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A natural herbal supplement that utilizes some illogical ingredients and offers only a limited range of benefits. We will tell you if the supplement is able to overcome its weaknesses and still be a quality product, or if it is simply not worth your time. To continue reading, just scroll down and click on the table of contents.

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Delay Pills Overview

Delay Pills blend natural ingredients that are intended to improve the sexual performance of users by addressing issues such as premature ejaculation, allowing the user to last longer in bed, leading to more satisfaction for themselves and their partner. In addition to addressing premature ejaculation, the product also states that it can improve the size and strength of the user’s erection, increase their sex drive, and the potency of their semen.

The product is manufactured by a pharmaceutical manufacturer by the name of Everyday Health, based out of New York, New York. On their website, they provide a phone number, physical address, and live chat option for consumers in need of assistance. Their product is sold in bottles containing 60 pills, 2 of which are supposed to be taken every day. One bottle costs $49.95, with price breaks being offered for multiple bottles ordered at one time.

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Delay Pills Claims

The claims made by Delay Pills are both general and specific. Their main claim is that their product will address and potentially permanently solve the issue of premature ejaculation. According to them “Usually the problem will be resolved by taking a 3-month course.” This is a big claim, as solving premature ejaculation in users in just 3 months is a big task. The site does suggest that it some users, another 3-month course is required to solve the problem, but they do not explain how often this is the case, or how the determined these numbers.

The more general claims made by the product revolve around the benefits outside of addressing premature ejaculation. The product states that it can address issues such as erectile dysfunction and provide bigger, stronger erections. Additionally, it claims that it can improve sex drive in users, allowing them to be ready to perform whenever the moment occurs. Unfortunately, the site spends most of its time discussing what exactly premature ejaculation is and how their product addresses it, so the other claims are not expounded upon in any significant way.

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Delay Pills Ingredients

Details regarding the ingredients that are used in the formula for Delay Pills can be difficult to find on the product website, but they can be located after some digging. A full list of ingredients is provided, along with a view of the supplement facts label, and specific dosages for each ingredient. Each capsule contains 500mg of ingredients total, and the full list of ingredients used are:

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Pyridoxine
  • Cnidium Monnieri Extract
  • Passiflora Incarnata Extract
  • Piper Nigrum Extract

Overall this is a strange grouping of ingredients to use in a male enhancement product. Tribulus terrestris is the lone ingredient that is commonly used in male enhancement products, as it can allow the body to take better advantage of the free testosterone that already exists within the system. Mucuna pruriens can potentially be of some benefit for sexual performance as it is full of L-Dopa which acts as a natural aphrodisiac, and can also elevate dopamine which improves mental health.

Passiflora Incarnata is a particularly strange ingredient to use, as it is mostly known to be effective as a sleep aid and sedative, with no research that we are aware of suggesting that it would be effective for sexual performance. Cnidium monnieri is a Chinese herb that is thought by some to be effective is treating erectile dysfunction, but there is no clinical data that supports this claim, and it is also not known if it is safe for consumption because of the lack of research.

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The Science Behind Delay Pills

The website for Delay Pills offers a lot of specific figures and references many studies in support of the effectiveness of their product. That said, there are not many links provided to view the veracity of the studies referenced, and many of the studies and facts that are used do not directly address the product itself, but are instead about the conditions that consumers may be facing. For example, the site goes into detail about the issue of premature ejaculation by stating “the average lasting time of men with premature ejaculation was 1.8 minutes, while ‘normal’ men lasted an average of 8.3 minutes.” This statistic is informative but tells us nothing about the product itself.

The site does offer some statistics that address how the product improves the performance of the user. One specific claim they make is that based on controlled studies that they performed, there was a 90% success rate among users. Unfortunately, they do not offer any more details or a link regarding this controlled study and do not explain what exactly constituted success in their eyes, so it is hard to accept that figure at face value.

A bar graph is also offered, that shows the benefit of the product over time. According to the graph, after one month of use, consumers will last 6 to 8 minutes when engaging in intercourse. After 3 months, the average time rises to 12-14 minutes, and after 6 months it raises to 20+ minutes. But once again, there is no link provided to explain how these numbers were arrived at. The site seems focused on inundating the user with specifics, hoping that consumers will be satisfied just with that and will not question them further.

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Word on the Street About Delay Pills

There are only a limited among of objective consumer reviews that we were able to locate regarding Delay Pills. Based on the reviews that we did see, the reactions to the product were mixed and only really addressed the premature ejaculation aspects of the supplement. There were some users who were completely dissatisfied with the performance of the product, as one user stated “Save your money! I’ve used almost the whole bottle and seen no results.” Another user was disappointed with the product’s inability to address their erectile dysfunction, saying “I was hoping this would be the solution I’ve been searching for, but I still can’t get it up.

There were some other reviews that we viewed that didn’t find the product to be completely useless, but found that it did not function the way they were expecting or hoping. An Amazon reviewer states, “The recommended dosage was too strong, and once the product was in my system I was not able to fully climax. It worked better when I reduced the dosage.” Unfortunately, we could not find any reviews that were solely positive or stated that the product was effective in all the ways that it claimed. At best the performance of the product could be described as inconsistent.

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Are Delay Pills Worth a Try?

Because of the strange mix of ingredients and the lack of positive consumer reviews, we do not recommend that consumers use Delay Pills. One main concern we have with Delay Pills are that they are too focused on the premature ejaculation, and not enough on sexual health in general. Premature ejaculation is a serious issue for many users, but there are a variety of male enhancement products that can address it as well as improving several other areas of sexual performance. Delay Pills claim to provide benefits outside of premature ejaculation but do not go into detail, and based on consumer reviews are not particularly effective.

Furthermore, the product is somewhat expensive, and many of the ingredients that they use leave us scratching our heads. Ingredients such a passiflora incarnata are curious because they do not seem to have any relation to sexual performance, while other additives like cnidium monnieri have not been properly researched and are potentially unsafe. Overall, the product does not have any specific strong aspects that we can point to that would make it worth purchasing.

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Delay Pills vs Prematurex

Like Delay Pills, Prematurex is also a natural supplement that is designed to prevent premature ejaculation. There are more consumer reviews of Prematurex readily available, and they appear to be even worse than Delay Pills’, while also being more expensive. Prematurex does not offer a full list of ingredients either, so for all of Delay Pills’ flaws, Prematurex appears to be an even worse option.

Delay Pills vs Zyrexin

Zyrexin proclaims itself to be the world’s strongest sexual enhancer, but the consumer reviews would suggest otherwise. Unlike Delay Pills, it is not formulated to prevent premature ejaculation, but it does claim to help with erectile dysfunction and making intercourse more pleasurable. Also, unlike Delay Pills, it is supposed to be used as needed, rather than taken as a daily supplement.

Delay Pills vs Viagara

Viagara is perhaps the most recognized prescription erectile dysfunction pill that is currently on the market. Unlike Delay Pills, it strictly addresses erectile dysfunction and does not address premature ejaculation or make sex more pleasurable. Because it is a prescription it is less readily available and is required to be used under a doctor’s supervision because of the potential side effects that it can create.

Delay Pills vs Vplex

Vplex is a male enlargement supplement that claims to be able to increase the size of the user’s penis. Claims such as these have been repeatedly debunked by researchers and the reviews for Vplex are very poor, suggesting that, as expected, it does not provide any results. Unlike Delay Pills, its formula is not natural, and it is considerably more expensive. Neither supplement is worth your time.

Delay Pills FAQ

  1. What is the success rate of Delay Pills?

The website for Delay Pills states that based on controlled studies, they have a success rate of 90%. That said, the studies on which this figure is based is not made available to users, so we cannot say if it is true.

  1. Are there side effects that I should be aware of when taking Delay Pills?

Based on the ingredients that are used in the product, there is a chance for some negative side effects to occur. These side effects include nausea, vomiting, headaches, hallucinations, increased heartbeat, dizziness, and confusion.

  1. Where can I find reviews of Delay Pills?

There are reviews available for Delay Pills through the product’s Amazon page, as well as other product review sites. Unfortunately, the amount of consumer reviews that we were able to locate was limited.

  1. Can Delay Pills be purchased through CVS locations?

Unfortunately, Delay pills are not available for purchase through CVS locations, but they can be purchased through the product website and Amazon. Concerningly, the product used to be carried by several independent retailers, but has been dropped without explanation.

  1. What ingredients are included in Delay Pills?

The ingredients that are included in Delay Pills are somewhat strange for a male enhancement product and include tribulus terrestris, mucuna pruriens, passiflora incarnata, and cnidium monnieri.

  1. Are Delay Pills herbal supplements?

Delay Pills do state that they are herbal pills, and based on the ingredients that they use, everything within the product is natural.

  1. How do you use Delay Pills?

The product is a daily supplement that is sold in bottles containing 60 pills and users are advised to take 2 pills per day. Unlike some other male enhancement pills, they are not intended to be taken directly before intercourse.

  1. Do Delay Pills have any effect on testosterone levels?

The pill does not make any claim to boosting the level of testosterone within the body and based upon the ingredients that are used it only contains one ingredient that has an effect on testosterone – tribulus terrestris. Tribulus terrestris does not actually increase the level of testosterone within the body, but allows the body to take better advantage of the testosterone that already exists within the system.

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So What Really Works?

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