List Of Warm Up Exercises Before Workout At Home Or Gym

A lot of people overlook the important of warm up exercises before workout. They think that it is a waste of time and many just do some simple ones for a short while before engaging in heavy workout session. Warm up exercises before workout is a must for any of us because they help us to refrain from accidental injuries as well as sprain. Don’t underestimate the benefits these physical exercises because once you get injure, you may not be able to go to gym for a couple of weeks or even months.  In this Warm up exercises before workout at home or gym article, you will discover the warm up exercises used by professional body builders.

List Of Warm Up Exercises Before Workout At Home Or Gym

       warm up exercises before workout at home or gym review

1. What Is Dynamic Warm Up

About 10 years ago, many people started to acknowledge dynamic warm ups and since then, they have become very common in the sport world for its effectiveness. Numerous athletes are choosing dynamic warm ups to prepare for an event or a sport competition. Today, dynamic warm ups is not an option anymore as they are now a standard routine. No matter if the athletes are amateurs or professionals, it is extremely necessary for them to perform dynamic warm ups in order to prepare their body and muscles for the upcoming intense activities.

– The stretches, which are usually dynamic, are always included in a dynamic warm up.This means that your body will be constantly moving while stretching. In the past, static stretching, a form of stretching where you are required to hold a stretch still for 10 seconds while keeping your body stationary, was a type of warm up that was extremely common. Comparing to static stretching exercises, dynamic ones are no doubt more advanced because moving while stretching challenges your balance and coordination.

Dynamic stretching, which is what a warm up routine really needs, is popular for many reasons:

what is dynamic warm up

– The muscles that you are going to work on and target at during the workout session will be activated by the dynamic stretching. For instance, 3 parts of your body, which are your hips, legs and core muscles, will be involved in just a simple dynamic stretch exercise like a lunge with a twist. By doing this, the muscles that are needed to either do weighted lunges in the gym or lunge for a football match have already been engaged.

– Your body’s range of motion will be significantly improved by the dynamic stretches. Therefore, in case you feel hard to bend over to pick up the trash after a hard day working at the office, a dynamic warm up routine will help you feel more flexible.

– Your own body awareness will also be surprisingly improved by doing dynamic stretches. Research shows that if you do a 15 minutes warm up session before you engage in your favorite sport, you will have higher performance and awareness. For example, if you are a soccer player, warm up is a must. Those people who are lazy warming up will have a very high risk of getting calf cramp. Besides, if you skip the warm up session and then join a football game, your body may need sometimes to rest in order to work properly.

– Muscular performance and power will be improved by performing dynamic stretching exercises. It is scientifically proven that doing dynamic stretches & warm up exercises before workouts can help you lift more weight and improve overall athletic performance, comparing to no stretching or static stretching. If you are looking to be healthier, gain more body mass, or simply look more attractive, a dynamic warm up routine is exactly what you need.

2. The Five Minute Dynamic Warm Up Routine

Here is a dynamic warmup routine where you can comfortably perform without the need of equipment. This will prepare your body for any movements that you are going to perform. Moreover, it takes only 5 minutes to complete this routine. This basic routine is considered as an effective warm up for various activities, whether outside or inside, interval training sprints or a full body strength training work out.

Do 10 reps of the exercises below for 1 to 2 rounds:

– Lunge with a twist:

lunge with a twist review

According to what the name of this exercise suggests, it consists of two different moves: a forward lunge and a horizontal twist. By doing the forward lunge, your hip flexors will be stretched and the legs, glutes and hips will be activated. In the meantime, the horizontal twist helps stretch the upper and middle back, during this session, the core rotation will be activated. While doing the lunge, step forward with one leg then move your hips lower. Try not to lunge too far forward since your front knee is not allowed to extend beyond your toes. After that, slowly add a twist toward the side you are lunging. This will create an intense hip flexors stretch.

– Knee to chest:

This movement is similar to the top of the running stride. This means that you will need to bring your knee upward your chest right before striking the foot downward the floor while keeping your spine straight. You can either alternate each leg without moving your total body or you can do it while walking forward. Concentrate on lifting the knee cap to the chest. In order to do that, you should hug your shin as you are stepping onto your toes using the opposite foot. Doing this will give you more leverage.

– High kicks:

high kicks review

This exercise seems to be a bit difficult for you because it needs practice before you can actually do the right high kicks. The exercise involves lower thigh muscle as well as your hamstring and probably you will feel a bit tense at that area. However, it focuses more on your hamstring and improves the range of motion. You can perform this movement by alternating as you walk or stand still and focus on only one side at a time. Remember to straighten your left arm out if you start with your right leg,. Try to let your toes hit your palm by kicking your leg up while keeping the other leg and hand straight. Try to kick higher times after times, but you should complete this session while staying under control.

– Hip stretch with a twist:

hip stretch with a twist review

This is a special movement which is extremely helpful for working officers who tend to sit a lot during the day. By performing this, the hips and groin will be opened while the core, upper back and middle back are stretched. Get started by getting in the push up position. Start bringing your right foot to your right hand while lowering your hips down and straightening your spine. Twist your left hand to your left. While doing this, try to keep your arm straight up to the ceiling. Now, back to the starting position and do the same on the other side. If you do not like to do this exercise, you can substitute it with a side lunge which helps work on your lateral movement.

– T pushups:

t pushups review

This is an advanced warm up exercise which is not very much popular among newbies. Since everything has its price, once you are able to do this warm up exercise, you will feel the effect. Not only will your forearm gets bigger, your upper body will be 100% ready to take on those heavy chest focusing exercises later. T pushups is no doubt one of the best exercises that help warm up your upper body, especially the shoulders, while your entire core is still activated. You start the exercise with the push up position, slowly drop your body downward. While pushing back up, straighten your right arm towards the sky while keeping your left arm still and your hips from moving lower or higher. Pull your arm back to the initial position, do another one and then repeat with the other arm. Remember to do the T push up quickly because if you keep using your hand to support your whole body for a long while, you may end up having wrist pain problem.

 Jump squats:

jump squats review

This is a great exercise if you are looking for ways to warm up your lower body. This exercise always happens very fast. Therefore, it requires a greater degree of movement frequency and power than other exercises. Stand up straight with your feet about shoulder width apart, put your hands either behind your head or on your hips. Lower your upper body until the hips are parallel with the floor, then rapidly jump off the ground. Land softly on your feet and repeat it.

 Jump lunges:

jump lunges review

This is another excellent exercise that you can perform in order to warm up your lower body. Since it helps activate your stabilizer legs and hips muscles, it requires balance. Place your hands on your side or behind your ears. Begin the exercise by placing one foot forward in front of you. Gradually lower your hips and then rapidly jump off the ground. While you are in the air, try to alternate your leg so that the forward one is now behind, and the back one is now in front of you. One side benefit of this exercise is that it can also help strengthen your thigh muscle.

This is the end of the list of warm up exercises before workout at home or gym. Hopefully, you will follow and take these warm up exercises as part of your workout session. Aside from a healthy diet plan for weight, you should take advantage of these exercise tips before working out in order to build a strong body. Last but not least, if you find this List of warm up exercises before workout at home or gym article helpful, please do not forget to let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. Please take sometimes to visit vkool regularly, we will update you with a lot of fitness & exercise related articles.

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