BoostUltimate Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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When customers are openly admitting that they were given a free sample in exchange for a 5-star review, you know you’re not dealing with scrupulous people. BoostUltimate has a lot of problems, and they don’t stop at the sketchy customer testimonials. Check out our review for the whole story:

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BoostUltimate Overview

BoostUltimate is a male sex supplement, one that contains a mix of ingredients formulated to help men have better performance in bed. As many men have a hard time with their sexual energy, or don’t last long during sex, this pill is intended to help them reach their full sexual potential.

This is one of the weakest-looking products we’ve covered, as not only does the product’s website not tell us much about the supplement itself, the company doesn’t tell us anything about themselves, so we don’t know if they’re to be trusted – especially when it comes to health.

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BoostUltimate Claims

BoostUltimate has one of the weakest websites we’ve ever seen for a product like this. While most male enhancement supplements will show you pages and pages of claims about what their products do, maybe with a smattering of quotes from “doctors” and references to studies, BoostUltimate doesn’t do any of that. In fact, their entire pitch comes down to two sentences:

“Looking for a boost of energy and stamina in the bedroom?

Are you looking for a safe, herbal solution?


That’s it. Nothing about what the ingredients do, nothing about how the product is supposed to work, who it’s meant for, “studies that show,” etc etc: just “do you want this?” and “Ok, buy!”

From what we pieced together looking at the Amazon page for this product, the pills are supposed to boost your testosterone levels, which is supposed to give you more energy and sex drive. It’s also intended to help your erections, making them harder and longer-lasting. It also claims to work in mere hours, as opposed to some products which must be taken days or weeks before they start to show signs of working. One chart we saw, made by BoostUltimate, even implied that it’s supposed to increase the size of your penis by as much as 3 inches!

Why make customers have to hunt down information about what your product does? It’s frustrating, and BoostUltimate should’ve done what everyone else has done and put their product information on the product website – sounds obvious, right? They clearly had a little trouble with the concept.

That, and it’s physically impossible to increase the size of your penis through a pill: while your erection might be fuller than you’re used to, it will not be significantly bigger (Stewart, J: “Do Penis Enlargement Products Work?” 2024). People have gotten in trouble for making that claim (like Enzyte, which was fined $500 million by the FTC).

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BoostUltimate Ingredients

BoostUltimate has lots of ingredients, many of which we’ve seen in other male enhancement products. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Tongkat Ali
  • L-Arginine HCL
  • Astralagus
  • Orchic
  • Boron
  • Muira Puama
  • Catauba

Tongkat ali, Muira puama, and catauba are common aphrodisiacs, stemming from various parts of the world like Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. All are supposed to have beneficial effects on both the male and female sex drive, which is what’s made them common prescriptions for erectile dysfunction and low libido.

L-Arginine is a compound found in different types of foods like shellfish, wheat, red meat, and dairy. It’s used to improve circulation by converting to nitric oxide, which widens arteries and vessels and allows for more blood to flow through the body. With more circulation, blood can better reach the further parts of the body, like the penis or vagina.

Astralagus is an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine for lots of different symptoms, from treating colds to fatigue to high blood pressure. We can only assume it was included here as a way to improve energy. But is there proof this ingredient works? It’s not what they’d have you think. We’ll cover that in the next section.

Orchic is another Chinese ingredient, but it doesn’t come from an herb or plant. Nope, this one comes from cow testicles. Why oh why would they use such an ingredient?

It’s supposed to contain high amounts of testosterone, and by introducing more testosterone into your body, it’s supposed to make you more sexual and virile. But unfortunately science doesn’t agree with this assumption – it’s basically garbage.

Boron is a mineral that many male supplements include because they read somewhere that higher levels of boron correlate to higher testosterone levels, but as you’ll soon learn, the answer isn’t so cut and dry.

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The Science Behind BoostUltimate

Not all of the ingredients in this product are considered legit. While some have shown some positive effects on the sex drive, others have no proof that they work, making this blend disappointing and potentially weakened by the presence of unproven products.

We’re not sure why they included astralagus in this supplement – it doesn’t traditionally have any use as far as the sex drive is concerned, and even worse, the few things it is actually supposed to help (immune system, fatigue, energy, etc) have no proof: there “isn’t enough scientific evidence” that it works at all (WebMD).

No scientific tests have been performed on orchic extract, so the only “proof” we have that it does anything at all has been left up to traditional folk healers – and it’s based more in superstition than in science (“eat sex organs, make your sex organs better”), and while that might be good enough for some people, in the West we prefer to have our ingredients proven by science, just so we don’t get taken for a ride by someone giving us snake oil (WebMD).

Boron is usually included in male supplements because it’s one of the few ingredients in the world of supplements that have actually been tested, but the evidence that it increases testosterone levels is scant: we only found two studies that suggest it has any effect, and these were conducted by Naghii, et al and Nielsen, Hunt, et al (National Institutes of Health). Against, we need more proof if we’re going to believe that something works.

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Word on the Street about BoostUltimate

BoostUltimate has one thing going for it – it has lots of reviews. And at first, things look pretty good: out of almost a thousand reviews, about 74% of people rated it 5 stars our of 5. Sounds great, right?

Except there’s one problem. We checked FakeSpot, a service that analyzes customer reviews for signs of being fake or unreliable, and they gave BoostUltimate a “C” grade. What does that mean? As many as 20% of all their reviews could be unreliable, putting all of their “good” reviews into question.

Here’s what some people have been saying:

“Gave me energy – I’d say it works really well!”

“I gave this product 4 stars because they said they’d give it to me for free if I did. Let’s see if they keep their word.” (See what we mean about untrustworthy reviews? Here a customer outright admitted that the review was biased.)

“This really doesn’t work, but I’m going to give it three stars anyway.” (Why?)

“I got a free bottle for writing this review. Four stars!”

“I didn’t see any improvements after using this product.” (This person still rated it 3 stars. Hmm…)

“Don’t waste your money on this. Useless.”

So as you can see, the reviews for this product are a complete mess. People who admit they hate the product are still giving it 3 out of 5 stars (maybe they were bullied by BoostUltimate?), and we saw many people admit that they got a free bottle in exchange for writing a positive review. It suffices to say that the reviews for this product aren’t to be trusted, and if things wer emore fair, this product would likely be rated far lower than it is.

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Is BoostUltimate Worth a Try?

Well, the short answer is no. The longer answer takes into account all the things we’ve seen while investigating this supplement: the company has no presence and we don’t know who they are, or what their qualifications are; they make impossible promises, including the fact that this product can make your penis physically larger; the product has multiple ingredients that have no scientific proof that they work whatsoever. Worst of all, it turns out that many people were instructed to write positive reviews in return for free product, meaning we don’t know how many of the so-called reviews we read are actually real and represent the quality of the product.

If we can’t trust customer testimonials, there’s no way to tell whether a product works or not, and that’s a huge problem. BoostUltimate shot themselves in the foot by blatantly bribing people to give them a high star rating, hoping that would give them the edge over the competition. But as our research shows, it’s a sham. The product likely isn’t any better than the competition at all.

Save yourself some headaches (and money) by avoiding this product altogether.

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BoostUltimate vs Alpha Male XL

These products make similar claims, but Alpha Male XL seems focused more on overall testosterone enhancement and male physical performance, not just sex like BoostUltimate. Alpha Male XL is also a little more expensive, costing only $32.29 for a one-month supply, compared to BoostUltimate’s $22.99. The dose for each product is the same, as both are meant ot be taken as 2 pills per day.

BoostUltimate vs Vigrx

These supplements both promise a bigger sex drive and harder erections. BoostUltimate is way cheaper, first off ($22.99 per box, compared to $70), but contains fewer ingredients. Vigrx has roughly the same amount of ingredients, and both products use herbal ingredients in their formulae. Vigrx Plus has a lower rating on Amazon: 2.5/5 stars, compared to BoostUltimate’s 3.3/5, but as we’ve seen with BoostUltimate, many of those reviews were basically bought and paid for, and can’t be trusted.

BoostUltimate vs Vimax

These products are fairly similar in their intentions, and both are based on natural ingredients. Vimax, however, contains far fewer ingredients (although they share cayenne, oat straw, and ginseng in common). Vimax offers far more information on its main website than BoostUltimate, which leaves it up to customers to do their own research for. There’s a huge difference in price, with Vimax costing $59.95 for a month, and BoostUltimate only costing $22.99.

BoostUltimate vs Rexavar

There are a lot of similarities between these products, from the promises about testosterone levels to the claims about erection strength and stamina during sex. Rexavar costs more, at $39.99 for a one-month supply, while BoostUltimate only costs $22.99. They both contain some similar ingredients, mainly tongkat ali and l-arginine, and both supplements can be found on Amazon, but that’s where the similarities end, it seems.

BoostUltimate FAQ

  1. Are there before and after pics for users of BoostUltimate?
    If there are, we haven’t seen any. Such pictures would have to be on forums that allow nudity, and there aren’t many of those around.
  2. Is BoostUltimate safe?
    It looks like it’s fairly safe, as we didn’t read about any bad side effects. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s effective, however.
  3. Can I get a free trial of Boost Ultimate?
    No, it looks like free trials aren’t offered at this time.
  4. Is Boost Ultimate available on Amazon?
    Yes, you can buy it there through the company’s webstore.
  5. Can I buy BoostUltimate at GNC?
    No, it’s not available there at this time, it seems.
  6. What are the ingredients in BoostUltimate?
    The active ingredients in this supplement are: tongkat ali, maca, l-arginine, ginseng, saraparilla, pumpkin seed, muira puama, oat straw, nettle, cayenne, catauba bark, licorice, tribulus terrestris, orchic, oyster extract, boron.
  7. Is BoostUltimate good for bodybuilding?
    It could be, since some ingredients can increase your energy and stamina, but it’s not primarily intended to be used for bodybuilding per se.
  8. Has BoostUltimate been approved by the FDA?
    No, but most nutritional supplements aren’t approved (or regulated) by the FDA, although some products do come from facilities that are monitored by the FDA for quality standards.
  9. Where can I read reviews for BoostUltimate pills?
    Right now the main place for reviews is Amazon, as there aren’t really any testimonials offered by the company on the main website.
  10. Is BoostUltimate (60 capsules) the #1 rated testosterone booster, and can it increase stamina, size, energy, and more?
    Well it’s definitely not “#1” that’s for sure. As far as all those claims go, we haven’t seen enough trustworthy customer reviews to convince us that it does. Your guess is as good as anyone’s.

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So What Really Works?

Viritenz is the number 1 male performance product in our book, out of all the supplements we’ve reviewed. Men who take it see improvements in their confidence, in their sexual desire, as well as in their stamina and energy. Its ingredients pass GMP standards for purity and quality, and it’s made in an FDA-inspected facility, so you know that it’s made to a rigorously-high standard.

Viritenz outperforms the competition in every area o comparison, from ingredients to quality to customer satisfaction. It can help any man to become more virile, to get harder erections, and make the best of their sex life. To read more information about Viritenz and its amazing benefits, click on this link.

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