Top 29 Worst Foods To Eat Before Bed & Suggestions For Bedtime Snack

12. Mountain Dew: 

Mountain dew

Mountain Dew MDX along with jolt Vault and Cola include 71 mgs of caffeine for every 12-ounce serving. That is the upper limitation of what the U.S. Food & Drug Administration allows.
Other sodas are not better. Also, typical soda drinks such as Coke and Pepsi include sodium benzoate, citrus, and other chemicals that can promote acid reflux and accelerate the gastrointestinal tract. It is totally not a drink for a good night’s sleep.

13.  Red Bull:

Yup, the culprit that makes red bull one of the worst foods to eat before bed is caffeine, and it is presented in spades. An 8-ounce serving of this energy drink include nearly 80mgs of caffeine.
5-Hour energy packs 200mgs of caffeine into just 2 ounces, meaning that you might as well be consuming 16 ounces of regular coffee.

14. Bacon Cheese Burger: 

Bacon cheese burger

It is proven clearly that bacon cheese burger is actually a sleep killer due to its stratospheric fat content, and it is also one of the worst foods to eat before bed you should avoid.
Fat speeds up the acid production in your stomach, which can spill up into your esophagus – a factor that causes heartburn. Fatty foods as a bacon cheese burger can loosen the lower esophageal sphincter – the barrier between the esophagus and your stomach, generating favorable condition for acid to get in wrong places inside your body.
In fact, there is almost no reason to recommend this kind of salt-laden, high-fat indulgence if you desire to protect your health and improve your sleep quality.

15. Cereal: 

Worst foods to eat before bed - Cereal

If you want to manage your weight, cereal is a kind of food to avoid consuming at night. In fact, it is ok for you to eat a bowl of whole-grain cereal before going to bed. However, you should remember to stay away from sugary cereals if you do not want to get high level of sugar before bed and cannot get a good night’s sleep. I personally think that instead of eating cereal, you should eat a bowl of oatmeal with milk even at night or in the morning. Many prestigious studies reveal that cereal is bad for us and it can lead our body to a lot of health problems if you eat cereal regularly, especially before bed.

16. Too Much Fruits:

Too Much Fruits

Most of people think that fruits are a healthy stuff to eat before going to bed and I am not here trying to point out that a little serving of fruit is bad for anyone. What I want you to avoid is eating a large amount of fruits. This contains lots of sugar and can lead to gas since the sugar ferments on top of other foods in your intestines. It is a struggle for your digestion and you can get a pain. You should eat just a small serving of your favorite fruits. I do not recommend you eating more than a cup before going to bed. You can also consume a small amount of nuts, but do remember not to overeat them at all costs.

17. Celery:


Celery is also one of the worst foods to eat before bed that you should remember. Do not eat too much celery at night or do not eat it at all. Instead of celery, you can reach to eat carrots because this food is rich in Vitamin A – a good nutrition for your vision and for your skin, and it will not disturb your sleep at all. Besides carrots, you can also eat red bell peppers and homemade hummus before going to bed in moderation. Green smoothie is also a smart choice for you to consume before bedtime.

18. Pastries And Sweets: 

Pastries and sweets

I hope you do not stock in your house pastries like donuts, fritters, turnovers, and sweets like cookies, cakes, and cupcakes. If you do this, you will be more likely to find them at night to eat. The problem is due to your tiredness or stress after a day, your inhibitions are very low late at night, and your body wants to consume sugar to increase the energy levels. Nevertheless, the most common thing and also the best thing you should do whenever you feel tired is going to sleep. If you do not want to add some extra pounds to your body or if you do not want to wake up hungry at mid-night because of low blood sugar, you should remember not to reach for those pastries and sweets at night.

19. Pasta: 


When you eat pasta right before bedtime, even with nothing else, it is never good for your body at all. In fact, pasta is a fast and simple solution for people who are combating their cravings before going to sleep, but it is actually not a healthy snack for bedtime. Pasta is jam-packed with carbohydrates and is rich in calories. Eating pasta before bedtime will also boost your insulin levels and blunt the nighttime HGH production. About 80% of this muscle-building and fat-burning hormone is released while you are sleeping. You can avoid this by eating pasta earlier in the day.

20. Coffee Flavored Food: 

Coffee flavored food

Coffee flavored candies, java chip ice cream, coffee drink, or anything that has coffee flavor are all unhealthy for bedtime. If you eat one of these snacks before going to sleep, you will stay awake for longer and you will feel it difficult for you to fall asleep again. Even if you fall asleep, you still might wake up in mid-night due to the caffeine fluctuations inside your body. If you want to fall asleep more easily and wake up in the morning with energetic mind, you should totally avoid every coffee flavored food before going to bed.

21. Chocolate:


While chocolate does not contain a rich amount of sugar and fat, it contains a high level of caffeine. It also includes stimulants,including theobromine, which is famous for making human heart work weakly. Due to this reason, you will stay awake at night, and you might also have to face sleep deprivation. Those people who do not sleep enough at night are prone to suffer from high cortisol levels, which can lead muscle tissues to break down. The good news is that you can consume this delicious food during the day in moderation.

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