How To Deal With Disappointment In A Relationship Or At Work

how to deal with disappointment

Updates: 07/15/2024

Disappointment is not comfortable and fun, whether you are handling with relationships that have not worked out or if you have overlooked an important chance to improve your career. Actually, no matter what kind of the disappointment is, we always have ways to deal with it. Here are some powerful techniques on how to deal with disappointment in a relationship or at work that allow you to feel stronger quickly.

How To Deal With Disappointment In A Relationship Or At Work

1. Express Your Feelings Out 

how to deal with disappointment in marriageIt is totally natural when you feel sad and even inconsolable if you have to deal with a disappointment. However, it is critical for you to acknowledge the pain you get at the beginning. Do not hide your tear, or be ashamed to cry. There is no evidence pointing out that tears are bad for the human health. If there is an individual who caused your hurt, do not let him / her you cry as he or she might get the satisfaction. Try to deal with your emotions and feelings privately if possible.

2. Manage Emotion

This step should be one of the initial things when it comes to learning how to deal with disappointment in a relationship or at work. As dealing with difficulties and unexpected life contexts are not easy at all, you need to experience your own emotional reaction to the event. Figure out the meaning of the event to you and do not try to make any important decision when you are sad. You might need a few hours or even a few days to reach the calmer state of mind. Once you get there, you can act.

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3. Do Not Take It Personally

Many of you are all too ready to attribute negative life events to your own personal failings. You can say that you deserved it, or you think you were not “good enough” to get a better or different outcome. In fact, life will do what it has to do, whether you are there or not. So, when you take something personally, you might narrow your point of view and prevent the acquiring of wisdom, which is an ability to observe the life from a broader, deeper, and more meaningful point of view. Rather than making it “all about me” you can place yourself at the position of “not know” by reminding yourself: “I don’t know, I don’t know”. By that way, you could help yourself understand more about the event when it happens. Also, you will discover more about yourself as well as life no within the boundary limits you set. And, when it comes to insight, impatience should not be considered.

4. Review Your Expectations

how to deal with disappointment in lifeWhen you set the real expectations, you will be able to get closer to true understanding of the event. Perhaps your expectations were not realistic or they could be adjusted a little for fitting with the reality. No matter what way your expectations will go, it is the time for you to make questions that whether these expectations really serve you. Think small steps. Rather than wanting all big things, you can think of the small achievements or happiness you could gain along your way.

5. Do Not Doubt Yourself

It is also natural if you feel like an entire failure when you get a disappointment. You might wonder why such bad things keep constantly happening to you, or you might start think that you cannot get your expectations at the first place. However, none of them is the truth. It is not necessarily for you to sink into such negative thoughts as disappointment is not unique to you. Most people have ever met at least one disappointed event in their life. So, do not beat up yourself, think about what you could do differently if you have another chance and always learn from experience. Want to find real purpose of life? Check out useful tips here.

6. See Things With The Bigger Picture Perspective

It is necessary for you to self-reflect in order to improve your mental health. Take your time to discover what is occurring for you around this event. After getting disappointment, what it means to you and what you learned. By taking a big picture perspective, you can recover, reevaluate, and gain clarity and feel better.

7. Take Breaks

Well, you have gotten dumped or fired. Does this mean you should continually look for new job? No. Now, it is time for you to feel calm to make a rational decision. Of course, you should look for new job, but you get the picture. Once you try to deal with problem right instantly after the setback, you will be more likely to make a wrong decision which is resulted from despair and desperation, rather than from a rational view.

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8. Practice Gratitude And Acceptance

When it comes to learning how to deal with disappointment in a relationship or at work, this is an important part. Do not keep the thought that the world is entirely unfair and that what occurred to you was totally horrible. So, perhaps it was, yet it occurred and there is nothing you can change and do once again. Therefore, live with your presence. If you wish to have a better future, you must accept the past for what it was, though it might be unpleasant. Of course, you need to practice acceptance steadily as it will not happen just overnight.

9. Be Open To New Perspectives

Another critical step is to enhance your awareness by recognizing your role in the disappointing situation. By that way, you can put things in a brand new perspective and learn from your experience. This will help you develop coping strategies as well as the essential resilience to get over the difficulties you are experiencing. Just try to reach a healthy balance in the way you evaluate the event. It is better for you to remind yourself that every disappointment will pass and that will not last forever.

10. Rebuild Your Self-Confidence And Self-Image

how to deal with disappointment in sportsHow you see yourself will determine your action towards disappointments. Normally, after suffering from disappointments, you might feel bad about yourself, preventing you from working towards your personal goals. Yet, right now, take good care of yourself via planning a healthy diet plan or exercising regularly. Moreover, take advantages of your talents as well as abilities no matter what your setback is. For feeling better, you can change negative thought patterns into more positive ones. Do not repeat the negative messages like “I am a loser” because once you pay attention too much on negative thoughts, you will allow them take control over you. Instead, repeat positive ones over and over again to yourself.

11. Ask For Help And Build Relationships

Some people find that they could not deal with disappointment they experience all on their own. So, why not ask for help? Develop a caring network to have people supporting you as dealing with your own setback. Also, you had better spend time on building healthy relationships and find time for conversations and activities you love. Involvement in various activities will take your mind off negative thoughts as well as the bad situation you have just experienced. That also can give you a sense of purpose.

12. Create A Brand New Plan

The old plan did not work well for you, so it is the time for you to think of new one. In fact, ships must change their courses in the middle of the night to avoid some potential or unforeseen obstacles. You might also have to do similarly. You had better look for new plan to get your dream come true. Perhaps you have had a failure that make your goals go wrong; yet taking a new outlook in your life can make yourself happy and recover fast.

13. Do Not Give Up And Move Forwards

how to deal with disappointment in dating

Any person who has had even the smallest degree of success in life has coped with some certain disappointments. You will be a winner if you do not give up. Learn for your failures or mis-steps. Go on to achieve your goals. Do not leave your disappointments to reduce your own confidence and self-esteem. This means you should learn how to deal with disappointment in a relationship or at work effectively, so you can move on to better and bigger things soon. To move on, you need to cope with and overcome fear of failure. Here are all you need to learn for getting that purpose.

14. Keep Hope Alive

Staying hopeful is the important factor to a fulfilling and happy life, regardless of how disappointed you might be. Just stay optimistic by keep things positively. Always have something to look forwards to in your current life no matter how simple or small it could be. Once you are hopeful about your future, you will be more likely to get success in life effortlessly. Keep your head up and hang out with positive and optimistic people. If people around you are bringing your mood down, how could you have hope? Dealing with disappointment is not easy, but it is rewarding. You could become your own biggest motivator, if you want. Do not underestimate the role of encouraging yourself by reminding yourself “I am possible, I can make it.” If so, you will do that easily.

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15. Know Your Heart know your heart

Disappointment can be made by the core of who you are. When you don’t understand your core values, you will not have a framework to help you overcome negative emotions. For instance, your core value is open-heartedness. You hope to maintain an open heart and be willing to share love with others and irrespective of the way they might behave. Instead of thinking about the negativity, you want to choose to act with kindness and love. When someone makes you disappointed and you want to withdraw, you should remember this value.

Knowing your heart and your core values makes you feel free with any choice. You can opt for living with your principles, which help you overcome difficulties and prevent you from being swallowed by disappointments.

16. Release

In modern and complicated life, we always focus on the results of our performances. We also imagine how everything works. For example, we have to get a relationship at this age, a car, a house and certain amount of money in this year. It is nice to set detailed goals of what we want in our life; however, if we attach greatly to this vision, we will feel crushed when things go wrong.

We need to learn to enjoy the whole process and try to control our lives. If this moment is harsh, come back to point one and begin again. Don’t be scared.

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17. Don’t Tell Someone About What Might Happen

Perhaps, you have a fantastic opportunity in your works or you have been meeting a good guy for some weeks. You feel very satisfied with anything you are experiencing. Of course, you would like to share your good feelings with your close friends. But, if twenty friends or acquaintances know what happen to you, you may be more disappointed when the bad news occurs. It is difficult for you to face up to bad things from your friends and acquaintances. Therefore, you can be happy but private and must be cautious. Share your success after you achieve it.

18. Learn From Your Mistakes learn from your mistakes

When you have disappointment, it doesn’t mean that this disappointment last long time and ruin your mood. However, you can try to learn from your mistakes. Everyone can make mistake because no one is perfect. You need to be more patient to get back up if you have never fallen down. Your understanding about the significant of this can bring the valuable learning experience.

19. Strain To Identify The Silver Lining

In many cases, you might think that there is totally nothing positive. I can list some situations about the negativity. You split up with the person who you consider as the love of your life. You can lose your interesting job. But, you have to ask yourself that are you perfect for each other? Or is this job fit for you? You need to know when one door closes, another door opens for you. The most important thing is that you need to believe in yourself. Be patient to find the good in those situations and it guides you on how to think positive.

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If you want to know more about how to deal with disappointment in a relationship or at work, Overcoming Life’s Disappointments is the best guide you should read.

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