Vigorexin Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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This product may have some ingredients that can help with erections, but the customer responses are in, and it just doesn’t look like it works. Worse, it seems the company can’t be trusted, either. Read our review for more:

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Vigorexin Overview

Vigorexin is a natural male supplement that’s supposed to help men by giving them a boost to their erections and their sexual stamina. It also promises to increase semen output, something which some men are self conscious about. Not only that, but unlike many other male performance pills, it also claims to make you penis anatomically bigger – which is a problematic promise that we’ll look at more in-depth in the next section.

The product’s website claims that men are flocking in droves to use this supplement, but is that really true? More important, does this supplement actually deliver on its promises? Based on our research, the answer is an unfortunate “no.”

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Vigorexin Claims

Many of the claims this product makes are par for the course when it comes to male supplements. It claims to give men a higher sex drive with its special formula of aphrodisiacs that are claimed to active that body’s natural processes that lead to sexual desire and copulation. It also contains ingredients that are aimed at increasing blood flow to the genitalia, something which is supposed to help men overcome erectile dysfunction. The product’s website also makes a vague, implied claim that it will make your penis bigger – although it doesn’t exactly address “how” it’s supposed to do that.

The fact is that it’s not possible to increase your penis size through a pill (Stewart, J: “Do Penis Enlargement Products Work?” 2024). That might be why the website didn’t really follow through with proof of exactly how Vigorexin is supposed to make your penis bigger – they know they can’t prove it, so they probably just left the idea out there to draw men in, hoping no one will notice they didn’t prove that it can actually happen.

There are a lot of problems with Advantage Nutraceuticals, LLC, the company that manufactures and sells Vigorexin. They’re a supplement company that’s based in Provo, UT, and have lots of different products for everything from weight loss, workouts, and sexual enhancement. They were the focus of some controversy years ago when they were found to be in violation of the FDA’s marketing regulations, when the FDA found that they’d falsely marketed certain supplements of theirs as “drugs,” which is illegal in the United States.

They’re not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and don’t have a website of their own. Trying to look for them just lands you on one of their many product websites. Without the ability to see who they are and who’s behind the making of these supplements is unfortunate, as there’s no way of telling how legitimate or qualified they are.

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Vigorexin Ingredients

Vigorexin has a comparatively-short list of ingredients, mainly herbal aphrodisiacs that are claimed to have a number of effects on the libido as well as circulation.

  • Vitamin B6
  • Zinc
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Eurycoma longifolia
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • L-Arginine
  • Avena Sativa
  • Catuaba

Vitamin B6 is a common vitamin in supplements because it’s supposed to help you become more energetic, giving your body’s cells the support their need to work at their best.

Zinc is a crucial mineral that is only needed in small doses, and is used by the body to accomplish common biological reactions, including helping the body to fight colds and to maintain vision. It’s often included in male sexual enhancement supplements because of the belief that an extra supplement of zinc can increase the level of testosterone in the body, and since testosterone is one of the main hormones involved with the sex drive, the result is supposed to be a higher libido. We looked into it, though, and as you’ll read in the next section, there isn’t much science to back up that statement.

Eurycoma longifolia is the scientific name for tongkat ali, a Southeast Asian herb that’s been prescribed as a way to kick-start the sex drive in men and women, potentially because it can help regulate testosterone levels in the body. The same thing can be said for catuaba and avena sativa, although their use comes from Mediterranean and South American traditions.

Horny Goat Weed and l-arginine are both supposed to increase blood flow to the genitalia, but in different ways: horny goat weed stimulates circulation in general, while l-arginine dilates the blood vessels for more blood flow.

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The Science Behind Vigorexin

The aphrodisiacs in Vigorexin, mainly horny goat weed, tongkat ali, and avena sativa, are very popular among sex supplements, and so you’ll find them in almost every “all-natural” libido pill.

Zinc was presumably added to this product because of the assumption that more zinc in the diet correlates with higher levels of testosterone, and thus a higher libido. Turns out the jury is still out on that, though. The only study we found claiming any sort of connection between zinc levels and testosterone levels, done by Prasad and Mantzsoros in 1996, showed in its conclusion that there is actually no significant correlation between the two (National Institutes of Health).

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Word on the Street about Vigorexin

Vigorexin has a pretty big problem, here. See, for a product to look legit, it has to have a good customer reception. After all, if large numbers of people like a product and say as much, you can rest assured that it’s probably not a bad choice.

That’s why we were especially disappointed to find out that this product has a staggeringly-low rating of 2.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Over 50% of the people who wrote in after trying it gave it only 1 star – the lowest allowable rating – meaning that it’s met with overwhelming dislike. Here’s a sample:

“Didn’t help me at all.”

“It was alright.”

“Useless, didn’t do a thing for me.”

“Does just what it says it does!”

“Excellent product with high value” (Weirdly stale and machine-like, this one.)

“I took it for a full week and it ended up giving me the spins and made my vision blurry. Didn’t do anything for me sex drive, either.”

We should also mention that Advantage Nutraceuticals only got a “C” rating from FakeSpot, meaning as much as 20% of customer reviews could be untrustworthy or fake – just which ones, we don’t know, but it puts the trustworthiness (especially of positive customer reviews) into serious doubt. We can however deduce that, overall, customers don’t appear to be happy with Vigorexin and don’t feel that it works for them. Not a great sign, especially when there are other products out there way a way better average rating from people who’ve tried them.

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Is Vigorexin Worth a Try?

Right now, we’re inclined to say “no.” Why? Well the first thing to take into account when buying a product is figuring out exactly who you’re buying from, and when it comes to Vigorexin, their parent company doesn’t have a stellar record. Not only do they have no real website of their own, but they’ve been successfully sued by the FDA for mislabeling products, something that could put people’s health at serious risk. Not only that, but there’s debate over whether customer reviews of their products can be trusted at all, making it hard to tell which reviews to trust and when.

The formula is alright, but it doesn’t really “wow” us since most of these ingredients can be found in other supplements, and at a similar or lower price (and from more trustworthy companies). It also doesn’t follow up on its promise to make you penis bigger – which we not only established is impossible, but they didn’t even try and convince you with a bogus explanation of their own.

The most important thing, however, are the customer reviews. With such a disproportionately-high number of people giving it only 1 star, it’s clear that this product does not impress, and many feel their money was wasted. Some even felt strange side effects like blurred vision and a swollen thyroid. Based on that alone, we’d say avoid it.

Given all we know, we think it’s best to keep on looking, since Vigorexin just doesn’t have enough going in its favor for us to recommend it.

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Vigorexin vs Virectin

These products are pretty similar, in that they’re both herbal sex drive supplements meant to help improve the sex drive and give men more stamina in bed. Virectin, however, doesn’t promise to make your penis bigger (looks like they erred on the side of science). They do differ in other ways, however, and one of those ways is price. Vigorexin costs about $21 for a one-month supply, while Virectin costs $44.95, and since the ingredients are pretty similar, we’re not sure exactly what warrants the growth in price. Vigorexin comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee, while Virectin’s is only for 60 days.
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Vigorexin vs Zytenz

Again, we’ve got two similar supplements: both of them are daily herbal pills, and there are even some ingredients that they share in common, such as vitamin B6, zinc, avena sativa, catuaba, and arginine. Zytenz and Vigorexin both claim to increase the size of your penis, but Zytenz goes one step further and talks about how it could be possible: in reality, the “extra size” would come from having a firmer erection (which is medically more accurate and possible than making your penis inches and inches larger). Zytenz is also more expensive, at $39.95 for a one-month supply, while Vigorexin is much less at about $21 (depending on if you buy from Amazon or from the product’s main website).

Vigorexin FAQ

  1. Can I buy Vigorexin at Walmart?
    No, it doesn’t look like it’s available at Walmart at the moment, either in store or online.
  2. Does Vigorexin increase size?
    If you’re talking about making your penis anatomically “bigger” (like two or more inches), the answer is no, because that’s not medically possible. It could however help your penis become more fully erect, and if you’re used to flaccid erections, it may indeed look like your penis is bigger.
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  3. Can Vigorexin be purchased in stores?
    No, as of now we haven’t seen any sign that Vigorexin is available for purchase in stores.
  4. What about the Vigorexin spray?
    The “spray” that they offer can be had with a purchase of two or more bottles of Vigorexin. They call it a “topical male enhancement serum,” but we’re not exactly sure if it’s supposed to be helpful or useful in any way.
  5. Does Vigorexin have any side effects?
    The company doesn’t list any side effects on the main website or on the product itself, but we’ve seen reviews from customers which mention side effects like dizziness and blurred vision – both of which are way worse than the standard “stomach cramps” that you usually find in such products.
  6. Is Vigorexin available on Amazon?
    Yes, right now Vigorexin is available on Amazon, and for a slightly cheaper price (around $21 vs $29.95 from the main website).
  7. Can I read about Vigorexin in real reviews?
    If you’re talking about customer reviews, then yes, you can find those on the product’s Amazon vendor store. The main website has some “testimonials,” but those are usually chosen for how good they make the product look, and don’t give an honest overall impression.
  8. What is Vigorexin used for?
    Vigorexin is supposed to be used for making your erections harder, your sex drive higher, and your endurance during sex much much higher. Whether it actually delivers is up for debate, especially when you read all those poor reviews.
  9. Does Vigorexin really work?
    Based on our own research, we would be inclined to say that it probably doesn’t work. That’s entirely based on what real people have said, with 55% of people on Amazon (out of dozens of customers who bought it) claiming that it didn’t work for them and that it was a waste of money.
  10. What does Vigorexin serum do?
    From the looks of it, Vigorexin serum is supposed to provide some sort of stimulation to your penis, as it contains ingredients that are supposed to improve blood flow to the areas where it’s applied, and other ingredients (like cinnamon oil) are supposed to make your penis feel “warm” – basically, it’s like any other stimulating sex lubricant out there. It retails for $14.95, but they include it for free if you buy two bottles of Vigorexin.

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So What Really Works?

When people ask about what the best sexual vitality supplement is, we also refer them to a supplement called Viritenz. Its all-natural formula of ingredients can help men not just with the strength of their erections and their desire for sex, but with their energy and endurance as well. It’s made in the USA in an FDA-registered facility, so you know you’ll be getting a product that’s of good quality.

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