Top 11 Health Benefits Of Nettle Tea

health benefits of nettle tea

Nettle plant has been used since 3rd century B.C in alternative medicine to cure health issues. Nettle tea helps remove the infection because it owns anti-inflammatory and astringent properties agents. Plus, it is full of minerals such as iron, potassium, manganese, calcium, phosphorous, iodine, magnesium, silica, silicon, sodium, and sulfur, as well as vitamins such as A, C, D, B and K. All these nutrients make this tea an effective in treating many ailments. Let’s have a detailed look at top 11 health benefits of nettle tea at in the line of Nutrition. Read on and remember!

Top 11 Health Benefits Of Nettle Tea You Should Know

1. Improve Blood Circulation

Improving blood circulation is one of the top health benefits of nettle tea. Nettle tea contains plenty of vitamin C and iron. Vitamin C helps the digestive system to absorb more iron and this increases the number of red blood cells. Nettle tea also helps to promote the red blood cells’ production in your body. For the same reason, nettle tea is often suggested to relieve anemia or fatigue, which is identified by general muscle weakness, cognitive difficulties, exhaustion, and headaches.

2. Keep Your Kidneys And Gallbladder Healthy

benefits of nettle tea - keep your kidneys and gallbladder healthy

Typically, the nettle tea is full of nephridic effects, which eliminate stones in the kidneys and the gall bladder as well. In addition, nettle tea comes with the diuretic property that quickly removes the toxins, protects the bladder from edema as well as treats other infections. Nettle tea acts as a diuretic, so it helps to remove toxins quickly, thus protecting against excess fluid retention and bladder infections.

3. Detoxify The Body

Nettle tea is also very effective in eliminating the toxins from the body. Nettle tea is among the best detoxifiers because it contains many nutrients. It also helps the gastrointestinal system to ingest more nutrients, thus contributing to smooth digestion. Plus, it treats diarrhea, nausea, etc effectively.

4. Ease Menopause Process And Treat Premenstrual Syndrome

many women in the world are affected by premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Luckily, the nettle tea consists of several vital elements that combat PMS effectively and provide fast relief as well. This tea also alleviates the bloating and cramps, and substantially lowers the blood flow during the period. During the crucial transitional phase, this tea ensures that women will feel minimum discomfort. Because it makes sure that the changes of hormone in the body aren’t too drastic.

5. Cure Respiratory Conditions

Curing respiratory conditions is considered among the best health benefits of nettle tea. You should not skip nettle tea if you want to cure various respiratory conditions such as hay fever and asthma. Several studies have shown that intake of this tea inhibits allergic reactions linked to the above conditions. It also has been used in Australia to cure asthma for several decades.

6. Treat Osteoporosis

benefits of nettle tea - treat osteoporosis

Nettle tea helps keep the calcium in your bones intact and the nutrients housed in nettle contains boron, too. Due to boron, regular consumption of this tea is a great way to delay osteoporosis when the body ages. Furthermore, the key elements of the tea encourage the overall health of the bones, as well.

7. Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Generally, nettle tea acts as both a stimulant and a rubefacient. Hence, it fights against arthritis, chronic muscle aches, and gout, etc, successfully, which are inflammatory conditions. A latest scientific research clearly testified this particular healing agent of the nettle tea.

8. Keep Your Heart Healthy

Keeping your heart healthy is also one of the top health benefits of nettle tea. Many scientific studies have shown that daily consumption of the nettle tea help to reduce the systolic blood pressure. As a result, it helps to protect the health of the cardiovascular system.

9. Alleviate Allergies

Eliminating is also one of the best benefits of nettle tea you should know. It works very effectively to ease various types of allergies. This tea contains the anti-histamine effects that make it an excellent treatment for the purpose. This tea is a great antidote to food allergies and seasonal allergies.

10. Skin Health

Nettle tea has been proven to decrease the severity of acne. It can even inhibit bacterial infections of different types. In addition, it can speed healing, decrease the appearance of blemishes and scars, and boost up anti-aging to lower wrinkles and age spots thanks to its antioxidant properties.

11. Pregnancy Aid

benefits of nettle tea - pregnancy aid

The nettle tea is often recommended for women who are experiencing excessively painful labor. Plus, it can help safeguard against excessive bleeding because it can work as a coagulant. Last but not least, the tea will help to promote the milk production.

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Additional Benefits Of Nettle Tea:

  • The nettle tea effectively cures neoplastic ailments because it comprises of the minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.
  • Regular intake of nettle tea helps maintain the health of the endocrine system.
  • The nettle tea also helps remove worms and parasites in the intestines.
  • Gargling with the nettle tea is also useful to treat a lot of infections of the mouth and throat.
  • Regular consumption of the nettle tea reduces the intensity of Alzheimer’s disease significantly. Thus, aged people facing this condition are suggested to take nettle tea daily.
  • Drinking nettle tea every day is also one of the most dependable ways to encourage the immunity power of the body. As a result, it keeps you protected from many illnesses.

How To Make This Tea?

Making a homemade nettle tea is very easy. Try following a few simple steps below:

  1. Firstly, add water to some nettle leaves and bring it to a boil.
  2. Next, simmer for a few minutes and pour this mixture through 1 small strainer.
  3. You can add some honey, stevia or cinnamon to taste if you want.
  4. Finally, consume it.

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In conclusion, those are the benefits of nettle tea for health. You should consume it daily to maintain your overall health. Share your thoughts with us in the comment below.

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