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There’s only 3 ingredients in this including caffeine and an amino acid, and the caffeine amount is quite high. Many experienced side effects and the price is far too high for these basic additives. If you’re interested in learning more about Plexus Edge, we offer this complete review to check out.

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Plexus Edge Overview

Plexus Edge is a nootropic supplement meant more for energy and overall focus. The company keeps it simple and adds caffeine at about cups worth of coffee. Even though the ingredients are natural the biggest issue with this is the fact it’s easily substituted for a cheaper cost.

There really is no need to use this as you’d be able to replace it with basic green tea with a far less caffeinated amount. The supplement is really simple and highly overpriced for what’s offered.

The research we completed makes it simple to understand what your best options are for cognition.

Plexus Edge Claims

A full list of clams is offered and it includes:

  • Improving thinking
  • Supporting a healthy mood
  • Aiding concentration
  • Keeping energy at a steady state
  • Free of any GMO, and all vegetarian

They use clinically studied ingredients which are all simple to source. The company claims that the amount of caffeine added is about the same as a cup of coffee, and they only recommend using a pill daily.

No actual citations or reviews are currently up for viewing on their website. They also keep the information brief, making it tricky to see much worth in it. Luckily their supplements facts list is cited so we can further review this brand.

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Plexus Edge Ingredients

  • Theacrine
  • L-Theanine
  • Natural Caffeine

L-Theanine is an amino acid naturally found in certain teas. This is a great way to help regulate anxiety and to support nerve impulses. It’s often mixed with caffeine to help provide a sense of calmness.

Theacrine is caffeine like chemical that has stimulant like effects, increasing energy and focus. This is often used as a substitute since it does not have the same impact on blood pressure as caffeine would have. It’s also meant to help with the reduction of stress and swelling. Studies on the possible side effects are limited at this time however.

Natural Caffeine that’s added to this comes from a species of coffee. They claim that altogether there’s the same amount of caffeine as what’s inside a cup of coffee. Caffeine in general does affect energy and focus, but excess amounts can also lead to addictions and jitters, even when mixed with L-Theanine.

The Science Behind Plexus Edge

It’s said that this has clinically-tested ingredients which can prevent jitters and boost energy. Even though this is true, as the ingredients are common and have been used through human history, it would have been useful had they listed the specific studies they were referring to.

They do not add any evidence for anyone to review, and this makes it impossible to have a solid prediction without having to research it.

It’s also hard to know if the L-Theanine would really block anxiety and jitters since the amount of caffeine added is quite high. Typically this affect is more studied when it’s found in natural tea, since the amounts of caffeine are low and the L-Theanine is rich enough.

When using stimulants there is always going to be a difference in experience depending on the user. Some can’t handle any daily dosage of caffeine in a pill, and others are able to do so. What’s often the case is that it can cause addiction and withdrawals if it’s suddenly no longer used.

A much great impact in overall mood and mental functioning is offered in this guide.

Word on the Street About Plexus Edge

“lets me get out of bed in the morning and it does have a kick”

“made me feel kind of high like I downed a full gallon of coffee”

“Not at all effective for what I was looking for”

“Didn’t meet my expectations at all super weak”

“Felt like my heart was jumping out of my chest, not good”

It’s highly important to mention the fact that some of the reviews on Amazon are not from verified customer’s, and  the company is known for having MLM sellers which try to made their products sound good. Strangely enough all the verified purchases were negative, making it seem as if the salespeople decided to make it appear much better.

There were a lot of issues from customers which made it impossible for them to continue using it as directed. The harsh side effects and difficult stimulant affects made some feel far too uncomfortable continue supplementing.

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Is Plexus Edge Worth a Try?

This is too expensive, basic, and not well-reviewed enough. What’s you’re getting with this is a stimulant pill that contains 2 kinds of caffeine, and an amino acid to calm the body down. This is all far too basic to ever consider it worthy of $34.95. You’d be able to get your own green tea and caffeine in bulk, which would deliver similar effects.

The company is also known for their shady MLM practices that many felt are untrustworthy. They have a bad reputation online due to their issues with returns, bold claims, and questionable business practices. There’s really no good reason to suggest this brand as it’s mostly a simple caffeine blend. The formula doesn’t offer anything already available in a beverage.

We highly recommend checking out our exclusive top 10 list to better understand what your options are for cognition.

Plexus Edge vs Accelerator

Accelerator is also made by the company that makes Plexus Edge, and it’s a supplement used for metabolism. Since it’s not an actual nootropic, it’s not meant for general brain function. This was made specifically to help people manage their weight, as long as they kept diet and exercise going. It does contain stimulants from the yerba mate and green tea, and as such it may contribute to unwanted side effects.

Plexus Edge vs Adderall

Adderall should only be used by those who are prescribed and shown to have either ADHD or narcolepsy. The only proper way to use it is if a doctor has ensured that the person using it could do so safely. This is popular and as such, is sometimes used as a general nootropic. It’s highly important to never abuse it in this way however, as it can be dangerous. While it can provide focus, it may have an opposite dangerous effect if used outside of a prescription.

Plexus Edge FAQ

  1. Does Plexus Edge work for ADHD?
    This is a supplement meant for general cognition, not for ADHD.
  1. Are there any Plexus Edge bad reviews?
    There were some issues related to symptoms and a lack of benefits.
  1. Is Plexus Edge sold on Amazon?
    Yes it is offered on Amazon but its unknown if it is fresh.
  1. Can I get Plexus Edge wholesale?
    They do offer it at wholesale, especially since they are a MLM company. You’d have to become a member to get the discount.
  1. How much is Plexus Edge?
    They offer a single purchase at $34.95 or auto-renewal for 15% off at $29.70.
  1. Are there any Plexus Edge side effects to worry about?
    Some stimulant like symptoms was mentioned including headaches, anxiety, jitters insomnia, and difficulty relaxing.
  1. Is there a Plexus Edge video?
    There are some YouTube reviews but no official company video on this very supplement.
  1. What is the proper Plexus Edge dosage?
    They recommend using a single capsule at either breakfast or lunch.

So What Really Works?

After researching and reviewing all kinds of nootropics our clear top rated winner was Memotenz. What we liked most was that the company understands how it works, and they provide great information to support its use. The ingredients can help improve cognition in a way that effects blood flow, neuron communication, energy, and overall mood.

The ingredients in it are also backed by years of clinical studies which show how it can impact the brain. This is unlike other brands as it’s free of cheap additives, stimulants, article additives, or anything under dosed and weak. A lot of different positive reviews are available which make it easy to see what it can do as a strong nootropic. Get right to the source and see what kinds of reviews are offered as well as what Memotenz can offer by clicking here.


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