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An efficient blockchain infrastructure for decentralized applications, token issuance and integration.


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8,500,000 USD

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14,681,000 USD

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What is Tomocoin?

The Tomocoin ICO is a potential solution to the issue of scalability for smart contracts. The platform aims to increase the number of transactions that are processed per second. This could potentially have significant value regarding the area of finance, as finance apps that are decentralized would greatly improve the number transactions processed and the speed at which they are completed at a reduced cost. Tomocoin aims to provide the tools needed to achieve more manageable scalability through the Tomochain protocol and Tomocoin token.

The vision for Tomochain is to add a nee network of chains that can support instant transactions and charge minimal transaction fees. According to the ICO this sort of technology would pay dividends for decentralized apps, token issuances, and token integrations for businesses of all sizes.

According to the roadmap for Tomocoin, the alpha Tomoapp was launched in the second quarter of 2024. By Q4 they were deep into the development of Tomochain and its design. The development is currently ongoing as the ICO prepares to begin its token sale. Later this year they will address token integration and officially release both the Tomoapp and the Tomochain. Some of their undated future goals include building infrastructure and community, along with decentralized governance.

How Does Tomocoin Work?

Tomo network would consist primarily of three aspects – Tomochain, Tomoapp, and Tomowallet. The chain would create blockchain infrastructure that is scalable, allows for quick and simple token integration, and is transparent and auditable. It is public permissioned and combined with smart contract functionalities. It also uses Proof of Authority and created nodes in several different locations for extra security.

The Tomoapp would provide a contributor’s network and would allow data mining through contributing. The app would give user’s complete privacy for their transactions, and there would be no fees for micro payments. Contributors of content or knowledge would be rewarded using Tomocoin while building a unique social network.

Tomocoin will also act as the cryptocurrency for the Tomoapp as well as the protocol token for the Tomochain infrastructure. The Tomowallet would focus on ensuring security while being able to send and receive tokens and messages. Additionally, it would provide APIs that can be used by third party apps.

Features and Benefits of Tomocoin

Through the website there are links provided to actually try the Tomochain Testnet, a demo for the Tomowallet, and features of the Tomoapp highlighted.

The Tomoapp is available for mobile and web, as well as Android, iOS, and browsers. It allows users to send questions to a specific user or expert or pose a question to the community at large.
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The community is multilingual and can support an array of different demands, while the feed is personalized to your tastes. You also have the option of creating your own channel to provide content and knowledge of your own. Furthermore, like most social media apps, instant messaging is included, and you can connect or follow your friends or experts you’re fond of.

The Tomowallet is made to help bridge the gap between mainstream users and those who utilize cryptocurrency. It can safely store Tomocoin, ETH, and more coins, while allowing users to send coins safely to one another.

The Tomocoin Token Sale

Tomocoin has its token sale scheduled to begin on March 1st, 2024 and there is currently no end date set. The whitelist has been available to join since February 11th. The tokens are referred to as TMC and they will be distributed in the form of ERC20. In total 100,000,000 tokens are being created and 50% of them will be made available during the sale.

The ICO has the fundraising goal set at $8.5 million, though they have not reported any funds they have raised so far. ETH will be the only currency that is accepted. As of yet, there is not minimum or maximum contribution that has been indicated, nor any sort of purchasing bonus for the tokens.

The allocation of both the token supply and the funds raised during the sale are made clear through graphics on the company website. 40% of the tokens will be made available for the token sale. Another 40% will go to the reward engine, and the final 20% goes to the team, advisors, and bounties. Meanwhile, 50% of the token sale funds will go to the product and engineering, 30% will go to marketing and the community, 10% to administration and legal costs, and the last 10% will go into reserves.

Who’s Behind Tomocoin?

The Tomocoin team is based out of Singapore, and their company website highlights the highest-ranking members of the team. The founder and project lead is Long Vuong. He serves as the CEO and is a PhD candidate in economics at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
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The co-founder and project manager is Tung Hoang. He is described as a versatile engineer and open-source contributor after being educated at the University of Transport and Communications for Software Engineering.

The CTO of the company is Son Nquyen who also describes himself as the director of engineering for the ToMoApp. He holds a Master’s Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the Hanoi University of Technology. Minh Chu is the blockchain and cloud lead – he has worked as a cloud architect for Viettel Security and VCCorp.

There are eight people making up the board of advisors including the co-founder of CryptXO, a director of investment banking, general manager at Meed Fintech, and a head of business development, among others. Everyone identified on the site has a mini-bio and LinkedIn page made available.


Scalability is a one of the biggest issues preventing mainstream use of cryptocurrency and Tomocoin aims to address it through a platform that is actually a series of platforms rolled into one. It is a good sign that the company has already produced alpha versions of their products so that potential investors can get a feel for the practical usability of the platform. Additionally, the cross-chain approach taken regarding the infrastructure is appealing because it can work with Ethereum which can open it to a whole new market.

Concerns regarding the platform revolve around the fact that addressing scalability is a hot issue for ICOs lately with a lot of competition. Ethereum itself is working to create a solution to their scalability issues, and there is a chance that it could be instituted prior to Tomochain. If that were to happen, one of the main appeals of Tomocoin would be eliminated.
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That said, the ICO fundraising goal is reasonable and the site provides substantial detail for those who are curious, which could help to build a loyal audience prior to the official release in Q4 of this year.

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