11 Fast & Easy Ways To Lose Weight For Teenagers That Really Work

easy ways to lose weight for teenagers

Updates: 06/15/2024

Teenage obesity is a widespread and dangerous problem. With the increasing number of overweight children in a modern society, we need to find some creative ways to encourage young people to adopt healthy habits for losing weight. However, it is hard enough to get adults to take responsibility for their weight and health. So, how can we inspire teenagers who are also coping with the tumultuous natural period of being a teen to achieve a weight loss? This article will provide parents, in general, and teenagers, in particular, with 11 critical yet easy ways to lose weight for teenagers. Check the following tips introduced in this article out to help your children – if you are a mother/father, or help yourself – if you are a teenager – get in shape naturally and effectively.

Top 11 Fast &Easy Ways To Lose Weight For Teenagers

1. Forget Guilt And Blame

It is critical for you to make sure that you do not blame anyone for how you are now, both yourself and your parents. Feeling guilty about your shape and appearance is a negative emotion that does not help you get motivated to lose weight but put your mood down.

easy ways to lose weight for teenagers review

2. Commit For A Long Term Approach

Just look at what you are about now to seriously undertake your weight loss plan not as a quick plan but rather a change in your current lifestyle for a lifetime. And, if you are falter along the road to your goal, do not look at it as a failure or the end of the world because you have a long time to make some changes. For instance, if you hang out with some friends and eat a fast food restaurant with a large order of fries, then you do not need to feel guilty about your action because it is not your regular habit, you will eat more sensibly at the next meal. That is simple!

3. Set A Reasonable Goal

easy ways to lose weight for teenagers fast

Losing a half of one pound or one pound per week is so realistic. Remember that you should not drop the calorie intake to below 1300. You are in the period of growing – the important and deciding time for your whole life – so, it would be difficult to get all the important nutrition a teenager need in less than that. In other words, extreme diets involve in very low calories level that cause some negative changes such as unhealthy skin , hair loss, irritability, depression, loss of menstruation, and several cases of heart failure, etc.  Moreover, you might feel dissatisfied when eating not enough. So, keep away from an extreme diet.

4. Improve Eating And Exercise Habits

It is essential to think about changing the current lifestyle or eating habits if you want to lose weight. By this way, you also feel and look better, especially, you can lose weight along the way. It is also necessary to keep in mind that as a teenager, you usually go through a “puppy fat” phase in which you will increase some weights because of the changing hormone within your own body. So, if you are coping with this period, just keep up healthy exercises as well as diets to let the phase pass. For those teen girls who dream about having a bikini body, applying unique tips here will be the easiest way to achieve your dream.

5. Positively Deal With Outside Pressure

For teenager, they usually handle with a lot of pressure from friends, media, and even their family to look a certain way. If you are jealous of models or women in magazine, then it is no need because they are airbrushed and have access to personal trainers, makeup artists, and fantastic clothes. Therefore, be realistic in the expectations of how you look; you will feel pleased with how you are now.

6. Do Not Eat From 9 p.m To 6 a.m

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By this way, you can keep your body on a schedule. Human body does not operate effectively at night compared with daytime, particularly when you are sleeping. It also means that your body cannot digest foods at night; thus, eating at night is a bad idea for overweight teenagers.

If you want to get in shape naturally without having to join in any gym class, you should read this book of tips to eat weight off and easy fat loss factor guide.

7. Eat A Healthy Diet

In order to make over your own diet and promote how you feel and look, you should aware of the fundamentals of nutrition and make a healthy choice to natural weight loss meal plans.

  • Drink water. As a teenager who wants to lose weight, instead of consuming sweet drinks or high-calorie beverages, you had better drink 8 glasses of water each day. This is the best drink because it is calorie free and includes no artificial components. Also, drinking water can help you improve the condition of your skin as well as boost your metabolism fast. In other words, you will feel likely be filled up. Just avoid soda and juices as well due to its high-sugar and calorie feature.  
  • Consume wholegrain. Pasta, brown rice, bread are wholegrain products which are great ways to get the carbs with necessary B vitamins and fiber. Teenage is a period of active and growing; thus, it is essential to fuel your body with carbohydrates. Best of all, they can help to fill you up in order to make you eat less than normal.  
  • Eat vegetables and fruits. Plants are low in calories but high in nutritional value. Moreover, they consist of various anti-oxidants which are good for your look. Try cutting down portion sizes of protein and carbohydrates moderately and enhancing the amount of fruit and vegetables so that you can decrease the content of calorie in each meal and supply your body with important nutrients for developing and growing.

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  • Choose lower fat cooking method. By grilling, boiling, and steaming, or baking your food with no fat, you will be able to reduce a lot of calorie while still enjoying foods you love. Avoid cooking fried foods because they are high in fats which are harmful for the health of your heart. You can avoid chicken skin and cut down any visible fat from your meal to boost the weight loss process further.
  • Healthy snack. That means you need to make sure that your snacks are healthy without too much extra calories. Adding fruit, low fat yogurt, or humus with vegetables into your light meals is healthy options for you.
  • Eat variety of foods. Diet that eradicates whole food groups is not good and advisable at any age, but particularly for those bodies which need the nutrition for growing. In order to develop healthily, you should get a wide range of essential nutrients for the body coming from all the food groups. In case you are a vegetarian or a vegan, then you need to find some alternative sources that can replace for the meat.
  • Do not omit breakfast. A healthy and low-calorie breakfast sets up your body for making healthy decision for the rest of your day. A morning will provide energy for concentration and mobility for the long day. Eggs with fruit or whole grain toast are filling and tasty choices that are low in calories but rich in nutrition for you.

To provide you with easy ways to lose weight for teenagers, I recommend you should follow the healthy diet plans introduced in the e-book of quick diet plan for weight loss.

8. Exercises

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Exercising is important for everybody, particularly teenagers. Good combination of exercise and diet can help you boost your weight loss fast. Your goal is to create a fitness plan where you are in charge. When it comes to quick weight loss exercises, there is a fact that if you burn more than consume, you are losing weight. So, what is the ideal plan to lose weight for teenagers? That plan should be something that you can go at your pace and you will be inspired to do well. Consider some following exercises to choose the best one for you:

  • Walking. Doing this exercise as much as you can. It is proven that the average person will burn over six calories per minute when he or she is walking. Thus, try to walk at least one mile per day to begin losing weight. You also should take the stair instead of taking the lift, dance by yourself to the music on your MP3 player. These are fun ways to make you lose weight without boringness.
  • Minimum jump. Jump up and down, but barely. These are actually not high jumps. Jump by going off the floor an inch or two, and keep your feet shoulder width apart. Keep jumping about 30 seconds or more before resting. Then repeat about 2 rounds.
  • Take a mental timeout to reach the breaking point. Close your eyes for about 5 minutes sit quietly and breathe deeply.
  • Jogging in place. This is one of easy ways to lose weight for teenagers. You can jog in place for five minutes. Once this is too tiring, you can march in place to catch your own breath, then resume jogging. Make it interesting and fun by playing your favorite music. Build up this routine to about 10 nonstop minutes.
  • Play sports. To lose one pound of fat, 3,500 calories have to be burned. You can burn from 50 to 500 or more calories/ hour depending on the exercises you perform. Competitive sports play a significant role in your fitness routine. You can lose weight more quickly if you get rid of excess calories from your daily diet.

9. Find A Healthy Weight

Weight loss is a complicated topic. Many people don’t like anything they have including their current weight. Young girls have dreamt of owning a body shape like the models or actors and tried to find out how to change it. But remember that this might not be realistic and healthy for you. So what should you do to manage your weight?

The best way for all of you is that if you love to lose or gain weight, you can go to see a doctor or dietitian that can compare your present weight with healthy norms to support you to set practical goals.

Weight management requests a long-term process. Crashing dieting or extreme measures can help people lose their weight, but they usually gain back all of the pounds they lost since they haven’t permanently modified their habits.

Thus, you should build up weight loss and diet plans.

find a healthy weight

10. Turn Off The TV And Computer

Nowadays, watching TV, using the computer, or sitting and texting friends are the activities that make up a lot of time. That is terrible. It can easily break our real-life rapports and decreases the physical activity we need to lose weight. If you love to get the desired body shape, switch off the TV instantly and walk away from your computer.

You will be surprised at the health problems that result from overweight. For instance, heart disease, diabetes, gallbladder disease, and high blood pressure are linked to obesity. Obviously, not only does watching less TV help you to get the appearance you dream, but it also improve your quality of life because of preventing common diseases.

11. Skip The Soda

Soda is a type of soft drink capturing the young people, particularly in the party. However, there is a fact existing that skipping the soda is one simple way for teens to lose weight quickly. Every serving of soda has loads of empty calories. Even these calories add up to pounds. You have to know that soda makes you fat even diet soda. It has no nutritional value. High calories in soda contribute to obesity, diabetes, weakened bones, and tooth decay. They also related to depleting the function of vitamin A, magnesium, and calcium that are nutrients necessary for healthy weight loss. Using soda has a huge influence on the taste buds. Some studies have shown that soda and diet soda always make you feel hungrier, which considerably affects your weight loss process. Furthermore, a study by the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio proved that diet soda boots weight gain by as much as 41 percent.

Want to know more easy ways to lose weight? Then, you had better check some extremely unique weight loss methods following: hypnosis for safe weight loss and paleo diet plan for fast weight loss

So, these are 11fast &easy ways to lose weight for teenagers that are used successfully by both boys and girls all over the world. Hope that you have learned something new! Well, learning fast &easy ways to lose weight for teenagers might require much effort and patience, and keeping it simple and innocent is the key to help you get a healthy body.
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