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The use of a banned ingredient and the basic formula which has key ingredients mostly studied on animals is hard to take seriously. It’s not legally accepted and it may be unsafe to take a main ingredient in this blend.

There are a lot of unanswered questions which we explain in this Nootroo review.

All of the highest rated nootropics are explained in detail within the top 10 list.

Nootroo Overview

Nootroo is a nootropic supplement that has been reformulated and said to be the “gold standard” when it comes to similar products. They make it somewhat hard to review since they state that previous blends had different additives, and no supplements facts list is cited.

The formula relies on a common nootropic ingredient but in a patented form, and an additive which is only legally allowed in Russia. Because of this inability to buy it legally in the US and most other countries, it’s hard to see much use in it. There are also unknown quantities of caffeine which may no longer be in the new formula, but at this time there’s no way to know for certain what’s to be expected.

The complete lack of reliable information makes it incredibly difficult to try and examine, though people often complained about the high cost and basic formula.

The most useful nootropic supplements are highlighted and reviewed in our informative top 10 review.

Nootroo Claims

The main intended benefits are:

  • Improved attention span
  • Better ability to form memories
  • Increased physical endurance

The way the website is formed makes it difficult to review claims about Nootroo, most of the emphasis is on nootropics in general. Most of what is said is fairly common to all nootropics but they don’t specify in their words with detail as to how each ingredient has an impact, and what they do in the brain.

Nootroo Ingredients

  • Cognizin CDP Choline
  • Noopept
  • Phenylpiracetam
  • Suntheanine
  • Pureenergy

Cognizin CDP Choline is a patented version of choline which is useful for regulating acetylcholine in the brain. This is highly important and it can help support cognition, energy, and overall mental focus. The ingredient is meant to help maintain cell membranes, electrical impulses, and cell health.

Noopept is used to prevent the effects caused by cognitive decline as human’s age. The synthetic ingredient is a kind of molecule which is meant to relief fast acting results.

Phenylpiracetam is poplar in the nootropic ingredient which is meant to help protect brain health. This is also used to support physical output, and it has mostly been tested on lab rats. It’s only allowed legally in Russia, though sometimes it will be sold by itself in other countries. It is not allowed in the US however, and it’s currently no longer scheduled. This is banned from athletic competition from groups such as WADA.

Suntheanine is the patented combination of green tea and L-Theanine, which is meant to limit the stimulate affects caused by caffeine. This is also used to enhance mental focus and stimulant alpha waves.

Pureenergy is a blend of the antioxidant patented additive pTeroPure and caffeine. It’s essentially Resveratrol with some caffeine, and it’s supposedly synergistic to enhance total effects. For cognition this is meant to help relive nervousness and stress, while adding focus and memory.

If you want to see what supplements work best at enhancing cognition, we recommend reviewing the top 10 list.

The Science Behind Nootroo

The official website has a section where different studies are linked. This highlights the effectiveness of ingredients like L-Theanine, Noopept, Piracetam, and on nootropics in general. This is useful to look at, though it still fails to highlight the effectiveness of the formula.

We also had trouble in reviewing the formula since they have different claims made about what’s inside. They make it seem like only 2 ingredients are added on the product page, but another page says there are 2 forms of patented ingredients. Without being able to verify for certain it’s tricky to see what’s included.

In either case, it’s still made with a banned substance which is only legally accepted in Russia.

A lot of effort went into producing our top 10 nootropics list which you can find here.

Word on the Street About Nootroo

“You’d easily find this in a stack that’s going to cost you much less than this”

“Didn’t really feel like I got my money’s worth, I’d think you’re better off using something in bulk”

“Expensive, save yourself the time by getting a bulk powder which has the cat same formula but without the high price tag”

“If you don’t have any experience with nootropics it may be a god start but if you’re serious it’s much better to reproduce it”

There was a lot of criticism over what was felt to be a simple and overused formula. People said it just wasn’t worth the cost, and that what it offered was too basic to consider it over other nootropics. Rarely did anyone comment on the actual effects, as there was little support for it.

Most who commented on it had a back ground in nootropics and they felt that the same blend could be easily recreated without the high cost.
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There were also complaints about the simplicity of it, and the fact that it has additives seen in all kinds of nootropic stacks.
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Jump right to a top 10 list which explains in detail what nootropics is the best overall.

Is Nootroo Worth a Try?

It’s not recommended due to the banned ingredient, mostly negative reviews high cost, and basic blend. You could easily find the same basic formula but in legal form elsewhere. The only ingredient which may have a unique benefit is not legally accepted in the US.
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The company does provide a lot of different studies which is appreciated, but we don’t know if any of this is still reliable. Customers made it clear as well; this is incredibly basic and seen in countless other similar nootropic aides.

No better nootropic aids exist than the supplements reviewed in our top 10 list.

Nootroo vs Addium

Addium is a controversial and poorly rated nootropic supplement. The company is poorly rated and hundreds of users said it was ineffective and not worth the purchase. The marketing used for this is highly questionable since they often make suggestions about it being the best, and that it’s like a fake movie drug found in “Limitless”.

Nootroo vs Nootrobox

Nootrobox combines a blend of 4 different nootropic ingredients which are meant to provide energy for the day, the reduction of stress, improved mental health, and to help improve sleep. Even though it seems comprehensive the formula suffers from basic ingredients to additives which may cause side effects. There’s little in the way of ingredients, and people often had mixed experiences with some mentioning harsh side effects as a major issue.

Nootroo FAQ

  1. What is a common Nootroo review?
    Little was said about it but most of the reviews were unfavorable due to the lack of effects.
  1. Are there any Nootroo side effects?
    There wasn’t much said about it so it’s hard to know if it’s free from side effects. Since it does contain caffeine it may lead to common side effects like jitters.
  1. Where can I buy Nootroo?
    The official website is currently he only trusted source.
  1. What are the full Nootroo ingredients?
    The Gold and Silver contain Noopept, SmoothCaffeine, L-Theanine, Cognizin CDP Choline, and Phenylpiracetam.
  1. Is there a Nootroo Amazon page?
    No Amazon page is currently offered.
  1. What is the official Nootroo Twitter?
    The official page is offered here:
  1. What does Reddit say about Nootroo?
    The common criticism is that all it has is basic nootropic ingredients which are sold at a much higher cost.
  1. Is there a Nootroo coupon?
    There does not appear to be a coupon at this time.

So What Really Works?

Out of all the many types of nootropics currently offered only Memotenz exceeded our criteria for what makes a solid cognitive aid. Customers had the same repeat experience, which included a noticeable improvement in their mental health. This gave users a change in the way they processed information, and it made it much easier to focus and keep mentally energized. The effects also improved user’s mood and motivation, making it much easier to perform tasks.

Whether people used it to help them excel at sports or to simply improve their work efficiency, there were benefits seen all around. The ingredients are also compelled natural and free from any harsh or weak additives which can cause issues. The quality is kept to a high standard since it’s produced in a FDA registered facility. Here’s a simply explanation offered to help users understand what Memotenz can provide for cognition.

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