CogniSense Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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All you get with this brand are numerous claims and a very basic blend of 3 active ingredients. Not a single user has left a review which leaves much doubt about the safety or effectiveness of this product.

Even though all it needs is a single capsule a day, there’s little to support the use of this.

We have made it our mission to select the highest rated nootropic supplements; here they are in a top 10 list.

CogniSense Overview

CogniSense is a nootropic supplement made for both short and long-term memory function. The claim is that this can help provide a boosting effect to cognition, while improving energy levels.

This is a simple formula of 2 patented ingredients and a basic nootropic herb. Overall even though they do make it easy to take, it’s not at all impressive. The company fails to cite any reliable evidence and it’s unclear why anyone would select this over other more established brands. The only source for information is their website and they fail to list any actual science.

The price is also incredibly high, which prevents it from being a solid alternative to other nootropics.

Right in this list is an updated review of all the highest ranked supplements for optimal nootropic support.

CogniSense Claims

All the claims made about his brand are about how it can help support memory and including any new details that can get lost in short-term memory. That’s essentially all that’s described, though they do go into detail on the uses this can have. Instead of targeting the actual science and explaining what it can do, they go over basic details to how memory is important.

Although this wouldn’t be bad thing when combined with more information, by itself it seems as though the company didn’t know what to say about this brand. They could have shortened the explanation by simply stating how it works for memory, and not going into a long overdrawn explanation that says the same things repeatedly.

They add that it was a pioneer in brain supplements as it was the first of its kind, but there is no evidence that this is true. Still, even if it is true, being the first does not mean it’s the best. This may be why the formula is incredibly simple.

The explanation of the top 10 rated nootropics offers a close insight into the most reliable supplements currently sold.

CogniSense Ingredients

  • Cognizin
  • Synapsa
  • Vinpocetine

Cognizin is patented and it uses citocoline, which is found naturally in the human brain. This is typically used to help stop mental fatigue, and to support proper energy function. The main intended benefit from all this is to ensure that mental sharpness and acuity is acting at a proper rate.

Synapsa is a patented version of the herb known as Bacopa monnieri. This has been formulated to help have a clear advantage form the natural herb itself. This is used for faster mental processing and improves memory. By being standardized it’s meant to offer dedicated benefits which are stronger than the natural herb.

Vinpocetine is an extract typically made artificially though it’ also a part of the periwinkle plant. This has been used to help support blood flow and to prevent age related brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. It’s common to nootropic supplements as it’s been studied in a few reviews. It’s claimed that with the enhanced circulation it can make it much easier for the brain to protect against damage.

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The Science Behind CogniSense

The brain health ingredients are said to be “shown” to provide a sharp and focused mind. They add that the formula is revolutionary and that it can have a great impact on short term memory. While this sounds like a scientific explanation, evidence is lacking.

This instead relies more on unproven claims about its worth, with no way to know for certain what it will likely offer. Even though the company does provide a detailed look at the intended benefits, they never cite any actual evidence No scientific explanation is added either, just general nootropic health claims that you’ll likely find in the most basic of supplements.

Luckily the 2 different patented ingredient are backed by scientific research, but they too are limited as the studies were paid for by these groups. What this means for users is that there is a potential bias which may make the ingredients appear better than they actually are. The 2 additives are potentially useful in their natural form, but it’ unknown what additional benefits are possible from the patented version, if any.

Our research has outlined the top 10 rated supplements for nootropic support.

Word on the Street About CogniSense

There are currently no reviews online. All that can be said about this brand is that they use fairly basic ingredients, but it’s unknown if the it manufacture process keeps them at a potency that’ likely to offer results. When reviewing a supplement it’s highly important to be able to examine reviews.

Without being able to look at reviews there’s no telling if results are likely. Often brands which are well-marketed don’t have the potency to offer real results. Since you can’t examine any clear evidence and learn about possible expectations, there’s no good reason to trust that this would be a useful nootropic.

It’s alarming to not see a single review posted online. It leaves much doubt about what can be expected from this.

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Is CogniSense Worth a Try?

There’s no real reason to try this underwhelming supplement. The ingredients are basic and there’s nothing that makes this stand out. No reviews are offered either, so determining its value is impossible without having to do deep research.

It’s good that they decided to include only natural ingredients, but the same can be said by other more well-rounded nootropics. The company fails to leave much of an impression with this basic and easy to reproduce formula. Because there isn’t much information about this brand other than the official website, it also makes it clear to find any unbiased information.

Even the official website has limited details, and overall it’s too basic to favor over more supportive nootropic blends. The price is also incredibly high at $79.95 for only 3 additives which are easy to find elsewhere.

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CogniSense FAQ

  1. What is a common CogniSense review?
    There isn’t a single online review on any website.
  1. Can I get CogniSense on Amazon?
    They do not sell it on Amazon at this time.
  1. What is the official CogniSense company?
    They are owned by BestHealth Nutritional out of Maryland.
  1. What are the full CogniSense ingredients?
    Cognizin, Synapsa, and Vinpocetine are the active ingredients.
  1. Where can I find CogniSense supplement reviews?
    At this time there is no official source anywhere.
  1. Are there any CogniSense side effects?
    There are no reviews to examine so deterring if it’s been safe is impossible. The ingredients they add are likely safe in controlled amounts, but it’s still impossible to say whether or not it would certainly be safe.

So What Really Works?

The nootropic brand that met all our extensive criteria best was Memotenz. Many things made it stand out from the all-natural blend of high dosed ingredients, the various positive customer experiences, and the wide range of support for all tasks. It doesn’t matter what kind of mental tasks it is, this can support energy, mood, focus, and memory.

There are a lot of different uses to this which is why athletes, works, and academic types have used it. The consensus was that it offered great support which made it much easier to remain mentally sharp. All the ingredients come from only natural sources which can be use daily for all-around support. An exclusive detail of what is offered by Memotenz can be read in full by clicking here.

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