PES Erase Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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While the company seems to have done a good job making itself look professional and trustworthy, there isn’t much science behind the formula in these pills, and therefore no promise that it will actually do what they say it will. Read our review here:

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PES Erase Overview

PES Erase is a testosterone supplement for men that want an extra edge in their bodybuilding. This pill is supposed to be effective at blocking estrogen and boosting testosterone so that you can get the absolute best results you can from your workouts, chisel your body that one bit harder, and even increase your libido for an added benefit in the bedroom.

This product makes a lot of claims, all connected to hormone production, that are supposed to change your body for the better in a way that other products don’t. However, based on what we’ve learned about PES Erase, it turns out a lot of their claims are overblown and should definitely be taken with a grain of salt.

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PES Erase Claims

This product goes pretty hard on the bold claims. They make the case that men who want to reach optimum physical shape are being held back by the ratio of estrogen to testosterone in their systems, and that unless they take PES Erase, they’ll never get what they truly desire – all of which is classic marketing. PES Erase is supposed to contain ingredients that block or reduce estrogen in the male body, which they claim is responsible for excess fat, water retention, and less-than-ideal levels of sex drive and energy. So by taking this long-term, you’re supposed to see those muscles pop, excess belly fat get shed, and the libido go up up up. These pills contain natural ingredients, which are supposed to be safer and easier to use by the body.

We’ll give them props: for a fitness supplement, they’re actually trying to use some halfway-decent science to sell their product, which is an improvement over some of their competition.

Who’s promising these things? They’re called PES, Physique Enhancing Science, a nutritional supplement manufacturer that makes a wide range of different products that mostly have to do with health, muscle gain, and workout recovery. They’ve got a professional-looking website, and seem to have their products sold at legitimate retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and VitaminShoppe. They don’t seem to have a profile with the Better Business Bureau, so it’s hard to tell what their customer history is like, and if they do things like honor refunds, have sneaky selling models, etc. As of now, all seems more or less well, and there haven’t been any major problems with customer service.

One slight problem is the price: $64.99. That’s really on the higher end of the supplement price scale, and even if you sign up for the “Subscribe and Save” option, you’ll only be saving about $4 off the price tag – which isn’t very generous. Considering the simple and (for the most part) pretty conventional ingredients in PES Erase, we would have expected the price to be a little bit more reasonable, since several months of using this product will set you back hundreds of dollars very, very quickly.

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PES Erase Ingredients

PES Erase has a small list of largely herbal ingredients, including some that we’ve never seen before:

  • Ashwagandha Root
  • Boerhaavia Diffusa Root
  • Uncaria Tomentosa Bark
  • Pine Bark

Ashwagandha is also called Indian ginseng, an Ayurvedic ingredient used for a number of different remedies, but foremost is its use as a male enhancement ingredient. That’s because it’s supposed to contain chemicals that act as testosterone-boosters, and it’s supposed to have a direct effect on raising the libido in men with less-than-stellar sex drives. It does have some problems, though – there’s not much proof it works, and it comes with side effects like:

  • Stomach aches, nausea, vomiting

Boerhaavia Diffusa is an herb that’s also used in Ayurvedic medicine as a diuretic, and so it’s been put into this supplement presumably as a way to help men cut excess water weight. Like ashwagandha, it comes with its own problems, such as the fact that it can suppress the immune system, making you more open to sickness and disease while taking any product that contains it.

Uncaria Tomentosa is also known as cat’s claw, an herb that’s supposed to help people deal with arthritis. We’re not sure exactly why it was put in this supplement, since PES Erase is supposed to be focused on testosterone and sex drive boosting, not helping treat arthritis.

Pine Bark isn’t just any old pine bark – it’s from the French maritime pine, which has shown up in a lot of supplements recently due to its promised effects of increasing blood circulation, but PES Erase claims it can help block estrogen as well. Is that true, though? We’ll look at that in our next section.

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The Science Behind PES Erase

This product has a couple problems with it. With so few ingredients, you would think that they would all have been specially-chosen for potency and effectiveness – but that’s not what we see here.

Ashwagandha not only comes with some of the uncomfortable side effects listed above, but it doesn’t even have compelling evidence that it works to help with testosterone and sexual function. We found a study by Swati, et al from 2024 studying the effects of ashwagandha, but the study said it “could” be useful for treating women with low libidos (National Institutes of Health). That’s not very strong proof. And it’s all the worse because it doesn’t even show an effect on male biology, which is what PES Erase is supposed to be about. Altogether, there’s “insufficient evidence” that ashwagandha has any benefits at all.

Pine bark is something we’ve mainly seen used to increase blood flow (for men with erectile dysfunction), but we’ve never heard of it being able to lower estrogen levels. We found a study that mentioned the connection, specifically between estrogen levels and a chemical in pine bark called dehydroabietic acid (DHAA), but this study only saw estrogen inhibition in female fish – it’s “unknown” whether it would have the same effect in men (Su SL, et al: “Isolation and biological activities …” Planta Med, 2024).

So actually, when you look at all the ingredients, none of them actually are proven to have a positive effect on testosterone or a negative effect on estrogen – both of which are promised by PES – so in the end, the only thing this product will probably be able to do is to help men cut water weight.

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Word on the Street about PES Erase

PES Erase doesn’t have a very big following. We checked around online to see if we could find out what customers have been saying, since that’s one of the best ways to tell if a product is even worth considering in the first place. So what’s the reception been like?

Well, it’s been so-so.

“This stuff can help, but only if you follow a good diet. Nothing is a magic pill.”

“This product has worked pretty well for me, but one thing that worries me is the joint pain I’ve gotten as a result.”

These are pretty representative of the “good” reviews, but the thing is that almost none of the good reviews have anything to say about libido and sexual health, one of the main benefits PES Erase promises. That, and several people mentioned joint pain, which is an odd side effect.

Other people weren’t so positive:

“This new version isn’t as powerful as the old stuff.”

“I didn’t get any benefits from using these pills, but what I did get was pain in my legs and ankles.”

“Don’t waste any more money on this stuff. It doesn’t work. Just have a good diet and exercise regularly.”

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Is PES Erase Worth a Try?

It’s hard to say. On the one hand, we were optimistic when we looked into the company, learning that unlike other supplement companies, PES is actually a pretty professional-looking company that doesn’t have any lawsuits, ongoing customer service problems or warnings from the FDA – and in the world of nutritional products, that’s kind of impressive. They don’t promise impossible things like overnight gains or incredible sex god-status penis enlargement, which is also nice for a change.

Unfortunately, not all is well with PES Erase, and it starts with their ingredients. Despite the promises they make about testosterone boosting, estrogen inhibition, and libido improvement, none of the ingredients included in the supplement seem to actually do any of that. Out of so few ingredients, the majority have very little science backing them up, and one even comes with some gnarly side effects.

Customers seem to be here and there on it, with some claiming that it gave them exactly what was promised, while others complained about joint pain and zero improvements in workouts or sex drive levels.

Considering it’s one of the most expensive products out there, and there’s a lot of confusion over whether it’s even likely to work, we would say to hold off for now on PES Erase, at least until they come out with a better version.

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PES Erase vs Aromasin

These are two totally different products, and they only seem to share one thing in common: both promise to inhibit estrogen levels. But that’s where the similarities end. PES Erase is a nutritional supplement, while Aromasin is a drug, meaning you can get PES Erase over the counter, but you need a doctor’s prescription to get Aromasin. Also, these products are meant for totally different people. PES Erase is for men who want to inhibit estrogen levels so they can have less body fat and higher energy levels, while Aromasin is intended for women undergoing breast cancer treatment.

PES Erase vs Arimadex

Again, two totally differene products for totally different people. Arimadex is, like Aromasin, a drug intended to inhibit estrogen levels by stopping aromatase production (aromatase is partly responsible for creating estrogen). PES Erase on the other hand is a dietary supplement, containing herbs and plant products. Price-wise, they’re in different leagues altogether: PES Erase costs about $40-$60 per bottle of 30 pills, depending on where you find it, while Arimadex costs around $556 for the same supply.

PES Erase vs Triazole

These products are both over-the-counter dietary products, and both of them claim to help men to maximize their gym gains by affecting hormone levels, specifically estrogen. While PES Erase claims to inhibit estrogen, Triazole promises to equalize it, recognizing the positive influence that some estrogen in the system can have. Both are based on natural ingredients. PES Erase costs a bit more, as much as $65 if you buy it from the main website, while Triazole can be had for around $40 per bottle (on sale at the main website).


  1. What do you know about the old PES Erase formula?
    We’re not entirely sure what’s in it, since it seems to have been taken out of circulation, but some customers report that the old formula was more effective than the new one.
  2. Does PES Erase Pro prevent “gyno”?
    PES Erase promises to help prevent the conditions associated with “gyno” because of its promised anti-estrogen properties, but whether it actually works is yet to be determined.
  3. How does PES Erase fare against PES Erase Pro?
    They’re not much different except in their formulas, which differ mildly. The original PES Erase doesn’t seem to be actively sold anymore, though.
  4. What’s the PES Erase original formula?
    The original formula is just Uncaria tomentosa extract and pine bark extract.
  5. What are the ingredients in PES Erase?
    Ashwagandha, Uncaria Tomentosa, Boerhaavia, and Pine Bark Extract.
  6. What about PES Erase Pro vs PES Erase Pro “+”?
    They’re the same product.
  7. Can I read about PES Erase on Reddit?
    Yes, there are a few threads on Reddit where users have been discussing the use of PES Erase.
  8. Can I buy PES Erase at GNC?
    Yes, you can buy it from the GNC website, although you’ll have to check and see if the product is available in specific locations first if you plan to buy in store.
  9. Where can I read reviews of PES Erase?
    You can read customer reviews at Amazon, Strong Vitamin Shope, and other online retailers.
  10. Can I stack with PES Erase?
    Yes, users are told that it’s a good idea to stack PES Erase with other workout supplements.

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So What Really Works?

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