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1 GMR = 0.16 USD (0.00040 ETH)

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14,000,000 USD (35,000 ETH)

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What is Gimmer?

Gimmer is a new decentralized trading platform that uses automated bots to make automatic trades for the user. They also have their own initial coin offering (ICO), designated GMR, that is planned for 2024.

Their goal is to create an accessible, user-friendly platform that can make it less intimidating to invest in cryptocurrencies. Their bots can be programmed using a variety of user preferences or with Gimmers own proprietary algorithms.

Gimmer is also releasing their own form of cryptocurrency, which will be used for all transactions within the platform. It will also function as an initial boost of startup capital that will get Gimmer off the ground and ensure their functionality.

How Does Gimmer Work?

The rapid proliferation of cryptocurrencies, the complexity of the new market, plus its volatility and rapid changes, are all factors that can make investing in new ICOs an intimidating idea. Gimmer seeks to distill the cryptocurrency experience, particularly for beginners, by creating a decentralized trading platform that relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to make trading decisions for the user.

There is no programming knowledge required by the user, nor do they need to have any experience with specific types of tokens or cryptocurrency markets. Gimmer has a proprietary algorithm for these bots, however users are able to change their settings to their own preferences.

Gimmer operates on a blockchain platform that uses peer-to-peer distributed ledgers, which ensures both autonomy and security for the user. User data is never uploaded to the cloud, making it less of a security risk, and DAAP is in general thought to be relatively secure.

It should be noted that the whitepaper for Gimmer suggests that visitors to their site have up-to-date antivirus software, which is somewhat concerning.
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There does not seem to be any history of security failures for Gimmer at this juncture, and they assure investors that if their wallets are secure then their experiences with Gimmer should be risk-free.

The platform uses a multi-feeder structure that is constantly adapting. It has the ability to learn from itself and its mistakes, so the hope is that over time Gimmer will become even more effective and efficient.

There is currently a working beta version of their product, which can be tested on their home page. They also offer the user the ability to analyze their purchases in a variety of ways and several other helpful features designed to make it easier for new investors to get involved in crypto trading.

Features and Benefits of Gimmer

Gimmer offers users a number of different ways to keep up with the cryptocurrency market, which is complex, ever-changing, and, unlike traditional markets, 24-hours a day. The main feature of the site is they allow users to create automated trading bots that make decisions based on settings that the user decides.

These bots monitor a variety of markets and online trading sites, collecting data about the rising and falling prices of different currencies.

The bots then make sales and purchases based on the data that they collect, making it easier, more hands-off experience for novice investors.

One unique feature that Gimmer offers is a backtesting device that can show users how their decisions would have performed over previous trading periods. They can filter historical data with settings for different trade indicators, currency pairs, and safety controls, helping the user design a strategy that they feel is most likely to succeed long-term.

Every authorized Gimmer account includes a standard automated trader bot, which also has the ability to be rented out to other customers through the Gimmer bot store. When your bot is rented out, you receive a share of that rental fee, paid out in GMR. This rental feature offers users another potential way to make money using the site beyond simply investing.

Other features listed on the website include a simulator, arbitrage and social network trading, and a portfolio of different strategies that can be used with trading bots. This allows users to make more informed choices based on historical data rather than simply guessing about how they would have done.

The Gimmer Coin Offering

Gimmer will be releasing their own form of tokens, designated GMR. GMR will be the only currency accepted on the site, however it will allow the user to pay for the rental of other bots, to earn tokens through various activities, and to receive them as a reward for helping to spread the Gimmer brand.

The funds generated by the sale of these tokens are expected to help raise the capitol that is needed to officially launch Gimmer before the end of 2024. They are officially designated GMR and they are an ERC20 cryptocurrency that is based in the Ethereum blockchain.

There will be 15,000,000 GMR released during their presale period, with a maximum token supply of 110,000,000 GMR. Of the remaining 95,000,000 GMR, 85,000,000 is designated for public sale, with all the rest going to bounties, advertisers, and the development team themselves.

They have a soft cap of 4,800 ETH and a hard cap of 35,000 ETH, with a prospective initial value of 2,500 GMR to 1 ETH. They have set the minimum presale purchase level at 30 ETH and will be offering a number of bonuses for larger presale purchases.

Investors will need to use a wallet that is compatible with ERC20-based currencies, such as My Ether Wallet, Parity, Gnosis, or Im Wallet. The Gimmer website specifically recommends the wallet company MetaMask, though the only reason that they offer for this is its simplicity.

At this juncture, Gimmer is not selling to United States residents. It is open to sales with residents of China, South Korea, and several other countries, however legal complications within the US make its legality more complicated. Gimmer will be open to US residents in the future, however it may not be until its initial offering has completed.

Who’s Behind Gimmer?

The founders of Gimmer are Persio Flexa and Philipe Comini, two natives of Brazil that have past experience with cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Flexa acts as CTO and Comini as CEO, with business management specialist Paul Lindsell in the COO role.

The core competency of the development team is in cryptocurrencies, and they have a variety of other team members with backgrounds in web technologies, stack development, and blockchain related startups. They are not partnered with any larger organizations at this time making Gimmer a true independent start-up company.

Despite the relative lack of experience of the Gimmer team, they do have relationships with some more established individuals that are providing the company with professional advice. This includes input on public relations strategy from Margaux Avedisian, the EVP at Transform PR, one of the foremost blockchain PR firms.
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They’ve also received help on the creation of their bot technology from Dr. Claudio Lima, a research scientist that is among the top thinkers in the field of Advanced Digital Transformation. Dr. Lima is an advocate for blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, as well as an entrepreneur that has led a number of different engineering projects.

He is also the founder of the Blockchain Engineering Council and the co-chair of the Industrial Internet Consortium.

Other advisors for Gimmer include XTRADE.IO founder Alexander Kravets, Fintech Strategy director Lex Sokolin, and Marcus Kilick, the CEO of ISOLAS LLP law firm. They have quite a few other esteemed individuals listed on their website as well, which may give interested investors a degree more confidence about the competency of the development team.

Currently their plan is to decentralize Gimmer, launch the Gimmer DAPP, and begin using their automated arbitrage and lending bots by the end of 2024. 2024 goals for the company include launching a mobile app, a real-time strategy testing simulator, scalper bots, and adding a variety of new exchanges.


Gimmer is attempting to step into the suddenly crowded crypto market and to fill a very specific need. It is designed to be as thought- and risk-free as investing possibly can be, taking much of the work and decision making out of the hands of the user.

This may be particularly appealing to new investors or individuals that do not have the time or energy to monitor the overabundance of markets and currencies. It may also be less appealing to investors that are interested in making more choices for themselves, as they will have less ability to control the individual transactions that their bots make.

Gimmer has seen some initial success with their beta version, which has drawn users and demonstrated its functionality. In theory, the longer that it is up and running them the better it will get due to the fact that it is built to learn from its choices and adapt.

If it works as it is designed to, then Gimmer will be very successful at generating profit for its users with very little thought or effort on their part. It may also help draw new investors into crypto trading, as its hands-off approach may be less intimidating. Sales of their ICO have not yet started, however their whitepaper is currently available on their website.

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