective at supporting male vigor, it’s not nearly enough especially at this high cost. Without a money back guarantee you’d be losing a lot of money on a brand which is clearly overpriced and not worth it.

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Tribestan vs Tribulus Terrestris

The pure Tribulus Terrestris herb can come in many different dosage strengthen ad whether or not it will be effective depends more on the amount taken. At least with the pure extract you know you’re getting something likely fresh, which may be more potent with much less needed.

There’s no doubt that his is a good ingredient backed by a lot of science, but it’s not well-rounded enough individually. It should be mixed with a lot more, which his the same problem Tribestan has; it’s far too basic to consider it optimal for male enhancement. While not necessarily bad, without much else included you can’t expect well-rounded benefits.

Tribestan vs Tribex

Tribex adds just a little bit more than Tribestan with additional sodium and calcium. The main thing though is of course tribulus terrestris which this brand has the exact same dosage strength of. The key different is that although they also use a Bulgarian strain, they include a 50:1 ratio, which means there is more dried herb added.

They also add a lot of different inactive ingredients like thickeners and a sugar alcohol. They require cycling for this and have a very specific dosage recommendation which is never explained as to why it is advised. Generally cycling is never a good thing since it means a supplement won’t offer long-term support needed for noticeable results.

Tribestan vs Speman

Ayurvedic herbs is what Speman focuses on, all of this is used to combat impotence, and a loss of testosterone. They even say how this can affect sperm count and improve the pleasure system part of the brain.

What’s very odd about this supplement is that they require the support of a physician, it’s advised to consult a medical doctor who can recommend it according to the person’s condition. This is very strange for a supplement which is clamed o be side effect free when used in proper amounts. It’s also incredibly pricy, an ingle 60 tablet botte retails for $120, a premium cost which his never explained. Reviews for it were also not always positive, there were many disappointed customers.

Tribestan FAQ

  1. What are typical Tribestan reviews?
    Some loved it and others hated it. There was a few who said it gave them uncomfortable side effects and that it was too much, something you rarely hear from a single active ingredient. Others said it gave them an extra boost in the gym and that they felt a surge of libido. No typical review is available, it varied often.
  1. What is the proper Tribestan dosage?
    This varies depending on the person. They say for enhanced benefits to take 2 tablets 3 times daily for a 90 day period, and repeating if it suits you. For most adults they suggest only taking a single tablet 3 times a day or 2 tablets if the user is over 220 pounds. There is also a maintenance dose of a tablet every 1 to 3 a day. This is all very specific and it really depends more on the individual user and their needs.
  1. Are there any Tribestan side effects to worry about?
    According to consumer reviews there were complications including, sweating, hyperactivity, and jitters.
  1. What are the full Tribestan ingredients?
    The only active ingredient is Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris in a 500mg amount per serving.
  1. What is Tribestan used for?
    If you take the official website as a solid source, than it’s made for athletic activity as well as sexual health. They say men and women can use it and that it is effective with its all-natural formula.
  1. Are there any Tribesta reviews on forums?
    A few people discussed it on different web forums but they often said it failed to do anything and that there was uncomfortable side effects. A customer said they felt they were cheated since the brand they purchased online was grossly ineffective.
  1. Will a Tribestan tablet work for sperm?
    This specific brand is not outright described as a way to support healthy sperm, but any supplement with a decent amount of tribulus terrestris can help boost sperm.
  1. What is Tribestan exactly?
    It’s a single active ingredient supplement that uses a high amount of Tribulus Terrestris, and aphrodisiac. This is intended for men and women, athletes who do completive sports, and it has only natural ingredients. Dosing can vary and it’ supposedly backed by 20 years of research. Non-athletes can also use it.
  1. Are there common Tribestan results?
    Increased energy, vigor, and more libido were mentioned by some, though there were also reviews from users who said it stimulated them far too much to the point it was unconfutable and they wish it would stop.
  1. Can I get Tribestan 250mg anywhere?
    The official Tirbestan website offers a single serving size, a 250 mg bottle with 60 tablets for $42.95.

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