27 Tips For Men & Women Are Revealed On How To Be A Better Lover

how to be a better lover

Men and women always hope they will be a great lover in the partner’s eyes. In the fact, both men and women absolutely may improve their sex performance, as well as improve themselves to be a wonderful lover. There are many simple tips in daily life that can give them the methods but both genders ignore. As the result, Vkool.com decides to release a writing of top 27 tips and tricks how to be a better lover for men and women that can please people. Do you want to learn how to please your partner? Keep reading this article thoroughly and get secrets of relationship improvement.

 Secrets Of How To Be A Better Lover For Men And Women

I. How To Be A Better Lover For Men

how to be a better lover

Men are always considered as the leader in a relationship. They are also known as the master of sex and love. However, many men get troubles when they present sex ability, as well as their love to their wife. To get tips how to be a better lover for men, you will recognize that becoming a better lover is not difficult as you think.

1. Have A Manly Body 

how to be a better lover

Well, for some people, a man wears perfume does not seem to be manly. However, having a light scent will help you have an attractive body and your woman will like to live near you. Besides, your hair should be down, trimmed, and neat, as well as the clothes should be clean and fresh.

2. Do Slowly 

how to be a better lover

How to be a better lover in bed? The answer is to slow down when making love. This technique associates closely with your sex life. Almost of the women like you slow down when getting sex with her. Try to make your wife reach orgasm first. Using a condom is also an effective way to manage your climax and you will last longer sex performance. If you get premature ejaculation, which is becoming more popular to male nowadays, you should find the ways to solve it. A man will be an incredible lover if he knows when they come and how to please his woman. Actually, there is not formal advice for slowing down or doing fast, but adjust the time to reach orgasm is a smart way in sex relationship.

3. Improve Your Ability 

how to be a better lover

You have elementary information about sex life. Basically, you can make your woman love you more and she will desire you day by day. Many men ask how to be a better lover? You will get no trouble if you are masterful in basic sex position before you improve your ability. Be sure to ask your girl’s feedback after each performance.

4. Avoid Squeezing Her 

how to be a better lover

Learning tips how to be a better lover, you should not neglect this. A perfect lover will do not pressure his girl do the things she does not want in bedroom. On the contrary, he will know how to praise or appreciate her in bed. If you usually set boundaries when performing sex, you will suddenly make her down mood and get sexual performance anxiety. To help your woman get spontaneity to sex, you may lead her to do something to improve intimacy and spend time getting fun with her.

5. Avoid Hesitating 

how to be a better lover

Making compliment is one of the most effective tips how to be a better lover. Why don’t you say that your partner is looking so pretty? Why don’t you save your appreciation with her? Have a light kiss is also a good simple technique you should apply every day for the best result. Always make her a special woman, make her happy, and add some bones in life.

6. Pay Attention 

how to be a better lover

Most of the men have a classical concept that breasts and vagina are the erogenous areas in a female body. It is not wrong, but it is not enough. You totally can pay attention to her mouth, feet, thighs, knees, and earlobes to make her more excited. In reality, you may pay attention to her about the daily issues such as her works, disappointment, and so on. In every special day, do not forget to give her a gift or flowers.

7. Avoid Asking Non-sentence 

how to be a better lover

Men, do you always ask your partner “what do you like” when making lover? Do you know this question will pressure her and will make the magic thoughts gone? If possible, get your experience about sex, but do not ask her such as question during sex performance, but let her know your confusion after finishing it. You will know what she wants during sex performance if both of you are deep in communication with each other.

8. Please Her Mind First 

how to be a better lover

If you want to turn on sex interest in a woman, you must turn on her imagination first and get physical change then. Exciting her mind and emotions is a great tips how to be a better lover that many people have never known. So wonderful if you do not have to work hard but receive a perfect result. For instance, you can talk dirty to her, write some amatory stories, do some fantastic activities, do role play, or send some sexy texts. This is one of the simplest methods to improve your sex life because it is different from the things you did in the past. Of course, you should learn how to have a great dirty talk, which is an art in your life. It is new subject you should learn because both of you may feel uncomfortable with it.

9. Be A Leader 

how to be a better lover

Imagine that your woman is an analog knob and you are a switch of light, which adjusts the volume of the audio system. The women always like the warming minutes before having sex, and this is your responsibility. You may turn her up, hence, down, ease, and wait. In this game, your woman will be an instrument and you can play it.  Of course, you must be a master musician with professional intensity and tempo. Actually, men and women have the different ways of thinking, standards, and pressures in life. They usually do not have the same way to deal with the same problem. As the result, you must translate her thoughts in some cases.

Women are full of responsibilities in life such as caring kids, working, doing housework. Sometimes they are too busy to make love with you, why don’t you be dominant in this task? If you concern about her emotions in a day, you will know how to begin a sex performance with her satisfaction and her pleasure. Of course, domination in sex life does not mean you can do anything that she does not want to.

10. Give Anticipation 

how to be a better lover

Basically, to give anticipation to your woman, you should do slowly during sex and in daily life. If you are going to kiss her, let kiss her slowly, do not tell her about the time and where you make that. But you will make her upset if you usually do it quickly. How do you enjoy some games that people play with you? For example, somebody pushes you, hence, you stop, but you like this activity and you are obvious about that. It is same with your girl. You should build anticipation until your woman cannot take it. It seems to be cruel but you will get the effect if you do not overdo it. Surprise her with your plan but do not tell her about it. This is very effective as it brings happiness and excitement to her.

11. Build Trust

how to be a better lover

One of the most efficient tips how to be a better lover, building belief is the priority. You cannot get anything if your woman does not trust in you. Also, you need to build respect. In general, if you want her to follow your guidelines, you must build confidence and believe in her. It must have genuine connection between you.

12. Please Both Of You 

how to be a better lover

This tip is remarkable! In fact, pleasing her is the priority, but you cannot ignore yourself. Both of must be happy together. It does not mean that you have to watch the porn and hope to be a great lover in the future. But make sure, during sex, you and your woman get satisfied each other. In reality, helping woman get orgasm is a difficult thing that men should learn because not all the women easily reach the top of sex performance.

13. Continually Learn 

how to be a better lover

Failure is the farther of succeed. In reality, not all men in the world are the master in sex field. But many male get failed with their relationships. How can you grow up if you are lazy to learn? With the technology development, you can get useful information from the plentiful resources such as products, books, or websites. How to be a better lover? The answer is to learn and get experience every day. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to learn and build your sex knowledge. Applying this tip, you will discover the best way how to be a better lover.

14. Do Regular Exercises 

how to be a better lover

Physical activity is a perfect method to improve a man’s body and sex ability. This is an usual secret that men follow as they would like to find out how to be a better lover. Referring to some common exercises as below, you will improve your mental health:

  • Raise leg: place your back on the floor; your feet are up on the ball or chair, bend your knee for 90 degree, your hands are behind the head, connect your abs, lift your hand, and shoulders are on the floor. Hold it for a seconds and lower. This exercise especially builds your stability and loses belly fat.
  • Superman exercise: lie down on the floor, extend your arms over the head, point your toes, raise your left arm and the right leg higher, pause a second, lower, and change the opposite leg and arm. When you are familiar with this exercise, try to do with both legs and arms at the same moment. If you want your back is stronger and more flexible, try to do this exercise regularly.

II. How To Be A Better Lover For Women

how to be a better lover

To build a firm relationship, both of men and women have to effort and improve themselves. How to be a better lover is also a big question to all women. Learning the following helpful secrets, you will realize that becoming a better lover seems to be easier than your ever thoughts.

1. Learn Massages 

how to be a better lover

Massage is one of the most relaxed therapies that almost of the men love. Therefore, the advice is that you should learn how to massage his legs, back, arms, and neck. With your sweet touch, your man will feel gratified and feel convenient when lives with you. There are some seductive massages you may learn to attract your man.

2. Make Some Noise

how to be a better lover

Whenever making love, you should make some noise to inform him that you feel excited and happy with him. If you are too quiet, he will not know how to do to please you more and more. Of course, you cannot pretend to make noise, but discuss with him about the problem.

3. Be Naughty And Beautiful

how to be a better lover

Men love naughty girls and they hope that their woman will throw away all the unnecessary things, just enjoy with him only.  Becoming more beautiful is also a prominent tip how to be a better lover for women. You should take advantage of the beauty to make him desire you. Although you do no turn on the light, it does not mean that your man will not look at you, but he will feel you through soft skin, shiny hair, and scent.

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4. Do Surprise 

how to be a better lover

Sometimes, you may surprise him by wearing his clothes. A long T-shirt is a nice idea for you in this case. You will look sexier and more different in man’s clothes.  Also, you totally can send sexy messages to him or change your appearance to make him be amazed. After getting marriage, to renew your love and your relationship, you may have a special date out of your house. Go out for a dinner or take effectiveness of vacation to recharge love battery because sex becomes a routine and you will feel bored with it. Send your kids to the grandparents and you enjoy a day outside the hometown. Make some fun to him in the date if you can. Your man will look at you if you use some techniques of sex toys, massages, or dirty thoughts. You can buy a gift and give him although it is not a special anniversary. Or, you totally are naked in your bed, lock the door and try to do this for more interesting!

5. Redecorate The Bedroom 

how to be a better lover

Bedroom is a place that you and your man present the expression. If you feel it is boring when you see it every day, make some changes such as hanging the new pictures, having some lights, or painting with new colors. You may use some candles with a bit champagne or wine. Candlelight will help both of you feel more animated. Make sure that the candles are blown before you sleep.

6. Care Sexual Problems 

how to be a better lover

Sexual problems are the factors that limit your sex performance. If both of you get any problem, you should care about them. Of course, you should try to get rid of the diseases as soon as possible if you do not want to lose your love and relationship.

7. Trust In Yourself 

how to be a better lover

Believing in you is one of the most reasons that can make you more beautiful and more confident to intimate the relationship. Do not wait him kiss, hug, or do something with you, but begin sex by your own way. Trust that you are a sexy woman in his eyes. Your husband believes that you are a pretty girl, why don’t you trust in this thing, right? Try to flirt him when you let your baby go to sleep early or your kids are absent in a day. Men like looking at your body, so do not be afraid of letting him desire you more. If he praises you, let receive his compliments because he likes that.

8. Do Exercises 

how to be a better lover

Like men, women need to improve their health by eating healthy foods and doing usual exercises.  There are many foods that can improve your sex performance and avoid dryness very well. You should learn and add healthy recipes for both of you to taste. Refer to some useful exercise to get a sexier body, improve your image, restore energy, and make you more confident. You may try:

  • Press-up: lie down your back and feet, point your toes, place your palms on the floor, raise your chin, expand your arms, lift your body up while you feel comfortable; your hips are on the floor, bend your elbows and forearms if you feel strain in back. This exercise will help you improve flexible muscles.
  • Push-up exercise: Rests on the exercise ball, your hands are below the shoulders, lower chest, and bend your elbows. Pause a second and push it up. You can bend your knee if it is strenuous. This exercise will increase your speed, improve your stamina and upper body strength.

Additionally, you may enjoy some other exercises such as strength training, belly dance, walking, running, yoga, aerobic exercise, tango, salsa dance, etc.  Those exercises will help you get fitness and you will have a great body as well as have a full of energy.

9. Avoid Passivity 

how to be a better lover

Almost of the women are passive in sex performance. But men want to know how women love them and like sex. Avoid being passive in relationship, sometimes, you should change your routines, which will make your sex life boring. Your man will not eager in loving you anymore if you are silent and do not move as a pillow. Men like oral sex, why don’t you try it? Men also like foreplay, so you can try to do this for him as much as possible.

10. Be Creative 

how to be a better lover

Instead of using one conventional position, why don’t you suggest him to change for more interesting? Do not be lazy in a love performance. A doggie style may be highly appreciated from your man, who also loves your sound, taste, and touch. Take a chance to do something new such as making love in different places outside of your bedroom, or going out to have a special dinner, discover new compliments to praise him, receiving your man’s suggestion, etc. You will see the positive change in your relationship.

11. Be Honest And Do Not Be Rude  

how to be a better lover

Do not fake orgasm when you cannot reach. During sex, you should feel pleasure and enjoyment with him, if not, tell him after that. Besides, when making love with him, you should care about him more and more, do not neglect him due to phone call or other thoughts, avoid criticizing him, or comparing you to other men.

12. Sleep In Nude 

how to be a better lover

Try to sleep in nude because it will make you feel free and pleased. You will contact with him through skin. If you worry about your kids or baby sister, try to be naked in a special day when they are not at home.

13. Communicate 

how to be a better lover

Learning this tip, you will get the best effectiveness how to be a better lover. Communication will help you closer. You may talk with him when prepare the dinner, do some housework, or go to bed. You should initiate in communication with him including sex secrets. Do you know what he wants? Are you sure about his understanding about you? Talk each other about the requirements and wishes in your life and your sex life. If you are confused or have any problem, try to discuss with him. If you are silent, he will think that you get satisfied about the life while you are actually not happy with it.

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After reading my writing of 27 tips and tricks how to be a better lover for women and men, I hope that you have already learned the useful information to improve your relationship. Are you ready to please your partner tonight?

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