Natural Home Treatment For Blepharitis In Adults

Blepharitis is mainly caused by the development of bacteria. Eyelids especially become inflamed at edges of the eyes, near eyelashes where all hair follicles are located. Sometimes this disease can be caused by blockages of all the oil glands in allergies and eyelids. When it comes to Blepharitis, the eyelids will appear redand there will be constant itching. It is very difficult for you to open your eyelids and they can stick together when waking up in the morning. You will have a gritty feeling in your eyes and feeling of burning sensation. Whenever you blink the eye, you will feel as if the sand particles are in the eyes. Gradually the moisture producing tissues in the eyes also become inflamed and this causes dry skin of the  eyes. The disease can be treated easily at home with some natural home treatment for blepharitis. Today, Vkool provides a full writing about nautral home treatment for blepharitis in adults.

I. Some Natural Herbs That All Adults Need To Add In The Home Treatment For Blepharitis

1. Aloe Vera 

Aloe vera

Adults take out skin of aloe vera, get the gel of it and place this gel on their eyelids. They need to gently rub their eyelids with this gel in a complete circular motion. Do this process for 5 minutesthen wash their eyes with warm water. The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties of the aloe vera will quickly heal the pain. The itchiness will disappear and the swelling is going to abate. Aloe vera is definitelyadded in home treatment for blepharitis in adults. Apply the gel of aloe vera 3 times per day for getting better results.

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2. Coriander Seeds

Coriander seeds

Coriander seeds contain important medicinal properties and they have been utilized in traditional medicine in many countries. The anti-inflammatory properties in coriander seeds bring soon relief from the burning and itching in all eyes. This herb can soothe the inflamed eyelids and unlock all blocked oil glands. Boil 2 cups of water. When the water begins boiling, add 2 teaspoons of the coriander seeds to this. Boil for 3 minutes and then turn off heat. Cool down the water and strain this liquid. Wash all the eyes with this liquid 2 times per day.

3. Eyebright 


Eyebright is in the natural home treatment for blepharitis with anti-bacterial and astringent properties. All people can soak a small cotton ball in the liquid of eyewash made by boiling the eyebright in water and apply it on eyes for five to ten minutes (three to four times daly) to deal with the eye problem.

This herb has been utilized popularly since ancient times to treat a lot of eye problems, including the blepharitis. The Eyebright supports the body intreating bacterial infections which are mainly responsible for causing the blepharitis. This useful herb also can reduce the skin inflammation, irritation, gritty feeling and redness associated with the blepharitis. Eyebright is also a good astringent thatsoothes irritated skin of eyelids caused by Blepharitis. It is a familiar ingredient in a lot of eye ointments and drops available in the medical market. This special herb can be utilized in form of eye drops. Eyebright will  be utilized on the skin of the eyelid in form of eye wash, infusion, poultice, herbal compress in order to get rid of the blepharitis and all the associated symptoms of the blepharitis. This herb has been applied to control a lot of eye disorders traditionally. The stem, the flowers, and leaves are utilized either to make a herbal tea or a cold compress. It is very good to reduce pain and swelling because this herb contains natural antiseptic agents. People can also prepare an eyewash by boiling this dry herb in the clean water, then cool it down before straining. This treatment needs to be applied 2 times per day. Even though this herb is significant effective, it isn’t recommended utilizing by lactating and pregnant women. This herb is also effective to get rid of eye floaters

4. Marigold


Marigold is added in the natural home treatment for blepharitis  because of the anti-inflammatory properties in it. A treatment for blepharitis  made by mixing water and marigold can be utilized to rinse all eyes many times per day to obtain better results.

5. Red Clover

Red clover

This herb contains powerful anti inflammatory properties, and it is effective when taken internally. This treatment can reduce the pain and redness that is experienced by people who are suffering from the blepharitis problems. Liquid extracts and tablets, capsules are available and can be utilized by adults.

6. Cat’s Claw 

Cat's claw

Cat’s claw also contains inflammation reducing properties that are very helpful when applied regularly. Additionally, this natural herb has many antioxidants that increase the immune system in the body and provide needed resistance to all bacterial infections. People also can take 500 mg of the Cat’s claw extract, 3 times daily is recommended to be applied by herbalists till signs of development are seen.

7. Chamomile 


Chamomile is an amazing and magical plant which can be utilized effectively to control a lot of symptoms associated with the Blepharitis and deliver relief. This plant is a good astringent, is especially effective in decreasing the irritation of the eyelid skin, puffiness, and redness. This useful herb contains antibacterial properties, thus supporting you in fighting against all bacterial infections responsible for the Blepharitis. This flower is especially helpful in decreasing pain and boosting skin regeneration, thus cures scaly skin which is a ugly trademark of the Blepharitis. The Chamomile are consumed internally in the form of tasty herbal tea. This herb is also available in the form of skin creams, skin wash, herbal compress, poultice, ointments to treat Blepharitis.

This useful plant is an effective treatment of the blepharitis when you use it as a gentle external touch. This treatment will be done by packing up the flower of chamomile in a small tea bag and make it warm by using hot or warm water. After some minutes, people should let this tea bag cool down. Then, apply it into the affected skin part with a mild touch. This curer has a cooling effect and decreases irritation and itchiness. This way also cures your skin by retaining moisture.

Chamomile has been traditionally utilized for curing eyes in accent time. You just need to boil chamomile and make it become tea, then cool it down before injecting two to three drops in each eye daily. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties in nature which will be able to reduce the pain and swelling causedby this discomfortable condition. This treatment can immediately reduce pink eye

8. Calendula


Calendula has been applied since long for fighting against Blepharitis and all associated symptoms of this condition. The astringent and anti-inflammatory properties in the Calendula, speedily eliminate all the symptoms of Blepharitis of your eyelid skin, such as scaly swelling, itchiness, and appearance. This beautiful flower can fight against the bacteria of Blepharitis and treat the roots of this eye infection. Drinking herbal tea of Calendula is especially effective in instantly treating throbbing pain of eyelid and delivers relief from other symptoms of Blepharitis. The anti-inflammatory properties of calendula can also cure the irritation and burning sensation. The cool wet calendula tea bags are placed on eyes to heal all problems of the eye. You also can use this herbal tea as the eye wash to cure Blepharitis. You can make this calendula eyewash at home easily to clean your eyes frequently to fight against the problem. You also can apply the Calendula gel on your eyes after washing them with the warm water. This home remedy also helps to reduce eye puffiness effectively

9. Turmeric 


Turmeric is an easily available herb, which is very effective in fighting against the blepharitis. The Turmeric has antibacterial properties and support the eye in quicklyrecovering from the symptoms of infection . This item also acts as the resistant against the further recurrence of the eye infections. It can be applied directly on all eye lids by mixing its powder with 100% natural honey.

While turmeric will be able to kill bacteria, honey can retain moisture in all affected eye areas. Though there are many treatment methods to you to treat blepharitis , it is also extremely necessary to cure it at the initial stage of the blepharitis. If left uncured, the eye infection can grow and take a lot of time to get treated completely.

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10. Comfrey


Comfrey is an effective herb used for curing a lot of infections related to eye health, including the Blepharitis. This useful herb supports the immune system in reducing the inflammation of the eyelid skin and reduces the severe throbbing pain, which are both main symptoms of the Blepharitis. This home treatment also delivers a soothing and cooling effect on irritated skin of eyelids and the gritty feeling in eyes connected to Blepharitis. Comfrey is especially effective in generating the destroyed skin cells. This herb is recommended using externally for getting rid of Blepharitis completely.

11. Mullein 


Mullein is another useful herbal treatment for Blepharitis in adults. Mullein is significantly helpful in killing the inflammation and bacteria on the skin of  eyelids. This home herbal treatment is very effective in decreasing pain and delivering a cooling effect to Blepharitis infected eyelids. Mullein is very effective in boosting the synthesis of cells and tissues, thereby helping heal the scaly skin quickly.

Mullein is consumed in the form of herbal tea,infusions, extracts and capsules for delivering relief from the Blepharitis infection. This herb will be more effective when applied in combination with some other herbs like Marshmallow and Comfrey.

12. Goldenseal


Goldenseal is an especially effective herbal treatment for Blepharitis, and a lot of eye infections. The 2 main components of the Goldenseal are Hydrastine and Berberine, which are useful in killing the bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Goldenseal contains a very good disinfectant,which also supports the body in boosting the overall immune system of the body, thereby keeping the body stay away from Blepharitis. The deep root of Goldenseal when used on eyelids provides instant relief from all symptoms of the Blepharitis. Goldenseal is also available in form of capsules, tincture, and herbal tea. Cucumbers also help people in getting beautiful eyes.

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II. Some Fruits, Foods, And Supplements That You Need To Add In Home Treatment For Blepharitis

1. Oregon Grape 

Oregon grape

Oregon grape is another useful herbal treatment for getting rid of the Blepharitis. This plant is very effective in fighting against bacterial infections. This home herbal treatment is also useful in decreasing the inflammation of eyes and provides completely relief from puffiness, redness, and swelling. Oregon grape also has berberine, which can support in improving the immune system, thereby avoiding infections from attacking body. The root of the Oregon Grape is often used for curing Blepharitis symptoms. This herb is also effective when beingused as the eye washes.

2. Bilberry


Bilberry is one of the natural home treatments for the eye infections including the Blepharitis. This herb has compounds – anthocyanosides, which support the body in increasing the flow of blood in all capillaries in the eyes, thus reducing the redness and gritty feeling connected with Blepharitis. This herb also supports the eyes in reducing the inflammation of eyes and delivers a cooling effect to your inflamed eyes. Bilberry can also be eaten raw and frozen bilberry. It is available in forms of preserves, capsules, tonic, and extract.

3. Potato


People can place a slice of small potato over each eye for 15 minutes, three times per day, to get complete treatment for all the symptoms of the blepharitis. Another effective method is to grate one potato and pack it in muslin , and then putting it over each eye. Regular using this treatment will cure all the symptoms of the blepharitis and aid the eyes in curing it in some days.

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4. Fish


Fish is a great source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids that will be able to support in home treatment for blepharitis. Eating tuna, salmon, and halibut fish many times per week will relieve the inflammation of eyelids. All dishes prepared with fish oil also are consumed to obtain better results.

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5. Milk


Pure milk can be utilized as an effective home treatment for blepharitis in adults. Dip a cotton swab in raw milk and place it on your eyes to cure swelling, irritation and redness. The pasteurized milk can be mixed with warm water and applied for washing all eyes 2 to 3 times in per day to obtain desired results.

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6. Honey 


Honey is a natural home anti-bacterial of the mother Earth. Honey is aid in the treatment for blepharitis because of its healing effectiveness. To apply this treatment in the eye or as the eye drops, the unprocessed pure honey is completely preferable. The processed honey loses almost advantageous properties of the honey and can contain additives that can be more harmful than good. Honey can help moisture the body skin and is a base for a lot of home made and commercial moisturising creams and lotions. Take honey on the finger tips and gently run it on the eye lids. This treatment will clear the impurities in eyes and the dirt of the eyes. Wash all eye lids with cool water. This home remedy can control all symptoms of the Blepharitis effectively and cease it to be a nuisance for all adults.

7. Flaxseed


One of the main causes of the blepharitis is the significant reduction in normal oil secretions in eyelids. This problem makes eyes dry and increases the risk of getting bacterial infections. This item contains healthy omega 3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for the skin and support keeping the skin healthy. People can chew flaxseed or use in powdered form on their food. If people get blepharitis, the best way is using flaxseed oil capsules to normalize the lid secretion and cure this bad condition effectively.

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8. Black Currant 

Black currant

Black currant oil is an effective treatment for Blepharitis because. People should not apply this oil externally, but they should consume for desired results. This fruit contains a lot of essential fatty acids that are very important to the healthy development of hair and skin.

When people eat this fruit regularly with small doses, it can bring an amazing effective relief from all the symptoms of the blepharitis. Apart from all the eye infections, this fruit is good for hair and skin, in general.

9. Omega-3 Supplement

Omega-3 supplement

Omega-3 is a home effective treatment for Blepharitis by reducing the eyelid inflammation. Consumption of high omega-3 sources on the daily basis or in healthy diet plans can aid the body in treating all problems of the eye infections. Omega-3 is contained in fish, walnuts, beans, and flaxseeds.

10. Fatty Acids

Fatty acids

Fatty acids are neccessary supplements fortreatment for Blepharitis because of its properties which support to the growth of hair and skin. Especially, these fatty acids can help the body in moisturizing the skin and bring a glow to the skin. These fatty acids is usually utilized in the preparation of some cosmetics and soaps to protect healthy skin.

These fatty acids can also support the immune system in treating the symptoms of the blepharitis. For that, people should  eat some supplements that contains fatty acid. These supplements are available in form of tablets.

III. Treatment For Blepharitis With Home Remedies And Oils

1. Ghee 


Ghee contains full of medicinal values which are found to the full in treatment for blepharitis. Ghee is effective in treating eye disorders and increasing vision. The ghee contains vitamin A, E, K and D and all of these vitamins are very essential for health of the eyes. People need to take a teaspoon of pure ghee and rub it gently over all eyelids. People also can dip their clean index fingers into the cup of ghee and then apply it onto their lower eyelids.The soothing and healing properties of the ghee will keep their eyes moisturized, lubricated and soft.

2. Boric Acid

Boric acid

Boric acid has antibacterial and antifungal properties, and antiseptic, it also provides great treatment for blepharitis. Just boil a cup of the water, let a cup of hot water cool down. When your water is still warm, you need to mix a teaspoon of the boric acid powder in this water. Take a small cotton ball and dip this into the mixture. Dab this cotton ball over your eyelids and massage  them gently with this mixture for about 5 minutes. Repeat this complete process 2 or 3 times per day. The pain and swelling will subside and all scaly crusts are going to vanish.

3. Water


People can prepare a home treatment by mixing baking soda with boiled water and utilize it to clean their eyelids with the support of a small cotton swab. This treatment for blepharitis needs to be repeated two to three times daily to treat all the eye problems. The burning sensation and irritation can be decreased by rinsing all eyes with the cold water many times daily. The fennel cloth soaked in the warm water also is placed on all eyelids to soften the eye’s skin.

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4. Tea Tree Oil 

Tea tree oil

The bad symptoms associated with the blepharitis will be treated with the application of the tea tree oil. All adults can put tea tree oil on their eyes with the support of a cotton swap to obtain the best results. The mixture of castor oil and tea tree can also be utilized in simple treatment for blepharitis.

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5. Castor Oil

Castor oil

Castor oil is easy home treatment for blepharitis  because it can relieve inflammation in the eyes. This cure option can help the eyes relieve itching, burning, pain, and irritation associated with the blepharitis condition. To utilize this treatment for your eyes, you just need to apply the castor oil over your eyelashes and eyelids using a cotton swap or soft cotton ball. Other people can add some drops of this oil to their eyes to prevent the crust formation. Moreover, the best time to utilize this treatment for blepharitis is at night right before bedtime.

6. Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is an effective help for treating irritation and pain in the eyes. The coconut oil has a lot of nutrients including healthy fats that support in restoring the eye health and decrease inflammation. To use this treatment for blepharitis, soak a clean cotton swab in virgin coconut oil and place it on the inflamed eyelids, leaving there for about twenty minutes. By this way you can keep the eye skin moist and also kill all infections at site.Try to utilize this treatment at least two to three times per day regularly to avoid flare-ups in all symptoms of eye problems.

The application of Coconut oil is the simplest natural home treatment for blepharitis that all people can do to prevent the future occurrences of blepharitis. Coconut oil has antibacterial and antiseptic properties which are beneficial in curing this bad condition.

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7. Water Kefir

Water kefir

A lot of symptoms connected to problems of the blepharitiswill be relieved with the application of water kefir. The advantages of this natural home treatment for blepharitis can save your eyes from all problems such as dermatitis, and styes.

8. Primrose Oil 

Primrose oil

Blepharitis can be cured effectively utilizing primrose oil, too. Put the primrose oil gently over all affected skin of the eyelids about 2 times per week. After leaving this oil on eyelids for some minutes, people have to clear their eyes with warm water with cotton swab. This treatment can can remove dandruff, from all affected eye lids. And, this oil also provides relaxation to the eye and prevents further growth of bacteria.

If a people has dandruff and dry skin on his/her head, these bad skin conditions will worsen all the occurrences and symptoms of blepharitis. Taking  the primrose oil daily at night will support in restoring moisture to the skin and hair. This oil contains gamma-linolenic acid which can improve the health of the hair and skin. People should take 500 mg per day for 6 weeks and then decrease the dose to a half. After 6 weeks, they will see a significant improvement in their condition.

9. Sage Oil

Sage oil

This sage oil is antispasmodic, acts well against irritability and provides relaxation in nature. People can use this oil on their eyelids to get relief from discomforts of the blepharitis.

Wet a small cotton ball with the sage oil and put it on eyelids carefully. This essential oil should touch the hair follicles of eyelashes. After some applications all the irritation will be reduced.

The Sage oil also help to improve the clear vision

10. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is shown to be effective in treating all problems of the blepharitis condition. To apply the treatment, people should add five to six drops of the lavender oil to a small cup of the warm water. Dip a small cotton ball in this cup, squeeze out the water and then put this cotton ball over all eyelids. Repeating this easy treatment for 30 minutes daily will support all people in regaining the lost moisture in their eyelids.

IV. Some Home Care Tips In The List Of Treatment For Blepharitis

1. Warm Compresses 

Warm compresses

If a person has blepharitisinfection in his eyes, he will have oil debris and crusts accumulating on his eyelids. Wet compress application will loosen these discomforts and provide relief. Soak a clean washcloth in the warm water, wring it and put it over the closed eyelids for some minutes. This person can get immediate relief from pain. This treatment also help you in getting good vision.

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2. Tea Bag

Tea bag

People can also put the tea bag in the home treatment for blepharitis. All people can place cool wet green tea bags on their eyes to decrease dryness, redness, itching and burning sensationcausing by the eye infections. People can use tea for fitteen to twenty minutes. The extract obtained from the green tea bag will be mixed with some drops of the flaxseed oil and put on all eyes to get the best results.

3. Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo

Blepharitis causes many crusts over eyelids; people should use baby shampoo in the treatment for Blepharitis. It also contains no harmful chemicals and it is easily applied on the eyes without tearing. Add some drops of baby shampoo to the warm water and utilize it to clean all eyes with the support of a small cotton ball. Do this three times a day to keep the eye area clean and this can support people in treating eye infection. People can also add some drops of rosewater with a part the cool water. Wash this mixture every time you wash your eyes. Soda bicarbonate is also a good cleansing eyewash. Add a teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of clean water. Wash all eyes with this home made eye wash for long term result. While washing your eyes, you need to make sure that you wash gently and don’t splash water inside all eyes, it only increase the itching and redness.

4. Warm Showers 

Warm showers

Blepharitis causes discomfort and irritation in the eye. The dry crusts will be often on the eyelids, and they can be bothersome, and the eye inflammation is very painful . A hot shower will give relief to these discomfortable  symptoms. Just stand under the hot shower with the face turned upwards towards water . Let warm showers clean the crusted eyelids away and soothe pain.

5. Petroleum Jelly Treatment

Petroleum jelly treatment

In this treatment for Blepharitis, people should dip a small cleanQ-tip in the petroleum jelly and then put it in the thin layer over all eyelids. Do not apply excessive amounts of the petroleum jelly, this can aggravate the discomfortable condition of the dry eyes because clog the skin pores. Appy this remedy every night before bedtime and wipe the eyelids with a tissue in the next morning. Following this treatment regularly in two weeks will eradicate the condition of the dry eyelids.

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6. Exercises For Eyes 

exercises for eyes

Blepharitis is a serious condition that requires care if not this condition can lead to complications. All oil glands in eyes don’t secrete oil properly, and this can make eyes become dry. Right exercise can keep the glands in eyes healthyand function properly. Exercises, such as rotating all eyeballs, concentrating at one focal point for 15 minutes, meditation will keep eyes in good health and maintain proper vision.

7. Massage


Massage all eyelids immediately after using the warm compress. Massaging will help push out all oily fluids from the very small meibomian glands. Let take a look, I will show you some simple tips for you to massage your eyelids at home

  • Use the middle or index finger and sweep your finger from the inner corner of eyes along eyelids to outer corner of eyes.
  • Start with upper lids. Put the fingers in the eye corner next to your nose, just resting on eyelids above the eyelashes. Then sweep your fingers gently and firmly along all eyelids to outer end.
  • Repeat this routine with lower eyelids, placing the fingers just below the eyelashes in the eye corner and sweeping them outwards towards the temple.
  • Repeat this sweeping massage routine five to ten times over about thirteen seconds immediately.
  • Massaging eyes is firm and gentle. It needs to be relatively comfortable and people should not press the finger hard enough to hurt all eyeballs under the closed eyelids. Always massage with all eyes shut.

8. Avoid Eyestrain

Avoid eyestrain

If people get blepharitis, it is very necessary to avoid eyestrain because it will worsen their blepharitis condition. People should give as much rest to their eyes as possible. Avoid watching television, using computer, or reading because they can cause further strain on the eyes. Sleep as much as they can and get more relaxation.

9. Eyelid Hygiene

Eyelid hygiene

It is necessary to clean all eyelids every day if a person has blepharitis, whether or not he currently has any symptom or are utilizing one of the medications recommended below. Good eyelid hygiene will ease all symptoms of the blepharitis and prevent blepharitis happening again.

Follow all eye care tips below to keep all eyelids clean:

  • Apply a warm compress to the closed lids for five to ten minutes to melt the oils that can have built-up in glands behind all eyelids. A flannel or cloth warmed with warm water will be fine, although you can buy the special eye packs which can be heated in the microwave.
  • Gently rub all closed eyelids horizontally and vertically with the finger to loosen all crusts, and push out all oils that have built up.
  • Use a cotton bud or cloth with the warm water with a small amount of cleaning solution, and wipe gently the edge of all eyelids to clean them. Do not touch eyes and don’t clean the inside of the eyelids, because this will irritate them.

These simple steps should be carried out 2 times per day at first, then 1 time per for reducing all symptoms.

People should remember that they should not wear eye make-up, particularly mascara and eyeliner, as these can make all symptoms worse. If people do wear the eye make-up, they need to make sure it is a type that are easily washed off so people need to clean their eyelids every day easily using all methods described above.

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