Vitrix Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The formula is very simple and there are more well-round products which offer a lot more ingredients and value. This isn’t going to be as potent as other formulas since it’s not as comprehensive, and at this price it’s certainly not worth the trouble. To see what this can truly offer we advise seeing what our table of contents section.

The research we came up with made it clear that for male enhancement performance there’s no better supplements than these top 10 brands.

Vitrix Overview

This has been reformulated and made simpler in order to help mix together the right blend of ingredients. What customers end up with are 3 good ingredients, but not at all as potent as other brands. There are supplements which use these ingredients plus they add a lot more for the needed support someone would need.

This is likely the reason why far too many people said it failed to deliver the benefits they were looking for. It’s just not comprehensive enough to be sold at this high of a cost.

It was an easy decision in deciding which supplements offered better libido, sex drive, testosterone, and overall male vigor.

Vitrix Claims

An improvement of free testosterone, better sexual performance, improved libido and vitally, and overall sexual performance are targeted benefits. This product is intended to deliver maximal benefits when men need it. The capsules are also described as fast-acting, and it’s included in a liquid blend.

The company has made revisions to the formula over the past years and decided that this blend was the:

“most effective ingredient combination”

Micro batches of certain ingredients are used, and they also add a clinically studied version of an additive. They even provide 7 different references to help prove the effectiveness of their ingredients. This is good information though in the supplement world, these kinds of ingredients are known to help deliver benefits. That’s why so many other brands decide to use them as well, it’s just other brand decide to add a lot more since typically it’s not enough.

The company does say it is backed by:

“12 human clinicals”

This is also a lot better than it actually sounds. The ingredients are so common that they have long been reviewed. Their amino acid for example is found in protein rich foods, so it makes sense this would be reviewed. The company certainly isn’t lying, but a customer who is simply looking at the claims would think it’s a lot better than it actually is.

The company was sent a warning letter in 2024 by the FDA for adding banned substances not allowed in supplements. This ingredient is known to be a potential hazard which can lead to dangerous side effects. The FDA asked them to make immediate changes it ensure that the no longer add this ingredient. This may cause side effects including jitters, light heatedness, increased heart rate, and anxiety.

The makers of Vitrix may not have been up to date on this being banned, but it’s still strange they would consider themselves to be a brand that reformulates and they didn’t do enough research on this ingredient.

As far as a return policy they make it clear, it lasts for 30 days from the date the order is received but only on:

“unused/unopened items”

Returns for opened product only lasts from 15 days when the order is received. This is odd however since they advised taking it daily and it may not be enough time to see results.

To start noticing an improvement of physical vigor and mental sharpness we offer the following top 10 male enhancement products.

Vitrix Ingredients

Proprietary Blend, 850 mg

  • LJ100 (22% Bioactive EuryPeptides, and 40% Glyco Saponins
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract (with 20% Protodioscins)
  • L-Citrulline

L-Citrulline is an amino acid that the liver turns into L-Arginine. This issued to help boost nitric oxide which translates into more blood flow. The effect this is meant to deliver is a better sexual response as blood flows to the genitals, and better results in the gym as muscles are pumped full of blood.

Tribulus Terrestris is an ancient aphrodisiac that is used for more libido, testosterone, and overall vigor. This is a common ingredient that you’ll often see include inside male enhancement brands because it has good research to support its use.

LJ100 is another key ingredient that is the patented version of long jack, also an ancient aphrodisiac. This is used for its multiple benefits including reduced stress hormones, more energy, better sexual performance, and more total testosterone.

Typically supplements will include more than just 3 ingredients, but this bend decides to keep it very simple. The most comprehensive supplements for male enhancement were clearly these top 10 rated brands.

The Science Behind Vitrix

LJ100 is made by a company that has had 13 studies performed on it and which extracts in it a way to take out key compounds. This is a form of long jack of tongkat ali as it’s known. This plant is often included in some form within male enhancement products because it can deliver noticeable benefits. The plant itself is described as being a:

“pro-fertility… aphrodisiac…. (with a) large body of evidence.

Examine says it can possibly deliver a lot of benefits and there is a lot of science to support its use. Whether or not the patented form is any better remains to be seen, it’s hard to review when a company pays for studies, as it may be that the original plant extract itself is good enough.

L-Citrulline also has a lot of research to support its use. This is often used by athletes looking to boost their endurance and overall cardiovascular output. This can affect overall exercise performance whether for explosive athletes or endurance athletes according to Examine. They add that this is good for:

“aerobic and anaerobic prolonged exercise”

Tribulus terrestris is another well-researched ingredient which can deliver multiple benefits. Examine also outlines that this can have an effect on:

“libido and sexual wellbeing”

These 3 ingredients do have a lot of reach to support their use, but the problem is that there are many brands which use the same basic formula but with a lot more added to it.

Read up on the current research which highlights which brands offered the best male enhancement coverage.

Word on the Street about Vitrix

“I am an avid lifter who after taking this did see an improvement in my workouts and energy levels”

“Well I gave it a good try and I made sure to take it just like the bottle said but I didn’t see much of an improvement in my gains”

“I don’t see what the hype is all about, I tried it and it didn’t do a single thing”

“Saw nothing change in any way, I am disappointed to say the least”

Better vigor and an enhanced sex life are possible goals with an extra boost provided by the top 10 male enhancement blends.

Is Vitrix Worth a Try?

There are better solutions out there, no need to try this product.  The ingredients are just too simple to consider it any better than brands which use the exact same ingredients but with more added to it.

The company makes it look a lot better than it actually is, what there’re using are long-known about ingredients which are used in other brands because they work. But the problems are more support is offered elsewhere in brands which are fairer priced. This is expensive for what you’re getting; only 3 ingredients aren’t going to deliver the best results possible.

There were also far too many mixed reviews to consider an optimal supplement. No returns are offered on opened items either for a satisfactory period, if you’re a part of the many who failed to see any results you’re going to lose money.

To begin noticing improvement to your libido and testosterone we recommend looking at the frequently updated top 10 list of male enhancement brands.

Vitrix vs T-Up

Another supplement made by Nutrex, T-up was made to help increase testosterone production, muscular gains, recovery after workouts, and overall strength. Only a single dose is needed daily and they use natural ingredients in their active blend.

They do decide to add 4 different forms of food coloring which is significantly high and not necessary. Some may develop allergies because of these ingredients.

The rest of the blend if really basic, all you get are vitamins and minerals. All of which can be found in food. Zinc, B6, B12, folic acid, and aspartic acid, an amino acid found in food are included.

Vitrix vs T-Bomb

There are a lot of ingredients in T-Bomb, some of which can be effective at increasing testosterone. You’d think with this much support their reviews would be much greater, but a lot of people saw no benefit to it.

They also make sure to add 167% of Zinc which is never explained, it’s unclear why any single person would need nearly 2 days’ worth of an ingredient.

The rest of the blend I alright but they do add some fad ingredients like cordyceps sinensis which are lacking studies. Most of the ingredients which actually may deliver effect are also already in many other brands.

Vitrix vs Vimax

The biggest problem with Vimax has nothing to do with its ingredients though they are basic; the issue is they got caught adding prescription drugs in their blends. The FDA said they added an erectile dysfunction ingredient to make it appear much stronger than it actually is.

The company continues to use questionable marketing in poor taste to help promote this supplement. The ingredients themselves are very basic and not at all impressive.

Because of all these issues it’s very easy to dismiss Vimax. It’s just not known if they can be trusted after their 2024 contamination.

Vitrix vs Animal Stak

Similar to Vitrix, Animal Stak is meant for bodybuilders looking to get an edge in their workouts. They use a simple blend but add a lot more aphrodisiacs in it. This is meant to get men bigger and stronger which can be seen if exercise is supplemented with it.

The problem it that this is a very simple and there is other blends with more which are also made by more reputable companies. The company had an issue with the FDA after it was revealed they exaggerated many of their claims, and they violated proper protocol.

Vitrix vs Anabol 5

Anabol 5 is a different brand by the same company which is used for anabolic non-steroidal gains. This basically means it is meant to improve lean use gains and overall muscle creation, and it’s meant for athletes.

A lot fewer people tried it so it’s more difficult to try and get a consensus for what it’s capable of doing. What’s strange is that they use ingredients which are lacking a lot of studies. On fact if you research the key ingredient all you get are formulas where other men are looking to learn about what it can do. Because there is little to go on, it’s difficult to decide beforehand if it would be safe to take in.

Vitrix FAQ

  1. Is Vitrix at GNC?
    Currently Vitrix is not mentioned on GNC’s website so it appears to be not sold there.
  1. Does Vitrix lead to side effects?
    After looking at many reviews we didn’t find any mention of side effects, only a sizable amount of people who saw no benefit at all.
  1. What’s the total Vitrix dosage?
    It’s suggested that 2 capsules twice daily with water in the morning and evening would be best. Daily use is preferred with or without food. It’s also considered essential to include diet and exercise in order for it to boost user’s physiques.
  1. Can I find Vitrix at Vitamin Shoppe?
    You can get it at the Vitamin Shoppe online and in person for the same price as the official website.
  1. Does Vitrix work for male enhancement?
    If your criteria are looking at user reviews than it would seem that a fair amount of users didn’t find support. There were some that saw an improvement however, they do use fairly common ingredients and only 3 additives in total are included.
  1. What are the full Vitrix ingredients?
    This has L-Citrulline, Tribulus Terrestris, LJ100 a patented form of Eurycoma Longifolia and some basic inactive ingredients.
  1. Can I find Nutrex Vitrix on Amazon?
    They currently do not offer it on Amazon but it appears they once did. It’s unknown why it has been pulled.

A lot of different brands were examined and by far, these products in the top 10 list offered the best possible male enhancement support.

So What Really Works?

The all-around best brand for male enhancement in the form of sexual vigor and testosterone is Viritenz. This supplement has a properly dosed formula of ingredients which can deliver reliable improvements to user’s sex lives. It was clear from the many favorable reviews and the good blend of ingredients that it could improve male enhancement.

The aphrodisiacs can make it easier for men to stay virile, supporting their overall sexual pleasure and abilities. The improvement of blood flow can make men have better endurance, the natural energy lifting effects come from the increased testosterone, and this can translate into more potency in day to day existence. To get the real specifics behind Viritenz and understand what kind of support it has for male enhancement, we recommend looking at our review.

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