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A supplement that attempts to improve your sexual performance by focusing on your brain synapses. In our full breakdown we will explain if this approach is scientifically sound or a waste of your time. Continue reading by scrolling down and clicking on the table of contents.

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Dapovar Overview

Dapovar is a male enhancement pill that is also an SSRI, which is not commonly seen in male enhancements supplements. It states that its intention is to allow the user to have more control over their bodies and its reactions, that they will then be able to be more in control of their sexual performance. This could be particularly helpful for men who suffer from premature ejaculation in allowing them to have sex for longer and experience more amounts of pleasure while being a more satisfying lover.

The product produced and manufactured out of Amsterdam by the Dutch company Zaanstad-Noordwikk. The product website provides contact information in the form of a phone number, physical address, and email address. It is sold in bottles containing 60 capsules and advises users to take two capsules a day for $29.95 plus shipping and handling. It states that it is normally sold for $69.95, though it is unclear if this is true, and if so, should make users wonder why the product is being sold such a markdown.

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Dapovar Claims

The product claims that it will allow users to have sex for longer, enjoy sex more, and deal with issues like premature ejaculation. Unlike many other male enhancement products, Dapovar doesn’t claim to increase your stamina, or energy levels – in fact it does pretty much the opposite. The site claims that by addressing your anxieties and desensitizing the user a little bit, they will allow the user to not be overwhelmed to the point of orgasm.

In turn, they state that this approach will also make you a better sexual partner, as you will be able to control yourself and potentially perform for as long is necessary, until your partner is satisfied. Also claimed is that dealing with your anxieties about sex will make you able to perform for longer while controlling your nerves.

A concerning claim by the product is that it will not make the sex less pleasurable.

They address this multiple times, which leads us to believe that it perhaps has been an issue for users. By desensitizing certain areas of the body and delaying orgasm so aggressively, it would stand to reason that the user would suffer a decline in pleasure. Unfortunately, no explanation is given to explain how it achieves this.

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Dapovar Ingredients

The official website for Dapovar does not make it easy to find specific ingredient information for their product, but it can be found if you go digging through the FAQ section. They don’t provide a look at their supplement facts label, but they do list seemingly all the ingredients that they use, along with some more specific information about what each one does and how it is used. It contains some ingredients that are not often seen in male enhancement products.

  • 5-HTP
  • Folic Acid
  • Passionflower
  • Kava Kava
  • Vitamin B6

Among that list of ingredients, there are some that could be potentially useful in a male enhancement supplement, but nothing substantial. Passionflower is primarily used in sleep aids because it has the ability to relax users, while that could be useful to prevent some performance anxiety, it has no direct connection to male enhancement. Vitamin B6 is a vitamin that can be helpful is a variety of areas but is mostly known to be beneficial in treating issues with the heart and arteries.

Where we get really concerned about the product is its use of 5-HTP which is another ingredient that is primarily used for anxiety and sleep disorders. Their reasoning is that you’ll be more relaxed and therefore have more control over your body, but it can also lead to side effects such as nausea and vomiting, and potential sexual issues. Kava Kava is derived from a plant in the Pacific Islands and is often used as part of a recreational drink. It can help control nerves and stress but can also cause liver damage and has been banned in Canada and parts of Europe.

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The Science Behind Dapovar

Because Dapovar takes a different approach to sexual wellness than most male enhancement they do take the time to attempt to explain their scientific approach through their website. They state that their product is intended to work by maintaining the level of serotonin in the brain, which usually drop just before an orgasm. In keeping to serotonin at a higher level, the product will allow the user to experience the pleasure of sex for longer and maintain more control over their sexual performance in general.

This approach has been met with heavy skepticism from others in the scientific community. It is argued that taking this approach could make things worse by desensitizing the user to the pleasures they are feeling. Dapovar argues that it will not decrease pleasure but doesn’t explain how. The ingredients used by Dapovar are not often seen in male enhancement products, and many are more often used in sleep aids. Its argued that the product is potentially making the user more tired, which is the opposite of what you want to do to improve sex.

Hurting Dapovar’s creditability is that they offer no proof that the product works. They pretty much just offer a theory of how it could work, but there is nothing to back it up in figures, math, or science.

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Word on the Street About Dapovar

As Dapovar is only sold through its official product website, it could be difficult to locate objective consumer reviews. The site provided testimonials, but those are almost always picked selectively and displayed as positive. We found some reviews for Dapovar, and the majority of the reviews that we saw were negative. The criticisms of the product from customers were similar to what many scientists had to say – that desensitizing your body can actually make sex worse and is the wrong path to go down for male enhancement.

One reviewer describes his experience with the supplement like this: “I was hoping that Dapovar would make me last longer in bed, but it ended up just killing my sex drive entirely. I wasn’t able to orgasm at all.” Technically, it seems that Dapovar achieved what it was aiming for it delaying orgasm, but they ended up eliminating the climax entirely here.

Other reviews were more straight to the point, saying “Dapovar did nothing to impress me. I didn’t see any results, so I’m not placing any more order.” Makes sense to us. We see no proof the Dapovar is able to improve your sexual performance in any way.

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Is Dapovar Worth a Try?

Because of the strange and unproven approach the product takes, and the poor results it has generated with users, Dapovar is a product you can skip. As we discussed, the product is designed to boost your serotonin levels and desensitize certain areas of the body. This is a flawed approach because while it may be able to help users to perform for longer, it also makes them enjoy sex less, and in some cases unable to perform at all.

Even worse, it uses some ingredients that can cause some serious side effects such as live damage and nausea.

Even more uninspiring was the response from consumers who have tried it. Multiple consumers said that taking the product made it so they couldn’t reach orgasm at all. There was no one who stated that the product improved their sexual performance or made the sex they were having more satisfying. There are far better male enhancement supplements to spend your money on.

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Dapovar vs Rexazyte

Unlike Dapovar, Rexazyte does not attempt to desensitize the user, instead opting to try and make their penis’ bigger and more sensitive to pleasure. Rexazyte does claim to be a breakthrough formula, but based on the ingredient that it uses, it is pretty standard. It claims to be clinically proven and lab tested but provides no actual evidence of testing or scientific proof at all. It is priced similarly to Dapovar, but that is mostly where the similarities end, aside from both making highly skeptical claims about their effectiveness.

Dapovar vs Sizegenix

Sizegenix is male enhancement product that claims to not only improve your sexual performance, but also actually increase the size and girth of your penis. Claims such as those have been repeatedly disproven by scientists however. As a result, it is hard to take any claims made by Sizegenix seriously. The two products are priced similarly and are only sold through their official websites, but they take entirely different approaches to achieving results. Both approaches are flawed in their logic and for that reason, we believe that both products should be ignored by consumers who are looking to improve their sexual performance.

Dapovar vs Extenze

Extenze is a well-known male enhancement brand that makes daily tablets that are supposed to enhance the pleasure the user is receiving as opposed to dulling it like Dapovar attempts to do. Extenze is far more freely available, being carried through big chains such as CVS and Walgreens, and brags about a billion tablets being sold. It has received many reviews that, many of which are mixed to negative, but are an improvement over what Dapovar has received.

Dapovar FAQ

  1. Are there bad side effects associated with Dapovar?

There are certainly some ingredients that we are concerned about regarding safety.

In particular Kava Kava can cause serious liver damage, while also potentially causing fatigue and discolored urine.

  1. Is Dapovar for sale through retailers such as Walmart and Amazon?

No, it appears that the product is only currently sold through its own official website, and not through large retailers such as Walmart and Amazon.

  1. What sort of reviews has Dapovar received from customers who have tried it?

Among the reviews that we saw regarding the product, a majority of users felt it had no discernable effect or actually had a negative effect on their sexual performance in some cases.

  1. What price is Dapovar sold for?

Through the official website, a month’s supply of the product is sold for $29.95 plus shipping and handling. They state that this is marked down from the regular price of $69.95, but while this might sound like a deal, such a steep markdown should also make consumers wary.

  1. What ingredients make up the formula for Dapovar?

Dapovar makes it difficult to find what ingredients it contains, but does share that they use 5-HTP, passionflower, folic acid, kava kava, and vitamin B6. It does not share any specific dosage information.

  1. How do you use Dapovar?

It states that it can be taken with or without food, in the amount of two capsules per day, until the user sees improvements in their sexual performance. They do not explain if the user then continues to take the product.

  1. Can Dapovar make your erections last longer?

The product doesn’t specifically address your erections, but it is designed to make your sexual performance last until your satisfaction.

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So What Really Works?

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