Bio Testosterone XR Review (Updated 2024) – Is It Safe?

AVG Rating: 5.5/10

A male enhancement supplement that uses dishonest methods of getting consumers to purchase their product via a free trial that ends up not being free at all. Read our review to learn how to avoid falling prey to their misleading promises. Begin by click on the table of contents below.

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Bio Testosterone XR Overview

Bio Testosterone XR is a testosterone booster that claims to be a blend of potent ingredients that can have a distinctive effect on the user’s overall personality and manhood. The product is designed to drastically improve workouts and burn unwanted fat to allow the user to achieve the body shape they always desired. Additionally, it also states that it can provide a charge to the user’s libido and stamina within the bedroom.

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Bio Testosterone XR Claims

Like many male enhancement products and testosterone boosters, Bio Testosterone XR is not afraid to make big claims regarding its effectiveness. These claims include specific numbers and percentages of the improvement that users can expect, but what the numbers are based on is never made clear.

The website for the product states that the ingredients that make it up are scientifically proven and the experts that formulated the supplement used the best available organic compounds and all the ingredients have gone through clinical tests. Unfortunately, there is no link to the alleged clinical tests and any further details about the what means they used to prove the ingredient’s worth scientifically are not provided.

Some of the specific claims that are made regarding the benefits of the product include higher testosterone levels, endless stamina, the ability to build lean muscle, reduced body fat, and top sexual performance. Furthermore, the product states that it can provide a complete transformation to the user’s personality, though it is never made clear what exactly that means.

Troublingly, the website does not provide a specific price for the product, but rather only promotes the free trial that it offers.
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The trial lasts 14 days and the user is just charged $5.95 for shipping and handling, but like most free trials there is a catch. It requires users to provide payment information and as soon as the 14 days are over they are charged the full price of the product, which catches many consumers by surprise.
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Bio Testosterone XR Ingredients

The website for the product does not provide much information regarding the formula that makes up the supplement. Going through the webpage, it seems that there is not even one specific ingredient that is mentioned. This is disconcerting because it does not allow potential consumers to be informed regarding what they are potentially going to put into their bodies. Fortunately, we were able to locate a list of ingredients elsewhere, but no specifics of the dosages are provided. Here are the ingredients that are used:

  • L-Carnitine
  • Agmatine
  • AstraGin
  • Boron
  • Fenugreek Extract

Of the ingredients that are listed, we only feel comfortable recommending L-Carnitine and Boron. L-carnitine is an amino acid that is used for a variety of purposes, including helping the body to produce energy, addressing male infertility, increasing brain function, and treating chronic fatigue syndrome. Meanwhile, Boron can help increase testosterone levels and improve thinking and muscle coordination.

The other ingredients that are used in the formula are either unfamiliar or potentially dangerous. Fenugreek is thought to potentially be able to help increase testosterone, though research is inconclusive, and it definitely has the potential for negative side effects such as diarrhea. Meanwhile, Agmatine is thought to improv cognitive performance, but can cause gastrointestinal issues, while AstraGin is potentially beneficial for athletic performance and absorption levels, but there is little research to back it up.

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The Science Behind Bio Testosterone XR

Though the website that sells Bio Testosterone XR provides some specifics about the level of benefit that users can expect, it does not go into specifics about how those numbers were arrived at through any sort of scientific means. In fact, the website is similar to many sites that sell male enhancement products or testosterone boosters, in that it is eager to make bold claims, but once the claims are scrutinized, it is apparent that there is not much backing them up.

Some of the claims that are made by the site include stating that the supplement will increase fat loss by 27%, increase muscle gains by 25%, spike testosterone production by 30%, and get to work 54% faster than the competition. The manufacturer states that these numbers were reached through clinical studies, but no link or specifics about the alleged clinical studies is provided.

It seems that the manufacturers are hoping that potential consumers will view the percentages and be impressed enough to simply order the product based on that, without doing their due diligence in dissecting the numbers.

If the clinical studies that the site references truly occurred, it does not make sense that the manufacturer would not include those studies on the site, as they would only serve to strengthen the claims made and put consumer’s minds at ease. Instead consumers are just expected to accept the claims made without any tangible evidence, which is a lot to ask of a consumer that is possibly going to be committing to the product financially.

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Word of the Street about Bio Testosterone XR

As a result of the product only being sold through the manufacturer’s website, objective consumer reviews of the product are not easy to locate. The product site provides just two consumer testimonials, which are predictably glowing, but also hard to take seriously, as both “reviews” essentially hail the supplement as a miracle pill.

Fortunately, we were able to locate a substantial amount of consumer reviews through a separate review site, which provided 31 objective reviews. Based on the 31 reviews, the product had an average rating of 1.1 stars out of a potential 5. Of the 31 reviews, a resounding 29 are for just one star.

Most of the negative reviews revolve around the business practices of the company, stating that they believe the product to be a scam. They reveal that the free trial is really just a means of charging the user the full price of the product after the trial ends, with the full price being a ridiculous .
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As one reviewer puts it, “It is one of the biggest scams on the internet, just like Nigerian prince emails and ponzi schemes”.

There are so many complaints about the free trial “scam” that the performance of the product is hardly mentioned.

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Is Bio Testosterone XR Worth a Try?

Because of the sketchiness of the company and the fact that the product cannot be purchased outright, we recommend avoiding it. There are a couple of worthwhile ingredients within the formula, but specifics about their dosage are not known, so how effective the product is, is anyone’s guess.
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Obviously, the biggest issue regarding the product is the method by which they sell it. It is only available by signing up for a free trial, and according to dozens or angry consumer reviews, the trial is just a means of fooling the consumer into being charged the full $87 for the product. The word scam is used repeatedly by several different consumers.

Furthermore, the manufacturer does not provide specific ingredient information, and makes claims of clinical trials that support the effectiveness of their product, but never actually links to any of these supposed trials.

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Bio Testosterone XR vs BioMuscle XR

BioMuscle XR is a muscle growth accelerator, that unlike Bio Testosterone XR, does not claim to improve the user’s sexual performance. Both products do however use the highly questionable method of offering a free trial that is immediately followed by the consumer being charged the full, extremely high, price of the product.

Bio Testosterone XR vs Testo XR

Testo XR states that it can provide the user with “the most powerful and pleasurable plan for monster erections”. Based on the ingredients that it reveals, including magnesium, vitamin B6, and Tribulus Terrestris, it would seem to be a more reliable option for sexual health than Bio Testosterone XR. Unfortunately, Testo XR also uses the free trial method and does not offer their product for sale directly.

Bio Testosterone XR vs XtremeNO

The formula for XtremeNO is made up of several different forms of l-arginine and other amino acids and focuses on improving endurance and limiting recovery time after workouts, along with muscle building. Unfortunately, the reviews for the product were mixed, though the side effects were limited. Unlike Bio Testosterone XR, the product does not make any claim to being able to improve the user’s sexual health.

Bio Testosterone XR FAQ

  1. Where can I locate reviews for Bio Testosterone XR?

Consumer reviews for Bio Testosterone XR are available through a website by the name of Currently they feature 31 consumer reviews of the product.

  1. Should I be worried about fraud with Bio Testosterone XR?

Fraud may not be the right word, but “scam” was used repeatedly by consumers who felt the free trial was offer was highly misleading.

  1. What are some possible side effects that can occur when taking Bio Testosterone XR?

Based on the ingredients that are listed, the most likely side effects that can occur are diarrhea and gastro-intestinal issues.

  1. Is there a list of ingredients made available for Bio Testosterone XR?

The product website for Bio Testosterone XR does not provide a full list of ingredients, but they can be found elsewhere and are L-Carnitine, Agmatine, AstraGin, Boron, and Fenugreek Extract.

  1. Is Bio Testosterone XR available for purchase through GNC?

The product is currently only available through the manufacturer’s website and no independent retailers.

  1. Where can I purchase Bio Testosterone XR?

Unfortunately, the product cannot be purchased outright, and can only be attained by signing up for a free trial through the product website.
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  1. Is there a free trial offered with Bio Testosterone XR?

The product does offer a 14-day free trial, but consumers will be charged the full price of the product immediately after the trial ends.

  1. Who is Bio Testosterone XR manufactured by?

It is not made clear who exactly manufactures the product as the product website does not provide any contact details.

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