BrainSmart Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Even though they offer different versions the formula is roughly the same and it focus heavily on simple ingredients and stimulants. The lack of customer reviews and the simplistic formula prevent it from being a top ranking nootropic.

Our research identified the basics on what BrainSmart has to offer.

Our favorite picks for nootropic support are best for mood, focus, and mental output.


BrainSmart Overview

BrainSmart is a nootropic supplement brand in different versions for enhanced support, mood, focus, and memory. Ingredients can vary between the formulas, but it’s typically basic additives like nutrients, common nootropic additives, and sometimes stimulants.

They make it clear results can vary depending on the person, and there’s no way to know for certain if this will deliver reliable results. Because we couldn’t find a single review of it outside of their official website, there are serious doubts about both its use and effectiveness.

The price is also an issue since you’d be able to find other nootropics which use not use the same ingredients, but with more added to it for about the same cost.

BrainSmart Claims

Claims can vary depending on the product but in general they mention basic nootropic benefits. There are specific versions which have different formulas but it’s often reliant on basic additives.

If you want specific results you can get versions which are meant for memory, mood, and focus. Or if you want varied results with a high strength formula, there’s also the Ultra version.

The company does offer a brief description about what this is meant to do, and fortunately they also give an explanation as to the intention of their ingredients. Each additive has about 1 to 2 sentences to further explain their purpose, and the intended results.

The disclaimer does make it clear that this is not guaranteed to work however, and that it’s only suggested that certain results are possible.

To make it easy to identify, they make sure to add a few sentences to highlight the main benefits of each version. With this those interested can get specific coverage, though it’s odd that they wouldn’t make versions which are more comprehensive.

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BrainSmart Ingredients

Ingredients vary depending on the version you select so below we compiled a list of most notable ingredients:

  • Cordyceps Sinensis
  • Chlorella
  • Caffeine
  • Paullinia Cupana
  • Green Coffee
  • Folic Acid
  • Vitamin B6
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Vitamin B12
  • Cobalamin

Cordyceps Sinensis are a fungi that is supplemented in order to help reduce fatigue and for anti-aging. Many other benefits are claimed but studies are often lacking, and it has yet to be proven as a reliable ingredient for nootropic support.

Chlorella is algae rich in many kinds of nutrients including amino acids and trace vitamins. It’s most often used as a health food for immune system benefits and for enriching brain health.

Caffeine is a basic stimulant that is added to nootropics for its focus and energy support. The effects have to be carefully regulated since caffeine may cause side effects, even in people who are used to getting caffeine.

Green Coffee is an unroasted type of coffee bean which is richer in what’s known as chlorogenic acid. This is useful for increasing metabolism and it also has caffeine in it for a mental boost.

Paullinia Cupana is another name for the stimulant seeds known as guarana. This also has theobromine, a stimulant, and trace nutrients. Effects from this can vary both on the total dosage strength and how well the user can tolerate caffeine.

Many of the nootropic blends use a combination of vitamins and nutrients which are often found in common foods.

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The Science Behind BrainSmart

No actual descriptive scientific explanation is provided, and instead all you get are claims for each version of this brand. No clinical studies are cited anywhere, and they fail to truly explain it’s potential.

They do use a lot of common additives which all have studies you can read about from 3rd party sources, but it’s often the case that they make each version lack suitable additives. For example, the memory version only has a few common B vitamins, useful ginkgo biloba, and NAC which is common to foods. This is not enough to rely on and many other nootropics have this but with more included.

The major failure of this product is that by trying to make specific versions, they instead only have basic additives which are often blended together in more comprehensive formulas.

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Word on the Street About BrainSmart

Even though the official website looks updated there are no outside reviews currently available. While it’s not the company’s fault that no one has decided to leave a rating for it, this makes it impossible to verify what’s likely to result from it. We need some sort of confirmation that others have had benefits or at the very least no side effects.

Without some sort of support from consumers, we can’t know what this likely will offer, if anything. The company does have their own reviews which you can review, but it seems highly strange that there would be this many reviews on their website but no reviews anywhere else.

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Is BrainSmart Worth a Try?

Each version of this brand is not complete enough and the lack of reviews is a major red flag. There’s a lot of nootropics which use the same basic ingredients, but instead of making 4 different versions, they often mix many of the key ingredients together. What this means for this brand is that it’s far too basic and not complete enough to rely on for nootropic benefits.

The price is also high for what are basic ingredients. Some brands are price only slightly higher but they actually blend the additives. Certain versions of this rely heavily on stimulants which are never advised when taking a nootropic. Relying on stimulants not only requires cycling, but it can be dangerous over time.

The non-stimulant versions are lacking the support needed to make it stand out as a nootropic. They rely on too many formulas which have ingredients either already found in foods, or which can be easily replaced.

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BrainSmart FAQ

  1. Where can I buy BrainSmart?
    Their official website is the most reliable source for it.
  1. What’s the official BrainSmart program?
    They have no mention of any kind of program.
  1. Does BrainSmart focus cause side effects?
    We can’t say for certain but the use of it should be regulated since no customer has mentioned what it offered.
  1. Are there any BrainSmart Ultra side effects?
    Because it does contain caffeine, those sensitive may experience symptoms.
  1. What are some common BrainSmart reviews?
    There currently are no reviews posted on 3rd party websites, we don’t know if anyone has successfully used it.

So What Really Works?

The top pick for nootropic benefits was selected to be Memotenz for good reason. All the ingredients added are what you’d hope to find, and they also add it in large amounts. These natural ingredients have a wealth of 3rd party reviews which discuss just how useful they are individually, and when mixed it further enhances the benefits. These benefits include improved mood, reduction of mental fatigue, an increased ability to reduce stress levels, and overall healthy brain function.

This is the reason why a lot of users said that they continue to use it as part of their daily regimen. People had a noticeable improvement in the way they processed information and in how easy it was to improve their workload. There’s also the great explanation offered by the official website which includes direct testimonials from users. To access Memotenz and to see what others had to say and how it works specifically, click here.

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