Virility Ex Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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This product has little to recommend it: an amateurish company that frequently misspells the product’s name, almost no sex drive-enhancing ingredients to speak of, and a terrible reception from customers. Dare to read more about this trainwreck? Read below:

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Virility Ex Overview

Virility Ex is a sexual enhancement supplement for men that claims to make your sex life better and more satisfying. It’s a natural product, meaning no drugs or synthetic ingredients were used in making its formula: instead, it contains herbs and plant extracts that are supposed to help men in the bedroom. They offer a free trial for those who are still on the fence about it, but it comes with a catch: they need your credit card info first.

They claimed they’ve advertised on CNN, MSNBC, and USA Today, but when you look at their product, the branding, and the company itself, it’s clear that this is an amateurish product with bogus claims and a serious need of some spell-checking.

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Virility Ex Claims

This is one of your standard male sex supplements: they claim that the product contains all-natural products that are guaranteed to make you more sexually aroused, and to have more gratifying sex. It makes a big deal out of being a “natural” formula, claiming it was specially-made to address low sex drive and weak erections. What sets it apart, though, is that it claims to make your penis bigger.

That’s a problem. Most male supplements have dropped the promise to increase penis size, since it’s something that’s been long-debunked. That’s right, it’s medically impossible to increase penis size through using pills (Steward, Julie: “Do Penis Enlargement Products Work?” Men’s Health, 2024).

The website for this product has lots and lots of problems. From the over-the-top claims about making penises bigger to the ALL-CAPS blocks of text about how great Virility Ex is, the website is amateurish and lame. They even misspell the name of their own product (“VIRILIRYEX”). They don’t go into how the product is supposed to work, the science behind the ingredients or anything else: they just say it works, it’s organic (proof?), and that men all over the world are flocking to them to buy it. They feature “quotes” from women (no names, though) talking about how important “size” is, which the company uses to further compel men to buy the supplement.

How trustworthy is this company? Well for starters, we don’t trust companies that can’t spell the name of their own products. Secondly, we have no idea who these people are. They claim they were founded in 2002 and have dedicated themselves to supply “nutritional formulas” to the public that are of “unsurpassed value.” The question is, what are these other products? From the label it looks like the company’s called “Pacific Naturals,” but there’s only one other product we’ve seen associated with them – “Xtreme NO” – and that’s it.

They have an empty BBB profile, and no main company website. That’s trouble.

One other red flag we saw when looking up this company was that the Virility Ex website has a disclaimer at the bottom saying that anyone who buys from them agrees to “binding arbitration”: basically, you agree not to take them to court, but to resolve your differences with a mediator. So right up front, they’re already being defensive and are trying to get away with not being held or bound by any state laws that protect customers from being ripped off or lied to. If they’re so worried that they’ll be sued, there’s probably a reason.

So much for being the “most trustworthy name in male enhancement”!

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Virility Ex Ingredients

Virility Ex has a pretty small list of ingredients. Here’s what we’re told is in it:

  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Korean Ginseng
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Beta Sitosterols

Zinc is a common mineral and a part of a balanced diet, which is typically prescribed to help people improve their immune system. We suspect it was included in Virility Ex because some claim that it increases testosterone levels – and if you have more testosterone, you should have a higher sex drive. Is that true, though? We’ll cover that in the next section.

Selenium is another important mineral that’s supposed to increase antioxidant potency, helping keep cells healthy. We’re not exactly sure why it was included in this product, though, except perhaps it’s down the fact that it’s associated with better circulatory function.

Korean Ginseng (or Asian Ginseng) is an old herbal remedy for lots of different things. It’s considered an “adaptogen,” something that can help the body deal with stress, which is why it’s been used as a way for people to fight fatigue. Virility Ex likely contains this so that people can have more energy during sex and last longer – but we had to figure that out ourselves: Virility Ex doesn’t actually explain what anything does.

Saw Palmetto is a berry that is used as a natural remedy for water retention, although it’s also said to have an effect on the sex drive as well. We’ve mostly seen it used as a way to help reduce prostate inflammation in older men, not for sex pills.

Beta sitosterols are plant extracts that are supposed to be good at preventing cholesterol buildup in the blood vessels, and can help reduce inflammation. Why is it in this product, though? It has nothing to do with the sex drive.
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The Science Behind Virility Ex

The strangest thing about this product is that most of the ingredients have nothing to do with the sex drive. Let’s look at some of the claims about them anyway.

Zinc is a part of the diet, so it can’t be “bad” for you. It’s generally included in male supplements like this, with people saying that it will increase testosterone levels and make your sex drive higher as a result. We’ve only seen one study that comments on that claim (Prasad, Mantzsoros, et al, 1996), but it actually says that higher levels of zinc don’t correlate with higher testosterone levels. Too bad.

Selenium may have an effect on circulation (WebMD), but that’s not enough to show that it helps the sex drive. Other ingredients like epimedium or arginine can help increase blood flow to the genitalia, leading to firmer erections, but selenium is only said to help with circulatory health – it’s not supposed to give you raging erections.
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Saw palmetto is a common ingredient in natural prostate medicines, but some people claim that it can increase sex drive by making the body produce more testosterone. Does it? We only found one study mentioning this effect at the National Institutes of Health, and it concluded that saw palmetto “may” affect hormone serum levels, but that more research is needed (Anderson, Mark, J Int. Soc Sports, 2024). Not very impressive evidence, as far as we’re concerned.

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Word on the Street about Virility Ex

This is another part where Virility Ex doesn’t really impress: its reviews. We found only 9 customer reviews on Amazon, and they’re mostly bad:

“No differences. Waste of money.”

“I won’t be reordering this. It didn’t work for me.”

“This is false advertising! It did not work as promised!”


“This was wack, yo.”

The reviews go on like this. One thing we noticed is that the only 5-star reviews we read were extremely short and looked possibly fake, since they didn’t offer any real insight into what happened or how it made them feel. What’s more, there are only two of those reviews, and that says something.

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Is Virility Ex Worth a Try?

Welp, there’s not much to say about Virility Ex. It has a low-quality website full of impossible claims (“make you penis bigger!”), misspellings (“Viriliryex”) and some shady legal language that makes it look like this company just wants to get out of being held responsible for following through with any promises they make. The product doesn’t contain any really powerful sex drive-boosting ingredients, like tribulus or epimedium – instead, it contains some extracts that are supposed to increase testosterone levels, but they don’t, making the formula look more like a prostate support pill than a sexual desire pill. Lastly it has only nine reviews, most of which are extremely bad.

And that’s all that can be said. Really, there’s no reason to suggest this product at all. We advise men who want to try nutritional supplements to really look into the products they’re considering, and make sure they do their homework. Otherwise, they could end up wasting their money on garbage like Virility Ex.

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Virility Ex vs Vigrx Plus

These are similar products, in the sense that they’re both meant to help men have a better sex drive, and both have very low ratings from customers. They differ in their formulas: Vigrx Plus contains lots of herbal aphrodisiacs like epimedium, damiana, and muira puama. Virility Ex’s ingredients, on the other hand, don’t have much going for them in the realm of aphrodisiac activity. They also differ in the claims they make: Vigrx Plus only claims to improve the sex drive and erection quality, while Virility Ex goes one step more and says you’ll get a bigger penis out of it. They differ in price too with Virility Ex costing $54.98, and Vigrx Plus costing a whopping $76.99, which is more expensive than most supplements we’ve reviewed.

Virility Ex vs Vimax

Virility Ex and Vimax both promise to increase your sex drive and make your sex life better and more pleasurable. They both contain similar ingredients as well, both sharing ginseng and saw palmetto as the main active ingredients. They differ in that Vimax makes more of an effort to look legit: a better website, better writing, and no misspellings of their own product’s name. While at first glance it might look like both products claim to make the penis bigger, on closer observation this isn’t true: Virility Ex claims literally to make the penis anatomically larger, while Vimax promises to increase the size of the erection (possibly through pumping more blood into it). They’re similar prices, at $54.98 and $59.99 respectively, and both offer free trials (both of which require you to put in your credit card information first).

Virility Ex FAQ

  1. Do you know where to buy Virility Ex in stores?
    Right now it doesn’t look like this supplement is available in stores. We’ve only seen it available for purchase in online e-stores.
  2. Are there pictures of the results of using Virility Ex?
    If you’re talking about before-and-after pictures of penis size, you’re on your own. If there are any such pictures, they’d probably be on some private forum that allows pictures of genitalia to be posted on them.
  3. Do you know the price of Virility Ex in India?
    No, you would have to look up whatever the current exchange rate is for dollars to rupees.
  4. Can you buy Virility Ex on Amazon?
    Yes, right now you can buy Virility Ex on Amazon through the company’s [misspelled] Amazon vendor account, “Virity Ex.” Can they spell anything right?
  5. Are there any side effects from using Virility Ex?
    No, there are no side effects associated with the product, as far as we’ve seen, and we haven’t seen anyone mention anything bad happening to them as a result of using it.
  6. What is the phone number for Virility Ex?
    They have lots of numbers for various countries, but it looks like their main website is (302) 684-6186.
  7. Does Virility Ex come with a free trial?
    Yes, but you will have to pay attention to any documents you click on and all the things you agree to. Free trials often come with hidden catches like allowing them to withdraw money from your card after the trial period is over.
  8. Is Virility Ex good for male growth?
    No, contrary to what these people claim, there is no pill that can make your penis physically larger, and this company needs to retract their statements about that.
  9. What is the price of Virility Ex?
    Right now you can buy Virility Ex for $54.98 from Amazon. Through the website they only offer a free trial, or so it seems, so we don’t know if you can get a different price through them.
  10. What do you know about the Virility Ex team?
    If you mean the people who made the product or developed it, we know nothing. The main website contains no information about who these people are, what their qualifications are, or anything to that effect. We’re supposed to take it on faith that they know what they’re doing, but that’s not good enough for most people.

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So What Really Works?

Viritenz is our favorite male enhancement supplement, and we base that statement on the strength of its formula and how consumers have received it. It includes a high-quality, natural formula of tested ingredients, and is made to a high standard in an American facility. If you use it as directed, it can help you to achieve better performance in the bedroom and have more energy in your everyday life, for better confidence overall.

Men with improved virility and energy can see improved mood and confidence, and Viritenz is one of the best choices out there. Viritenz can help any man get the sex life they want, and at a competitive price.

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